5SOS Imagines


1. Ashton Imagine #1

"I can't believe this is happening!" You say excitedly.

It's the day of your wedding. You're marrying the man you have known for only a year and a half... You can still remember the day that you met. The day... You... Lied to him.


You were just sat in the coffee shop, it was a very normal day until a boy with curly, dirty-blonde hair walked in. Those hazel eyes made your heart flutter. Those dimples and cheeks made you stomach turn. And the second he looked at you, you swore fireworks went off outside. He flashed you a big, toothy smile and you smiled back. Me motioned his (extremely large) hands towards the chair opposite you; he clearly wanted to sit down. You nodded and he sat.

"Hi! Can I just say; you're really pretty..." He says to you, looking down at his hands and twiddling his massive thumbs.

"Oh thank you! That's made my day, that has!" You say as you feel yourself going red in the cheeks.

"I'm Ashton Irwin, by the way! You are...?" He says taking your hand and kissing it.

"Hi Ashton! I'm (Y/F/N)" You say smiling.

"You have a very pretty name, (Y/N)" he says.

But you already knew his name, middle-name, mums name, sibling's name, dogs name ect because he was the hottie drummer from the band 5 Seconds Of Summer but you daren't tell him that you knew him. It would totally put him off of you...

*Present day*

"You have to tell him you knew! You have to otherwise you're living a lie!" (Y/BF/N) says as she straightens out your white dress.

"I've been living a lie for a year and a half, (Y/BF/N)! It won't change anything!" You say whilst looking in the mirror in front of you.

"Yes it will! You have to! He won't change his mind on you now! I mean, he's not that low!" (Y/BF/N) says.

You hear the traditional wedding music start and you run to the doors to the church. You give your dad a faint smile as you link hands with him. You're so nervous and start to shake.

"You'll be ok. Don't worry, Princess. I'm here." Your dad says as the doors open.

You start to walk and your whole face lights up as you see the back of Mr. Irwin. The man you're about to marry. Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford and Calum Hood stood by the side of him. They all look back and smile at you, apart from Ashton.

You're halfway up the isle when you spot your mum at the front of the church with tears welling up in her eyes. She dabs her under-eyes and winks at you and smiles. You smile back. Your attention turns back to Ashton's back when suddenly he turns around and sees you. His jaw drops but then quickly turns into a huge, toothy smile like the first smile he ever shot you. You feel tears forming in your eyes now and you dis-connect from your dad and turn to face Ashton. He grabs your hands and you hold eachother tight.

*An Hour Later*

"You may now kiss the bride!" The priest says and smiles.

Ashton looks at you with loving eyes and pulls you in for a long, passionate kiss. The noises of clapping and cheering fade away in that moment. When you pull away, the words roll off your tongue. Those words were;

"I knew. From day one, I knew you were in the band. I never told you because I thought your opinion on me would change. I knew everything about you. I'm sorry, Ashton." You say, looking down at your feet.

He puts his hand under your chin and tilts your face up to look at his. You see that he is beaming from ear to ear. He picks you up and spins you around, still smiling like an idiot.

"(Y/F/N). My opinion would never, ever, change on you. I love you regardless. No exceptions. Thank you." He says.

He pulls you in for another kiss.

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