Family changes - Louis Tomlinson (And a little of Harry Styles)

This is about Liz, she´s an orphan from the moment her parents died and she got dropped of at the orphanage.

She doesn´t believes in her family but her friend does.

After a long and hard journy she finds them.

Liz finds her family and maybe even love...

She wasn´t alone anymore, she had a lastname after fifteen years.

Her lastname is Tomlinson.


3. It all started there.


While eating breakfast I can't keep my mind from the small burn on my wrist. I tought I knew every inch of my body but probaby I don't. I have never seen this one before and it scares me because it is completly the same as in my dream. A small heart that sighns my wrist. 



"Liz? Where are you with your mind?" I shrug and she takes my arm. Looking at the burn. "What's with that?" "It's from my dream okay! But it's nothing!" she laughs at me and I stand up. I really need some time to think about all of this, alone. 


"I'm going!" I run to my room. I am the only one that has a private room. That is probably because I have lived her the longest and because no one wants to live in one room with me. 


"Why did I have to be like this!!" I yel at myself and start sobbing in my cold pillow. Slowly I cry myself to sleep. 




"By do you always blame everything on me!" mommy starts yelling at daddy and I hide under the table because they scare me. 


"yes I do because it is the truth! Lou is like the most crazy kid ever, in a bad way, and Lizanna cries at everything." I hear my name and I look at daddy. Is he mad at me for something? 


"That is because I have to raise them on my own Troy! You are never around to help me with them. Liz asks every night if her daddy loves her. And I can't answer that question. I can't tell her if her daddy loves her, I can't even tell her if her daddy loves her mommy! And for Lou, he is the sweetest kid ever and at least he loves his little sister and his mother." What is about Lo-wee? Are they mad at Lo-wee too?


"If they were just normal kids I would be here more often! I don't even want them to be my kids! I am embaresed of them! I am ashamed to be their family!" now mommy starts crying really hard. 


"So you are ashamed of our children? Then leave! Leave and don't come back! You don't know anything about them!" Daddy's face turns red and he scares me. I want to go to Lo-wee because he will make me laugh again because he is funny. 


But I can't leave my spot now, then they will notice me and will get even more mad at me. 


"What do I not know about them?! I know that they are crazy and that no one would want them to be their kids!"

"Do you know what Liz's favourite bedtime story is? Do you know what her best friend is at pre-school? Do you know what Louis' favourite food is or his favourite TV show?" Lo-wee really likes the Power Rangers... Everybody knows that so why wouldn't daddy know that?


"No you don't! You don't know anything about them Troy, they are your children, our children!" Mommy only cries louder and I really wanna go and give her a hug to make it all okay.  



"And I wish that they weren't! I wish they were never born!" That is the only thing I do understand. Daddy hates me and Lo-wee. I crawl from my place and accidently hit a chair, which makes mommy and daddy look at me in shock. 


"Lo-wee!" I yel crying. I wanna go to Lo-wee and make him cheer me up. "Lo-wee mommy and daddy are mad" but instead of running to my brothers room I run outside, to the high road, which is surprisingly calm for a saturday. 


"Lizanna stop now! Lizanna Emmerson you stop right now or you won't have dinner today!" daddy's shouts only make me run and cry harder. He never yelled at me and now he does I am really scared. 


"Troy stop it! You only make it worse than it already is!" mommy says to daddy and then she starts talking to me. 


"Lizzie? Liz, please listen to mommy for a minute? Please stop running from us. Mommy isn't mad at you and neither is daddy." I looked at her and stopped running for a moment. 


"Good angel. Now take a step to mommy and I am sure that we can work things trough. Can you please come and give mommy a hug?" I shake my head and mommy just nods at me. "Okay you don't have to... I understand." 


I see a tear in her eyes and I almost walk to her but then I see daddy's face being red and angry and I take a few stept back again. 


"Lizanna come back now!" tears start streaming again when I run further to the road. 


"Liz no! Come back please angel! No!" I don't only hear mommy's scared voice but also the voice of a new person. 


I feel mommy pushing me away and I hear her screaming. "Lizzie... Lizzie watch out baby angel" That are the last words I hear from mommy before a lady I don't know picks me up and runs to the side of the road. 


"Mommy! Mommy, daddy!" I scream and try to get free from the woman's touch but I can't because she is too strong. 

"Shhh, baby angel don't cry. I will make everything be okay." she calls 999 and after three minutes some people dressed in clean white run to us and put mommy and daddy on beds with wheels under it. 


The colour white is like how mommy's dress used to be. But now it's all red and black. I don't know how that happened because I didn't saw her changing into a new dress and I didn't accidently painted it either. And it was her favourite dress...



"Miss do you want to go with us to the hospital?" All the time I keep crying to see mommy and daddy but the lady doesn't let me. 


"No, no... Just save them please. I will take my baby home so she can calm down. Yes angel mommy is here and we are going home in a couple minutes." Is she taking me back to Lo-wee? I need a big hug from my Lo-wee now to make everything okay. 


"Will they be alright?" the words that he man says scare me and only make me cry harder. 

"I honestly don't know Miss. They look really bad and I don't know how much we can still do for them in a surgery. There can be a change they will die." 


No! Mommy! Please mommy!" the man looks at me and I hope that he will take me to see my mommy. 

"Mommy pl-please?'' my voice has never been as small as it is right now. 


"yes angel mommy will take you home." she walks away and that is the last time I saw my mommy and daddy ever again.


The lady's name is Nicole and she is my mommy for about three months. Then my now best friend Kimberly's parents die and she needs a family. 


I have never blamed Nicole... She tried to save her family like she saved me... I only wish she could have told me where my parents are burried so I could apologize to them. 


[End Flashback]



I wake up, crying and sweating. Why do I need to be followed by dreams like this? I mean, I know that this one is true, but the dream of last night was a total halucination. 



"Liz? Liz are you okay?" I look up and see Kim sitting on the edge of my bed. 

"You were screaming again in your sleep... Did you have another dream?" I nod and turn my head away, afraid to tell her the truth. 



"It was about the accident wasn't it? You yelled for your parents." I nod and stand up but Kimberly stops me. 

"What if we writte these thing down? Do you even know why you have these dreams?" I shrug and I already have the feeling that Kim thinks she knows why I have the dreams about these kind of things. 


"Because I keep telling you things that are true and your mind believes me and tries to convince you!" Bullshit! Totally bullshit. 


"There we go. What did all happened in your dream?" she asked me and she wrote everything down in her Iphone 5. 


"Okay! And from now on every time you have a dream like this you tell me and we will write it down!" I shake my head but I know that Kimberly will forse me into telling it her anyway. 


"And now we go shopping because I need some more dresses for my mom's work party... Are you sure you can't come with me?" 


"I'm sorry babe... I totally am not allowed to leave for the night. I wish I could come with you and your mom." 

We leave to go shopping and Kim even buys me a brand new pair of expensive jeans. I told her no but she did it anyway... 



I can't help the tought of being a burden to her, to everybody... I killed my parents and I never even got the chance to say sorry for that. I should have been hit by that car, not them. 



Maybe it will be better if I end it. I won't bother Kim anymore, I won't bother Nicole with guilt because of what she had to do for her real family. 

I won't bother anyone ever again if I just stop breathing... 



Maybe that will be for the best. The best for everyone... To finally be reunited with my parents again. Forever with them. 



Hey everybody! It's Summer again! I hope you enjoyed reading this! NyaLuv will post the next chapter when she can! 


Xx Summer!!! 

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