I Bullied My Mate

Starlet is your average teenage werewolf with a heart of gold. Xander is son of the alpha and a major bully. She's waiting for mate to come and sweep her off her feet. He thinks no matter who his mate is, she'll be submissive and let him own her. He's the bully, and she's his latest victim. It's their last week in high school and they both plan to go to the masquerade ball their school is holding, unaware that the other is attending. What happens when Starlet and Xander figure out that they're mates? What happens when Starlet still doesn't trust Xander? What happens when Xander falls hard for Starlet, but she still won't accept that they're mates? Read on to find out....


5. Starlet's Birthday

~~Xander's p.o.v.

"Daddy!" I heard Starlet call from her room.

"Coming, Star!" Beta James shouted back, running into the house after asking Trevor and I to finish setting up.

    Everyone doesn't get a coming of age party. Only the alphas' and betas' children get separate parties. Everyone else is grouped with people who's birthdays are in the same month. Since Lilah is Trevor's mate, she already had a separate coming of age party a few months ago, although not many guys were invited. Courtesy of Trevor himself.

"She's such a daddy's girl," Trevor said with a smile, hooking up the karaoke machine to a TV we brought outside and sat on the deck.

       Starlet's party is the complete opposite from mine. Mine was a civil gathering, and Starlet's strangely resembled a club. Her father and mine had hooked up strobe lights on the roof and the backyard was lit with different colors. Instead of foods like pasta, steak and crème brulee; she had burgers, fries, hotdogs and a LOT of desserts.

   The doorbell rang and my mother rushed down the stairs to get the door. The smile I had on my face dropped as I saw at least ten guys being led into the backyard by mother.

"So you boys can just sit down. Starlet will be down momentarily," My mother said.

"Damn. This is different," One guy said as he walked into the backyard.

"Well, Starlet's a different kind of girl," My mother said with a light laugh.

     Thankfully, the next few guests were girls, and the people who were Starlet's age from the pack came downstairs and into the backyard. A few more people (mostly guys) arrived and Walter started the music. I swear, he's the dj for everything. The song 23 by Mike Will Made-It ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, and Juicy J was blasting out of the speakers set up around the backyard. About a minute into the song, we heard singing coming from the kitchen.

"Put on my Jays and dance the whole night away.

I'm naughty by nature, like I'm hip-hop hooray.

With my hands in the sky, I wave 'em from side to side.

My feet on the floor, I'm bout to turn up now!" Starlet and Lilah sang loudly, exiting the doors into the backyard.

They started dancing, and I gulped as Starlet shook her hips. I must say, I like her outfit. She had on black and blue Jordan 23s, black leather skinny jeans, and a baby blue Hollister t-shirt. Her entire outfit hugged her body. She also had on a black leather jacket and her hair was down naturally, which my wolf and I really liked.

They continued to sing and dance as everyone stared at them in surprise. When the song was over, they burst into fits of laughter as they took in everyone's shocked expressions. I could only guess what she called her father about. Probably to help convince her mother to let her wear that.

"Well, here she is. The birthday girl, Starlet!" my mother said, trying to draw attention away from Starlet and Lilah's little performance.

Guys were already staring at her, and that made me extremely jealous.

"Karaoke time!" Starlet shouted over the music.

Walter turned down the music until it faded away. Starlet's mother came out of the house a few minutes later, looking not at all pleased. Trevor turned on the TV and handed Starlet the remote and a microphone. She ran up to the TV, grabbed a second mic and tossed it to Lilah.

"Troublemaker?" Starlet asked her best friend teasingly, joining her in the middle of the yard.

"Troublemaker," Lilah said, winking at Starlet.

Starlet picked the song Troublemaker, but not before hopping over to the food table and grabbing her can of whipped cream, squirting some into her mouth and setting it back on the table.

"3, 2, 1, begin!" The TV said, putting the first line onto the screen. They turned the song into a duet that seemed like it had been practiced.

(S: is Starlet singing, and L: is Lilah singing)

S: You had me hooked again, from the minute you sat down.

