Someone hear my cry for help

When 16 year old Zoe is suddenly orphaned what is she to do she has to figure out why she keeps transforming into a wolf at night and why the new guy at school seems to know everything about her and why it feels like everyone is out to get her.


10. The challange to joy riding

Nate's point of view


I groan waking up then slam my fist down on my alarm clock ''Nate time to get up'' my mom calls from downstairs ''I'm up'', I yell back down to her then I hear her moving around in the kitchen (we have an actual house besides the cave) making breakfast I get up and walk over to my closet and grab a t-shirt and a pair of jeans then I walk over to my dresser and grab a pair of boxers then some socks and head to my bathroom to take a shower. Ten minutes later I was dressed and eating breakfast

Even when u cry your beautiful too

my phone goes off and I answer it ''hello?'', I ask ''yo Nate you up for some joy riding?'' my friend Jesus's voice replies on the other end I grin ''sure I'll be there in five see ya then'', I reply then head over to the sink to wash my plate, I grab my keys and head out the door locking it then hop on my motorcycle and ride over to the track. As soon as I get there my friend Jesus greets me with a man hug ''you ready?'', he asks I nod he grins handing me a set of keys I grin from ear to ear and Jesus leads me over to a car it was a Cheverolet Monte Carlo I grin ''you're opponent is that fine Chica over there her name is Zoe'', Jesus says pointing to a tall girl with short bruenette hair she turned and my eyes widened ''Zoe?'', I asked shocked she freezes for a moment before smirking ''yep now let's race'', she replies then gets inside her car and I get inside my car I start the enginge and drive up to the starting line Jesus walks out with a flag holds it up then counts down to one then puts the flag down I gun the gas pedal and take off I see Zoe drving right beside me then she drives up more -she's egging me on well then two can play that game- I think to myself then drive off leaving Zoe in the dust but then five seconds later I see her drving backwards then she flips the car around by doing a crazy U-turn and smirks drving ahead I smirk back then drive even faster using a cliff dive to help me get ahead of her ''WHOO!!!'', I exclaim floating in the air then land a second later I look over at Zoe and we smirk at eachother one last time before we both cross the finish line, I stop my car then get out Zoe does the same ''well that was fun we should do that again sometime'', Zoe says ''definitely'', I reply then Zoe hugs me ''see you tomorrow'', she whispers then leaves with me starring after her with a longing look.

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