Family changes - Louis Tomlinson (And a little of Harry Styles)

This is about Liz, she´s an orphan from the moment her parents died and she got dropped of at the orphanage.

She doesn´t believes in her family but her friend does.

After a long and hard journy she finds them.

Liz finds her family and maybe even love...

She wasn´t alone anymore, she had a lastname after fifteen years.

Her lastname is Tomlinson.


7. The big bomb

Kimberly's P.O.V.  


After me and Liz packed her stuff (because I am not letting her go back to there) we went to my place, she can stay there till we are both old enough to go to collage. 

I'm sure my mom will understand. She was half the reason Liz had to do this



"Do you wanna bring your stuff to your new room? You can stay in the room next to mine" She nods and walks upstairs. 



She left, just like I wanted her to. I now have time to talk to my mom about what happened to Liz when she was younger. She knew it and after everything that happened Liz deserved to know it.  


"Mom, can I talk to you for a second?" "Sure you can Kim... What is wrong?" I sit down and hope that she does the same.  

"About Liz... About what happened to her when you two first met. I think that it's the right time to finally tell the truth about it." I see her swallowing.  


"Mom! She deserves to know! It's her life and she wanted to end it!" "Kimberly calm down. How many times do I have to explain it to you again? I never lied about that, why would I?"  


"Because you were desperate! I have heard stories of you doing stupid things because you were desperate! Just tell me, or at least her. If you want her to change you need to start with telling her the truth. I never believe one single word of that stupid story! Tell it again and now don't leave the important parts out!" she sits down next to me and with that I stand up.  


"I was just walking around when I saw that girl running over the street. She got chased by her parents and I thought something was wrong so I kept watching."  

"And you don't even try to help her? What if they really chased her with bad reasons!"  


"the man kept yelling and the woman tried to calm Liz down. The moment after that I saw a car coming and Liz just crossed the street. Her parents got hit and I prevented her from getting hit as well. After that I called 999 and they took her parents away."  

"I know that part. Liz knows that too and now I want the next part. The truth this time!" I don't know if she will give me what I want but I know that she's hiding something for me. Luckily she's a bit tipsy. Which makes her more loose and trustworthy. 



"They asked me if I wanted to come with them to hospital" Is she truly telling me everything? Like for real!!?  

I know why she does. She knows that Liz won't believe me if I tell her that my mom tore her apart from her family. That's why I had step two in this plan. I put my camera in the corner of the room, filming every single word she says.  


"I said no because I wanted to go home with my daughter. They were going to die anyway. I wanted to save her from a terrible life in the foster system. I didn't knew your parents would die three months after that! I wanted to save her Tamarah you have to understand me!"  

"How can I ever understand you! You ripped Liz away from her family and didn't even bothered telling her why! They didn't died did they? They are still alive..." She looks shocked... I know the truth from Liz but she didn't expected me to know that.  



"Yes I know that so you better tell me everything at once before I tell Liz, or the police! This is fucking kidnapping!"  

"You wouldn't do that Kimberly! I took care of you since you were a toddler, it this the way to pay me back for that? I thought you love me more than that. We are family Kimberly..." "No we are not. You never were real family. You are sick, that's what you are."  

"I was desperate Kimberly! I always wanted to be a mother and I got tolled that I wouldn't be able to be one. And after fifteen minutes of believing I wouldn't be a mom I got the opportunity pushed in my hands. You would have done the same Kim. I wanted to save her..."   


"You didn't saver her! You ruined her and her family! Keep telling me everything!" "Your father and I moved and after five weeks we got the message that your father's dear beloved sister died in a car crash. From non to two traumatized toddler in less then three months. I wanted to keep both of you but your father." "He isn't my father. Just like you aren't my mother!"  



"He didn't wanted both of you. I had to send Liz away, you were real family and-"  "And that made me more important! I had more family to go to while she didn't!"  

"I tried to find out if she had any living relatives left but when I got there I found out they were still alive and thought that their little daughter was dead." "And you didn't told them that she was still alive and about to put in the foster system! And Porcia knew this?"  


"If I told anyone I would have been accused of kidnapping... I couldn't tell anyone. I told her that Liz had family but that they were bad people, that they would only hurt her. So she kept it a secret for me" "Bad people! Accused? Like you didn't do it! Like you aren't a bad person! You fucking kidnapped her and didn't told her that she had living family!"  


"I thought this would be for the best. I thought she would get adopted really soon and that she could have a normal family. What do you want me to say?!!"  

"I want you to say all of this to Liz and face what she has to say about this... You are the reason I almost lost my best friend!"  


"I can't tell her Kimberly. I can't tell her any of this..." "Then I do. She'll believe the prove I have." I run to the camera and stop the recording.  


"And you'll never be my mother again. I'll try to get Joy out of here too. You don't deserve to be a mom anymore. You did to many bad things to deserve that chance..." I run upstairs again and when Nicole doesn't follows me I walk slowly again.  


How am I gonna say this to Liz? I have to tell her but how?  


"Liz? Are you awake?" "Yes I am..." I hear her voice trembling and I sit next to her on her bed.  

"You heard? Liz I'm so sorry for you and I-" "Is this really true? Did she tore me apart from my family?" I feel so sad and bad when I have to nod at her.  

"I wanna leave... Nothing against you but I need to stay away from her as far as possible..." I nod at her and she stands up.  


"I'll go with you. You are more family to me then they are. You never lied to me while she did for your entire life and my entire life. I'll get Joy out of here tomorrow as well but I understand that you don't want to spend the night here anymore." I'm so glad that Liz isn't mad at me for what Nicole did to her.  


"That's good Tamarah... Can we please leave now?" Obviously I agree and Liz starts packing her stuff to leave again, after she has just arived. 



"Where are you going Kimberly?" Nicole stands in my door with blood shot eyes but I don't answer her tough. 

"Kimberly were are you going! You are not allowed to leave this house in the middle of the night without a good reason and permission." 
"You do not have to right to talk to me as your daughter.  I am leaving with the only real family I have left. Liz... I'll find her family and don't expect me to come back ever again. You are lucky that I haven't called the police for abduction!" I slam the door in her face and continue packing one suitcase.  After I finish I go to Liz's room to tell her I am ready. 

She already is waiting for me and as soon as I walk in she stands up with her suitcase in her hand and she walks past me to the staircase. 


"I think I know a place where we can stay for the night. Just don't tell anyone please." I nod and after I “borrow” some extra money from Nicole for the way because it can be expensive to find her real parents but Nicole caused this anyway. 


"We can stay at Emma's. I texted her and she agreed. Are you coming?" I nod and hug her really tight when we walk away from my old house. 


On our way to Liz her future and my new life with her as my family, my only living, true family... 



Next chapter will be Nayluv's again! love you all so much, thanks for the 200 reads! Xx SummerxLover


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