L: The way you bite your lip's got my head spinnin' around.

S: After a drink or two, I was putty in your hands.

L: I don't know if I have the strength to stand!

S: Oh, oh, oh, trouble, trouble maker, yea that's your middle name.

L: Oh, oh, oh, I know you're no good, but you're stuck in my brain.

S/L: And I wanna know, why does it feel so good, but hurt so bad? Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, My mind keeps sayin' run as fast as you can. I say I'm done but then you pull me back, Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, I swear you're givin' me a heat attack! Troublemaker!

S: It's like you're always there, in the corners of my mind!

L: I see your silhouette, every time I close my eyes!

S: There must be poison in those fingertips of yours!

L: Cause I keep coming back again for more!

S: Oh, oh, oh, trouble, trouble maker, yea that' your middle name.

L: Oh, oh, oh, I know you're no good, but you're stuck in my brain.

S/L: And I wanna know, why does it feel so good but hurt so bad? Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, my mind keeps sayin' run as fast as you can. I say I'm done but then you pull me back! Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, I swear you're givin' me a heart attack! Troublemaker! Why does it feel so good why does it feel so good but hurt so bad? Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, my mind keeps sayin' run as fast as you can. Troublemaker! I say I'm done but then you pull me back! Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, I swear you're givin' me a heart attack! Troublemaker!

S/L: Baby, I'm insane, cause I keep doing the same damn thang, thinkin' one day we gon change, but you know just how to work that back and make me forget my name. What the hell you do I won't remember. I'll be gone until November, then you'll show up again next summer, yea! Typical, middle name is Prada, fit you like a glove girl I'm sick of the drama! You're a trouble maker, but damn girl it's like I love the trouble, and I can't even explain why!

S/L: Yea, why does it feel so good but hurt so bad? Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, my mind keeps sayin' run as fast as you can. I say I'm done but then you pull me back! Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, I swear you're givin' me a heart attack! Troublemaker! Why does it feel so good why does it feel so good but hurt so bad? Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, my mind keeps sayin' run as fast as you can. Troublemaker! I say I'm done but then you pull me back! Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, I swear you're givin' me a heart attack! Troublemaker!

When they finished, everyone, including me, applauded.

"That. Is how you kill it!" Starlet and Lilah shouted at the same time.

   A few more people sang, including Trevor, who can't sing at all. Then, it was time for food. I saw Starlet pile her plate sky-high with food, then get another plate and fill that one up with dessert.

"No manners," I heard her mother mutter as Starlet went and sat on the edge of the deck under the TV with Lilah and Trevor.

      After everyone had eaten, she opened all of her presents except for mine, which I wasn't going to give her until after the party.

"Hello, Xander," I turned and groaned as I saw the blonde girl from Sunday.

       If she was here, that meant her brother was too. I searched the yard, and sure enough, I saw him and another blonde headed boy who was probably the girl's other brother standing and watching Starlet from across the yard near the forest. She didn't notice them because her, Trevor and Lilah were singing along to The Monster by Eminem ft. Rihanna and laughing.

"Yea, hi," I said distractedly.

"I don't think we got to finish what we started Sunday," She said, placing her hands on my chest.

    Funny how I'm in the same situation I was in nearly a week ago. I saw the smaller blonde boy walk over to Starlet. I saw him talk to her, her frown, her mother whisper something into her ear, and her nod head reluctantly. He held out his hand and she took it. He pulled her up and into the middle of the mass of dancing people. Told you it's like a club.

     My wolf wanted to go after them, to watch our mate, but blonde girl had different ideas. She grabbed my arm and dragged me forcefully towards the house. When Lilah saw me following the blonde girl towards the house, she flipped me off. Pretty nice.

       We were almost to the house when I heard screaming. Female screaming. Nobody else payed any attention, and that's when I realized the screaming was in my head. My wolf began to go ballistic, and I realized the screaming was Starlet's. I yanked my arm free of the blonde girl and searched the crowd, but couldn't find Starlet anywhere. The screaming only got worse, and my wolf was trying desperately to push himself to the surface. The screaming got louder as I neared the forest, so I followed it until I found her.

