Family changes - Louis Tomlinson (And a little of Harry Styles)

This is about Liz, she´s an orphan from the moment her parents died and she got dropped of at the orphanage.

She doesn´t believes in her family but her friend does.

After a long and hard journy she finds them.

Liz finds her family and maybe even love...

She wasn´t alone anymore, she had a lastname after fifteen years.

Her lastname is Tomlinson.


9. Watching My Own Birth?!?

Liz's P.O.V.


The day after that me and Kimberly skip school, we go back to Nicolle to ask as much information about my real family as we can. 


"I know something, I know the name of the man." she confesses, after we tell her that we will tell the police about what happened if she doesn't help us. 


"I believe his name was Troy or something like that. I don't know it okay! I didn't thought about those people after I heard of them for the last time." I was about to punsh her in the face, she broke my family up, she made me almost kill myself, she made my life a hell. 


"I will not stop her if you don't keep talking, she deserves to give you some hard punshes after what you did to her." Kimberly says coldly and I nod my head. 


"Okay, I know that your father's name is Troy and that they also have a son. They broke up a couple months after what happened." I jump up and hit her face. 



"You! You didn't only made my life to a hell, you also did that for my brother and for my parents! If they really aren't together anymore it's all your fault! If anyone of them died because of a depression it's your fault! You are a selfish bitch, you have no right to have family or love or luck. You don't deserve that after everything you did!" Kimberly holds me back but in her eyes I saw she wants to do the same. 



"I thought they would die, I didn't knew they would survive." 
"But when you knew they survived, that they were grieving over the death of they daughter you didn't told anyone that she was still alive either. Don't try to make this story look better because it won't work." I say angry. 


"Tell me everything you know about them, now..." I see her gulping and I smile in myself, I would find my family back, I would find love again. 


"His name is Troy, like I already said, and I believe her name is something like Jane? Joyce, Jay. That's it I think Jay." 





"Louis, come here, mommy and daddy have a little surprise for you." I stand in backyard and see a little boy look up, his blue eyes sprakle and it make me smile. He's a cute boy, but why am I here? 



"I know why you're here" I look up and see the same girl that told me I had a family, that Eve girl from my coma. 


"I know that I kind of only let you see the bad memories but your family also had happy times. Come and just follow him. I'm sure you will love the surprise just as much as he did." she smiled and I followed the running  boy to the house. 



"Now, you need to be really quiet, mommy is still a bit tired but she wants to see you really much, and someone else wants to meet her big brother too." I do the same as the little boy did. I started at his father and couldn't speak. 


"Go ahead, they can't see or hear you. This is just a memory, but I think you really want to see this." I smiled at her and run upstairs, along the the little boy.


"Louis, I told you to be quiet, your mother is tired and doesn't want a jumping kid at her bed, understood?" but he didn't listened, he was way too excited for the big news. 



"Mommy!" his happy voice was by far the cutest thing I have ever heard.

"I'm in mommy and daddy's bedroom boobear. But please, a bit more quiet won't arm anyone. She is just sleeping." he tiptoed to one of the doors and slowly opened it. 



"Hi boo bear, come here. I want you to meet someone." she smiled warmly and I felt happy from inside. Like I knew that smile, or atleast, used to know that smile. 


"This here," she pointed at a small little baby in her arms "This is your little sister Lizanna." his smile was bigger than ever before. 


"Is- is that me?" I asked Eve who joined me and the little boy in the woman's room.

"This, this is you Lizanna. This was your familiy, this still is your family." I started crying and wanted to hug every singel person in that room. My mother, my father my big brother. But I knew I couldn't, it was just a memory, it happened seventeen years ago. 



"Why is she so little? I can't play with her if she's so little. My football is even bigger than her." my brother said to our mother. 
"Because she's still a baby, you were just as little when you were a baby. But you can play with her in a couple months, then she is big enough for you to hold her. But you have to promise me that you will be really good to her okay?" he nodded obedient and I chuckled softly. 


"He loves his little sister." my father stood in the door and smiled at us. "Yes! She's really cute! I can't wait till she can finally play with me!" his loud voice woke the baby - aka me - up and the younger version of me started crying. 


My father looked down at my brother and he quickly run to the crying baby. 


"Shhh, I'm sorry baby sister. You can play with my power ranger doll if you stop crying. Please?" his voice made the baby calm and our parents looked at each other before softly laughing. 


"You are a really great brother Louis, and I'm sure than when she's older she would love to play with your power rangers." my mother said smiling and he nodded happily. 


"I love you baby sis." he kissed the tiny head of his sister and I felt a kiss on my own forehead even though no one had kissed me, I felt the memory in my own body. 


"We have two perfect children baby" my dad whispered to my mother and kissed her tempel. "I know we have Troy, and I have you." "I love you Johanna, more than anything else in this entire world." 



"This was 25th of September 1995, Doncaster. Then the happiest family that people there had ever seen." Eve told me. "The day your brother had someone to play with when he was bored." I smiled at the four people there and felt happy inside. 


My family, I had to find them back. More than anything else in this world. 



End Flashback*


"Liz? Liz did you heard it? You used to live in-" "Doncaster, I know, I know that. I know more than I would ever know." Kimberly looked at me with big eyes. 



"A new flashback?" she asked with a wide smile and I nodded at her. "A new flashback. Lets go to Doncaster. Find people that love me." And that is what we did. We left to Doncaster, hopefully I would have new flashbacks that told me exactly where I used to live. 

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