Someone hear my cry for help

When 16 year old Zoe is suddenly orphaned what is she to do she has to figure out why she keeps transforming into a wolf at night and why the new guy at school seems to know everything about her and why it feels like everyone is out to get her.


11. The encounter with the Alpha

Zoe's point of view

I sat in front of my aunt who handed me a book ''that is your father's family tree it shows al the people of our family that has werewolf genes'', aunty explains to me I nod then look at the pictures specifically at my great , great uncle's picture ''he was the first one born with werewolf genes and soon he passed it on to his son who then passed it on to your father'', aunty quickly explains then I feel the urge to run aunty smiles ''the moon must be out well lets go have a run maybe you'll run into that Alpha again'', she says with a smile I blush ''aunty'', I whine she just laughs then shifts and takes off I do the same and run after her, the wind felt great against my fur and the moon was so beautiful I think the moon goddess was happy to be shining that bright.. a few seconds later I hear a howl behind me I turn to see the wolf from before he smiled and came out of the bushes I sit on my hind legs starring at him with a curious look he sits down in front of me with a grin I noticed him looking down at my amulet it was glowing he gently lifted a paw and putted it on my amulet then howled my wolf instincts took over and I howled too the other wolf smiles and softly nuzzles me I grin and nuzzle him back -who are you?- I thought to him softly he grins before pawing out his name in the dirt >NATE< I smile then nuzzle him again and run off with him chasing after me he barks excitedly and tackles me nibbling my ear playfully I smile then flip over and lay my head on his back "Zoe it's time to go'', my aunt calls out to me I howl to let her know that in heard her then look at Nate he nods and I run back towards my aunt.



Dear Readers,

sorry I haven't updated in so long I've been really busy lately so again I am very sorry to have kept you waiting I hope you liked reading this chapter and please continue to read "someone hear my cry for help" oh and if you would like to be included in my story let me know in a comment and I will send you my contact info love you all.

sincerely, Zoe


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