Family changes - Louis Tomlinson (And a little of Harry Styles)

This is about Liz, she´s an orphan from the moment her parents died and she got dropped of at the orphanage.

She doesn´t believes in her family but her friend does.

After a long and hard journy she finds them.

Liz finds her family and maybe even love...

She wasn´t alone anymore, she had a lastname after fifteen years.

Her lastname is Tomlinson.


8. Left Scars...

"Get you a** over here", Daddy shouted. Louis jumped and, his face so pale, headed over to see what dad wants. I followed. Mommy looked afraid, dad had his face red as a tomato. Dad had a big file in his hands, that said "T.I.S" in big bold letters. (that stood for the school's name, Tehama International School). Dad threw the file into Louis hands.

"I AM SO ASHAMED OF YOU!! LOOK AT YOUR RESULTS! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!! SO SHAMEFUL TO OUR FAMILY!!!" Dad slapped him across his face, leaving him with tears. I an over and hugged him, barely surrounding his body with my tiny arms. Dad kept shouting till his phone rang and he left the room. 

"Louis, you do know we are serious about this, don't you? You are going to enter a special school for you low marks. A boarding school." Mom said. Louis looked so sad and scared, he pulled me away, then nodded. Dad soon came back in. 

"Listen carefully, you useless crap. You will be attending the Fantom Boarding School for Boys from now on. It is a special school for dumb students like you, so you better work  properly from now on." I felt  angry from what dad had said, so I shouted back, defending Louis, "LO-WEE IS NOT DUMB! YOU ARE! DO NOT SAY ZAT TO MY BRODER " dad felt so mad at that he held me from my hair, lifting me up. Mom quickly made him let me go, and I pulled my tongue our on him, then rubbed my hair with my small hands. Louis came over and held my hands, squeezing them. 

That night I heard Louis weeping in his pillow, before he went to the FBSB school. The next morning he looked at me in that, "I'm so sorry I'm gonna try harder" look. I waved him bye bye from behind the curtain, and ran off to my room. Crying. He left. Now I'll have to deal with my crazy father and always afraid mother. Father entered my room, and held my face with his hands, squishing my cheeks and placing hid face so close to mine...

"You better be a better daughter than your brother, or you will end up somewhere you do not like too!" 

I woke up all sweaty, just the way I do when I get a dream about my past.
My father's words kept ringing in my head: "you will end up somewhere you do not like"  Why does this make me think of myself now? Was I a bad girl? I probably was. I caused the death of my parents. I was the one who brought me to the "somewhere" that I do not like. The orphanage. I hate myself.

I know that was soo short soo sorry guys! I'm just soo sick (fever + soar throat :( ) and I have a lot of studying and school thingies sooo yuhh! sorry! hope u liked it!


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