I Bullied My Mate

Starlet is your average teenage werewolf with a heart of gold. Xander is son of the alpha and a major bully. She's waiting for mate to come and sweep her off her feet. He thinks no matter who his mate is, she'll be submissive and let him own her. He's the bully, and she's his latest victim. It's their last week in high school and they both plan to go to the masquerade ball their school is holding, unaware that the other is attending. What happens when Starlet and Xander figure out that they're mates? What happens when Starlet still doesn't trust Xander? What happens when Xander falls hard for Starlet, but she still won't accept that they're mates? Read on to find out....


2. Masquerade Ball

Starlet's p.o.v.

"Come on already, Star. We're going to be late!" Trevor shouted up the stairs.

"Just a few more minutes!" My mother shouted back, fixing my turquoise dress.

    She took a brush and yanked her way through my hair and tied a turquoise ribbon around it. She then grabbed my mask from off my dresser. It was a turquoise mask that matched my dress, encrusted with jewels around the seams. She carefully put the mask onto my face, making sure to cover the purple bruise that was fading slower than usual.

"I still don't understand how you're this clumsy. I mean, at home, you never even stumble, but it seems at school you're falling left and right," My mother sighed.

     I didn't want to tell her what caused me to fall at school yesterday. Trevor had already went to class, and I was alone in the hall with Xander. He pushed me against a locker and spat in my face. Then he punched me across the cheek before laughing and going to class.

"Anyway, you look beautiful, darling," My mother cooed, showing me in a full-length mirror.

     My strapless dress flowed to just above my knees and had a bow tied around the waist area. It had a sweetheart neckline and laced up in the back. My gold flats glistened and my mask silhouetted my face. No one would recognize me, thank god.

"Is she finally ready so we can go?" Trevor asked, sticking his head in my room. He wore a tuxedo with a red tie. His mask was red and had feathers coming out of the sides.

"The only time you want to be on time for school and it's a Saturday," My mother said, shaking her head and moving to the side so that he could see me. His eyes grew wide and I laughed.

"Ta-da," I said, taking a practice spin.

"Whoa. I'm going to have to keep an extra close eye on you," He teased.

"Well, let's go," I said, taking him by the arm and running out of the room before my mother had the time to take pictures.
"Goodbye, mother!" I shouted, grabbing the keys to my brother's Marcedes.
He snatched the keys from my hand and hopped in the driver's seat. I got into the passenger's seat and we were off.
When we got to the school, the sun was setting and I saw Trevor's mate, Lilah, in a beautiful long red dress. She saw Trevor and smiled, then looked at me and let her mouth hang open.
  "Starlet?" She asked hesitantly. I nodded.
"Ohmigosh, you look beautiful!" She gushed, pulling me into a hug.
    Lilah was my only friend at school since third grade, and when she figured out she was Trevor's mate, she was thrilled.
"Thanks. So do you! I'm going to head inside. Just remember, Trevor, brother of mine," I said, throwing a look at my brother, "mother and father are too young to be grandparents."
   Lilah gasped and blushed, and Trevor gave me a death glare.
"See ya," I said with a loud laugh, rushing into the school before Trevor could tackle me.
  Our school was mostly made of werewolves from BloodMoon pack, but there were the few humans that scattered the place. I sighed deeply before pushing open the door and walking into the cafeteria. Almost immediately, everyone stared at me. Girls gave me envious looks and guys whispered to each other, and I could only hear a few words of what they were saying.
'Who is she?' was the main question floating around, and for that, I was grateful. I tried to kind of fade into the wall and become the wallflower I was so used to being.

I was busy playing Candy Crush about an hours later when I felt a tap on my shoulder that sent shock waves up and down my arm. I looked up into the eyes of a guy with beautiful hazel eyes and time seemed to stop. Everything disappeared except the mystery guy and I.

