Family changes - Louis Tomlinson (And a little of Harry Styles)

This is about Liz, she´s an orphan from the moment her parents died and she got dropped of at the orphanage.

She doesn´t believes in her family but her friend does.

After a long and hard journy she finds them.

Liz finds her family and maybe even love...

She wasn´t alone anymore, she had a lastname after fifteen years.

Her lastname is Tomlinson.


13. History Repeating

Louis's P.O.V.




I had already heard mom and dad yelling at each other, I was glad that finally he wasn't mad at me... But it scared me that Liz wasn't here with me, what if she saw them being mad? 


I slowly sneaked downstairs and saw her under the small table in the living room. I wanted to go to her but I was too scared, I was too much of a coward to save my little sister. 


She started running and mom and dad were frozen for a second, I should have stopped her but I didn't. 


"Lizzana get over her right now!" dad yelled but Lizzy didn't listened to him. Mom tried to get her to listen and then something terrible happened. 


"Lizzy stop!" I yelled but it didn't mattered, I closed my eyes but when I opened them I saw mommy and daddy laying on the ground and Lizzy was in the arms of a woman. I ran inside and called granny, she could help me. 


That was the last time I saw my sister again. If I had stayed I could have saved her, I could have made sure my sister was still with me. I was the reason she got lost. 


*Present time


I looked at the girl and started calling 999. "Please be okay" I whispered as I craddled her blooding body in my arms.


"I lost you before I can't lose you again" I cried my heart out till the paramedics came and she was put on a stretcher. I couldn't go with her and had to go on my own. I agreed and quickly got my car.


"Lads I'm out!" I yelled and run out of my house without explaining everything to the boys. They wouldn't understand it anyway, no one knew about Lizzy.





"Louis" grandmom looked at me and squeezed my hand. "Mommy and daddy are sleeping and they are not waking up anytime soom. It's not your fault that this happened but you can't do anything against it" I swallowed and cried more. 


"But grandmom, it was my fault... If I had stopped Lizzy they wouldn't have run to the street" she kissed my forhead. "you were just scared of what could have happened if you did." we walked to the hospital together and I knew I had to face mommy and daddy in their long sleep. 


*end flashback*


I drove to the hospital, just like fifteen years ago, only this time my grandmother wasn't with me, but except from that, it was all the same. 

I lost my little sister and I could have prevented that, if I was faster I could have saved her from that truck. 


What if she was in a come too, what if she still knew I didn't saved her all those years ago. I knew she had every right to blame me for whatever horrible life she had. 


But why did she run away from me? Why did she run when she knew I missed her so much... 



"Could you help me?" I asked when I walked to the desk of the hospital. "A girl got here like five to ten minutes ago, around the age of seventeen. Can I see her?" the woman tells me that I have to wait for about five minutes because they are still checking up on her. 


"Thank you ma'am." I smile and walk to the waiting room. What if I lost my little sister for real after finally having her back. 


After fifteen long minutes the door opened and I jumped up. The woman looked at me as I run to her. 


"Is so okay? Can I see her? Please tell me she is okay" the nurse nodded her head slowly. "She is awake, but only family can visit her now." Luckily I now new that I was her family. 


"I am, I'm her older brother please let me see her" I almost begged her and finally she gave in. "Okay, but only for a couple minutes" she opened the door for me and I saw the white walls, my eyes moved to the bed with my sister in it. 





"Louis, mommy has to tell you something" I was in mommy's hospital room. I was so glad she was finally awake again. More than three months she had been sleeping and even when I sang very much for them, they didn't woke up sooner. 


"Is it Lizzy? Is she back!?" I asked happily, I had been searching for her for over three months but she really was good at playing hide and seek. Better then when we just played it in my room. 


"No Louis" Mommy started crying and I looked at her with big eyes. "but Lizzy always came back mommy, why not now? Did I do something that made her not come back?" I asked and I felt tears burning in my eyes. What if Lizzy was mad because I didn't protected her from our father?


"Louis please, it's not your fault... But Lizzy" mommy started crying really hard and I hugged her and kissed her cheek. 

"Lizzy is dead Boobear, she is never coming back to us... She is playing hide-and-seek forever" I stared at her and after ten seconds I realized what she told me. 


"Is... Is Lizzy in heaven?" I cried till I had no tears left and fell asleep on mommy's lap. That was Lizzy's place to sleep when she was tired after playing, why did I let my little sister die? 


*present time


"Please Lizzy" I say as I walk to her bed, but those eyes... 


"Who are you?" the girl asks and I start crying on my knees. It wasn't my sister, this girl, she looked like her but she wasn't... I had my little sister, but she slipped trough my fingers, again. 


"I am Louis... I'm sorry I disturbed you. I am glad you are alright." I say softly, almost in tears but I didn't cried. 

"Are you okay? You sound upset" the girl says and it made more clear that she wasn't my sister. 


"I just thought you were someone else, but I'm still glad I helped you. Just get some rest, do you have someone that needs to know you are here?" she first shook her head but then almost jumped up.


"My sister, well... best friend more but" she grabbed her head and I carefully pushed her down. "Calm down love, what if I promise to help you find your friend/sister?' she smiled at me. "thank you so much, Louis right?" her smile was happily and her eyes sparkled at me. I felt happy and warm inside. 

No! I can't feel like this, I lost my sister for the second time and I was starting to have feelings for a girl in hospital? 


Lou, there is something really wrong with you... I have to concentrate this time. Last time I didn't fully focused on finding Lizzy back because of the divorce of mom and dad, I couldn't let me get distracted because of a girl... 


Lizzy was the most important girl right now. 






Hey everybody! This is SummerxLover again, I hope you liked this chapter, who do you think the girl Louis saved is? If you get it right will use your name in the story! 


Xx SummerxLover 

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