Just Dont leave

Sara never guessed she would meet Harry styles. or Kiddnaped by his bestfriend and get pegnet by him... what will Harry do when he finds out? must read!!


4. hello

I looked up in to the boys green eyes. "Are you ok love?" he asked. I looked down still crying. "You look lost, where are you going?" He asked. I didnt know where to say I was going. there was know way I was going back to my foster dads. I was.lost I had know where to go. "I dont know." I said looking up. "Why dont you come with me. all take care of you tepl you figer things out." the strange.boy told me. What do I have to lose I thought... "ok" I said. "Im Harry." Harry said. "Im Sara." I said. Harrys pov. I was just walking over to my friends house because He called and said I needed.to come over soon. As I was walking I saw this girl running. next thang I knew she had run into me.. she had the preetyest blue eyes and black wavey hair. She was crying... So I told her to come to my house.
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