Family changes - Louis Tomlinson (And a little of Harry Styles)

This is about Liz, she´s an orphan from the moment her parents died and she got dropped of at the orphanage.

She doesn´t believes in her family but her friend does.

After a long and hard journy she finds them.

Liz finds her family and maybe even love...

She wasn´t alone anymore, she had a lastname after fifteen years.

Her lastname is Tomlinson.


10. Doncaster!

Liz' P.O.V

I entered Starbucks and entered the staff-only room. We have been in Doncaster for a while, and I really wanted to start working. I do not want to be a much of a trouble for Kimmy. I put on my uniform, and set off to take orders. Hanna, one of the staff members, who works at the cashier called me, giving me the next tray of food. I carried it to table 4 as she told me. going back I knocked into someone and fell down. 

"Oh my! I'm so sorry! Are you okay??" He put out a hand for me and I held it, him helping me to stand up again. He had brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. Wearing some black jeans and a stripy red-and-black t-shirt. I felt a warm, but weird feeling wash over my body...why?

"Thanks! I'm fine do not worry..." I quickly picked up the tray and hurried to work.

"Hey, Im back!" I closed the door behind me.
"Oh hey! How was it?" I heard Kim shout from her bedroom. She then came our, all nice and ready. She had a tank top that said "good vines" on it and was hanging a bit over her shoulder. Some rainbow lace shorts and sneakers. 
"Fine I guess...for my first day of work!" I took my hair and made a bun with it, as it was really sweaty after working all day. I changed into some comfy jeggings and a long floral printed t-shirt. 

We made our way out into the city. Doncaster was always a great place to be in! the streets looked so old, the sky smiled warmly down to us, and the houses stood along the paths. It gave you a warm bubbly feeling. A feeling I only got when I was with them. My family. 

Shall we?" Kim pointed to the old neighborhood we wanted to visit. I nodded and we went in there. We did not have any idea where we were going to o, or we were going to have to go, but we kept on with it anyway. 

The houses looked really chappy and old too, but the place somehow looked happy to me. The yards were all covered with grass and many flowers around the edges. No people seemed to be around. Isn't there anybody there? It started to get dark.  

A little kid ran out suddenly. She was around the age of 3, had tears all over her rosy cheeks and stopped in the middle of the street. across of the street were her mother and father, running our of the house trying to get her in. she cried and shook her head. I heard a car coming by. Running as fast as I could, I scooped her up and we both fell on the pavement across the street. I felt so happy knowing she was safe now, because I saw my old self in her. I could hear voices, but the pain was demanding to be felt. I then blacked out.

Hey Liz!" I heard someone say. turning around, I found Eve there. "I guess I gotta do my job now, isn't it?" 


"Look there," she pointed at a a group of houses in front of us, "that yellow one is yours" 

The houses were all red or brown. There was only one that was yellow. Easy to spot. 

"Now go do your job. Find them, OK? And if you feel weird when meeting someone new, they may be the ones, so keep an eye out for that!" She turned around and went away. What weird feeling? 

*Flashback end*

I opened my eyes, to find a young woman with brown hair and brown eyes, and a man with a blonde mustache. Who are these? Oh the parents from earlier!! 

"Oh you're awake! thank god! You have been unconscious for 5 hours now. its 11 pm already!" She said

"Oh I'm so sorry!"

"Its OK darling! Thank you for rescuing lily" He said, pointing at the little girl playing with her Lego. I wonder what was that I saw before? At least this family gave me no weird feelings. 

"Oh and your other friend left! She looked really worried about you, but got a call and she left. She looked so frightened and pale after the call..." The mother said. 

"Oh no Kim! I think I need to go!! thank you for the help!" I jumped out and left, all I could think of was Kim!! what was wrong??  I ran and ran in the middle of that old empty neighborhood. It seemed so scary. I bumped into someone then. looking up it was not a someone but a some-many. 3 big men with snap backs and black leather jackets pushed me towards the wall. One of them took my purse and the other two tried to take off my t-shirt. I screamed for someone to help, but no one was there. They were tryin to rape me!! I screamed so damn loud. before it happened, someone came and pushed them away from me. I could not see properly as my head was hurting so much and it was pretty dark. They soon ran away, and he gave me back my purse.

"You okay??" He asked, helped me stand up again. That was when I saw it. He was the same person I saw earlier in Starbucks. "Is your house near by?" 

I shook my head, tears burning in my eyes as the same weird feeling came back to me. "Maybe stay the night at mine for now?" I felt my tears roll down. I wanted to tell him I had to see Kimmy. Something was wrong with her. I wondered who called her. But I could not. All I could think of was that weird feeling that was bugging me every time I saw him, and what Eve told me about it. 

He carried me all the way, and I slept in his arms. Opening my eyes again, I found we were in front of a yellow house, with many other reds and browns around it. 

Soo was this too long? hope not! I enjoyed writing this chapter soooo much! And you need to read through carefully to make sure you do not miss any details. 

Looks like my sickness is only getting worse! I skipped school today so...yeah! *sniff sniff* 
hope you guys a great day/night! mwaaah :* <3



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