'Mate!' my wolf cried happily, the first thing she had said in days. My mate? But I was only 16. That meant he had to be almost or at least 17 already. I allowed a small smile to slip onto my face and he smiled back.

"Would you like to dance?" He asked, holding out his hand. I took it cautiously and he pulled me to the dance floor. Feel This Moment by Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera came on and I smiled. I love this song. We dance for what seemed like forever, but it was only until the song ended. We were perfectly in sync, and when we were through, I heard applause. Surprisingly, people had formed a small crowd around us and watched us dance.
"Ok, party peeps, we're going to do things a little different now, so let's remove those masks and let everyone know who we are!" The dj shouted, pulling off his mask.
   The dj was Walter, my science partner, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't supposed to say that because everyone seemed confused. After a minute or two, I saw Trevor pull off his mask and give me a knowing grin, wiggling his eyebrows. Lilah pulled hers off next, and in a few minutes, everyone expect mystery guy and I had taken off their masks. I was a bit hesitant.
"C'mon, dude and dudette. You're the only ones with masks still on. I'm sure the people want to see who these amazing mystery dancers are! Take it off!" Walter shouted. He soon had a steady chant up of people saying 'take it off.'
"Wanna do it on three?" Mystery guy asked me. I nodded.
"One," he said, placing his hand on his mask, which I now noticed was a royal blue, as was his tie.
"Two," I said, my hand going to my own.
"Three," he said, and we both took off our masks. I looked in horror  and shock at the guy standing in front of me, and I'm pretty sure he was shocked too.

Xander's p.o.v.
'Take her,' my wolf growled, 'have your way with her right here and now.'
I stared at the girl leaning against the wall on her phone. She was my mate. She was the one made just for me. I tapped her shoulder and I knew she was a werewolf because I could see the shock and happiness in her eyes. We danced before Walter said it was time for us to take off our masks. We were the last ones to remove our masks, and I wish I hadn't taken off mine.
"No. No. No. This is all wrong," Starlet said, covering her mouth with her hand.
      Starlet Loving, the girl I've bullied and abused for years, is my mate!? I saw tears form in her beautiful blue eyes and I felt like the worst person in the world.
"Starlet, I-"
"I want to go home, Trevor," She said, interrupting me and turning to her brother.
"But...what?" Trevor asked, confused.
"I want to go home now, Trevor. You don't have to come, but can I please have your keys and go home?" She begged. My wolf was howling with rage.
'WHY IS SHE LEAVING US?!' he shouted.
  Trevor nodded and threw Starlet the keys to his car. She caught them easily and pushed past the crowd of people and out of the cafeteria. I finally snapped out of my shocked daze and ran after her.
"Starlet!" I shouted, racing out of the cafeteria. I spotted her walking down the empty hall towards the front door.
"Starlet, wait," I said, catching up to her and grabbing her arm to stop her from walking. She flinched and let out whimper as soon as I touched her.

"P-please let me go," She stuttered. I felt my heart ache. She was afraid of me. My mate was afraid of me.

"I won't tell anyone, I promise. We can pretend like it never even happened," She suggested, refusing to look at me.


"Starlet, listen to me-"

"She said let her go," I heard a feminine voice hiss from behind me. I turned and saw Lilah, Trevor's mate.

"Lilah," Starlet cried.

"Let her go," Lilah said calmly, although her eyes were flashing between their regular color and her wolf's color.
    My wolf was shouting at me not to, but I slowly released my grip on Starlet. She quickly began to back up, and I saw a purplish bruise on her cheek.

"Who did that to you?" I asked her.

    She was still backing slowly towards the door, not taking her eyes off of mine. I took a step towards her, put was held back by Lilah, who was in front of me in a flash, her eyes nearly red.

"Don't you dare," She growled, "you did that to her, and you know you did. Don't play dumb."

  I gasped when I realized that she was right. I hit Starlet yesterday. But it should have healed already. I was about to ask why it hadn't when I realized I was alone. Starlet had left, and so had Lilah.

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