Someone hear my cry for help

When 16 year old Zoe is suddenly orphaned what is she to do she has to figure out why she keeps transforming into a wolf at night and why the new guy at school seems to know everything about her and why it feels like everyone is out to get her.


3. The New Kid

Slowly I sit down in my seat and take out my notebook and pencil ''Okay class today we have a new student his name is Nathan Norwood'' Mrs. Lopez says I look up to see an guy who was 5'4 in height he had brownish blondish hair and bright hazel eyes ''Mr. Norwwod why don't you have a seat next to miss Brown'' and at this the class glared at me but then smiled at Nathan I just look down drawing a peace sign ''umm hi I'm Nathan but I like to go by Nate'' the new kid says ''it would be best to stay away from me I cause nothing but trouble'' I reply softly then Zone him out paying attention to today's lesson but through out the whole entire class period Nate wouldn't stop staring at me he would look up then look down and then look up and then look down again I just sighed and ignored it packing up my stuff before the bell rang for second period which was AP English. ''Morning class and how are we this amazing morning?'' Mrs. Hanson asks the class everyone replies while I stay quiet knowing that no one will listen to me Mrs. Hanson puts up the word of the day and I copy it down before anyone else does then pay attention to todays lesson I felt most of the class glaring at the back of my head I sigh ignoring it I wish people didn't judge me for something I did not do I mean would you want to be glared at constanly by total strangers to you all day? would you want to be so alone? would you feel as if you can't go on in life anymore because of people hating you everywhere you turn? I just shake my head then look outside I feel a smile make its way on my face when I see two dogs nuzzling eachother >I wish someone would love me like that< I thought to myself then I look down to my desk only to see a picture of me and a wolve I look up and around to see who might of put the picture on my desk but no one gave ame a singel glance to acknowledge it so I just shrug and put the picture in my binder. At lunch I sat alone under a tree reading and eating an apple I wasn't really hungry so just grabbed an apple for lunch ''well well look whose all alone flabby Zoe the school loner'' Dakota says ripping my book out of my hands and out of my reach ''please give my book back it means a lot to me'' I beg like a coward he justs laughs throwing it at my face but I quicjkly caught it and put it in my back pack away from sight ''oh no don't think it's over Ash grab her'' Dakota demands and Ashleigh grabs me throwing me into the lockers I hiss as my back lands on a locker handle then I cried out when they punch me in the face I drop to the floor in pain ''someone save me from this hell'' I whispered ''hey leave her alone'' I hear a deep voice yell out I look up to see Nate who ran up an d punched Dakota in the face knocking him out then push the girls away gently he lifts me up ''hold on Zoe I'll take you to the nurse'' he says softly I just nod passing out from the pain it hurts so much. My eyes fluttered open slowly trying to adjust to the bright lights when my eye sight became clearer I looked to my left to see that I was hooked up to a heart monitor ''oh thank god you're awake'' a voice exclaims I look up to see a woman ''who are you?'' I ask ''didn't your parents tell you about me I'm your aunt Nichelle'' the woman replies my eyes widened ''I have a family?'' ''yes I guess your parents wanted to keep you away from us because they thought we didn't except you but when you were born you were an adorable baby and brought joy to our hearts'' Nichelle says my eyes watered and she gets up to hug me ''I have a question though who brought me to the hospital?'' I ask ''why this handsome young man did he said his name is Nate and he hopes that you feel better soon'' Nichelle replies to me I nod then yawn ''well I should let you sleep now I'll be back tomorrow to pick you up so we can go to your house and get your stuff cause you're moving in with me'' Nichelle says I nod then close my eyes falling back asleep.

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