     The sight was not what I wanted to see. Starlet was gagged, her arms tied, and both of the blonde boys stood above her. They began trying to take off her clothes, but she didn't phase. It was almost as if she couldn't. I saw a syringe lying not that far away and realized they had subdued her wolf.

   All I could see was red. I charged towards the two guys and they looked up in surprise. I kicked one in the jaw and punched the other in the nose. I killed the smaller one instantly, but the bigger one was harder to take down. After a lot if scrabbling and fighting, I snapped his neck and he fell to the ground, dead.

    I turned to Starlet, who still had her hands tied and her mouth gagged. She was crying and I could hear her muffled sobs. I undid the ropes tying her hands and took the gag from around her mouth. She was still crying, choking on her own sobs.

"Shh. It's ok now," I whispered, pulling her into my arms.

I felt calmed, her head resting on my chest. After a minute, her choked sobs turned to soft cries,then whimpers. I continued to hold her tightly, not wanting to let go. I could feel her frantic breathing slowly returning to normal.

Even from here, I could hear Walter fade the music out and Starlet's mother tell everyone it was time to go home. I kissed the top of Starlet's head and continued to hold her. After a few minutes, she pulled away from me and wiped her eyes.

"Thank you," she whispered before kissing my cheek and going back towards the pack house.

I touched the cheek where she kissed me, electric sparks still buzzing from where her soft lips touched my skin.

I set the bodies of the two blonde boys on fire and waited until their bodies where reduced to ash before heading back to the pack house where Trevor was taking down party decorations.

"You killed them, right?" He asked, not even turning to look at me.

"Yea," I replied.

He nodded once and took down the last decoration before heading back inside. I followed him into the living room to see Starlet getting fussed over by her mother and the pack doctor.

Dr. Brown shined a light in Starlet's eyes, although her pupils stayed dialated a while before shrinking.

"Yep, just as I suspected. She'll be fine, but she won't be able to phase for at least two weeks. She's lucky her wolf wasn't killed," Dr. Brown said, dropping her light back into her bag and going back upstairs.

Starlet blinked a few times and rubbed her eyes. She noticed me before anyone else, and when she did, her eyes lit up. I smiled in her direction and her mom turned around.

"Oh, thank you so much Xander! How did you know that Star was in the forest?" She asked, pulling me into a tight hug.

I thought about whether I should tell her Starlet and I were mates or not. I looked at Starlet and she shook her head slightly.

"I was taking a walk in the forest when I heard rustling and saw Starlet," I said, creating an excuse off the top of my head.

"What pack were they from?" My father asked, walking into the living room.

"The girl said they were from RavenWing," I replied, sitting on the couch across from Starlet, who was sipping a bottle of water Trevor had gotten her.

"Girl?" Starlet's mother asked me, sitting next to her daughter.

That had caught Starlet's attention too. She twisted the top back on her water bottle and looked at me with curiosity. Guess jealously goes both ways.

"Yea. A blonde girl who was at mine and Scarlet's parties. She said her and her brothers were from RavenWing," I explained.

I saw Starlet's hand clench the water bottle a little harder than necessary, and I felt a weird pang of accomplishment. Starlet was jealous. It wasn't her wolf, because she was asleep, but Starlet was jealous.

"They're rogues," my father decided, "RavenWing is in Australia, not even near the U.S., plus, neither your mother or Starlet's invited those three."

"Well that's interesting," Starlet said tiredly.

I could tell she was sleepy, and I wanted nothing more than to pick her up and take her upstairs to her room. She yawned loudly and her brother looked at her in amusement.

"Looks like the birthday girl's tired," He teased, pinching Starlet's cheek.

She slapped his hand away and gave him a playful glare.

"You have five seconds to run away now. No one pinches my cheeks," Starlet said, deadly serious.

Trevor's eyes grew wide and he jumped of the couch and ran upstairs.

"Five......four...three two one! Time's up!" Starlet shouted, jumping up and running upstairs after her brother.

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