Someone hear my cry for help

When 16 year old Zoe is suddenly orphaned what is she to do she has to figure out why she keeps transforming into a wolf at night and why the new guy at school seems to know everything about her and why it feels like everyone is out to get her.


7. History of Werewolves and their powers

Zoe's (P.O.V.)

I sat in my room debating if I want to find out more about what I am or if I should just wait for some answers to appear I frown then grab my book bag and walk out the front door locking it and then head out to the library. Once I get there I head straight to the computer typing in WEREWOLVES and instantly a million stories appear I click on the first one

Werewolves are the first appearance of a dog they have the body of an elegant dog in modern times and can run as fast as a speeding Lion they have sharp K-9 teeth to dig into their prey and then the eyes that are the many colors of the northern lights.

Werewolves are fiercely protective of their pack members and family they are loyal and very wise in the ways of understanding what must and what must not be done werewolves are also a spiritual guidance that was sent down the moon goddess herself Artemis

Werewolves also have a special power that helps mankind to be a better race. then the only way for a werewolve to be born is to be through the family of werewolves and chosen by a mate to transform into a werewolve on the night of a full moon and on the next full moon the chosen mate will transform again but this time he/she will aquire an amulet that keeps the chosen mate from harm and safe.

My eyes widen at the information then I quickly print it off and jog home running up to my room ''crap there's another full moon tonight that means I going to get an amulet'' I mumble to myself then pace back and forward '' I guess I'll just let it happen and roll along with it'' I finally decide then plop down on my bed and close my eyes then take a deep breathe and calm down ''ZOE SOMEONE IS HERE FOR YOU'' my aunt Nichelle yells up to me ''COMING'' I yelled back then ran down the stairs to the front door and look out to see Dakota standing there with a wolf pup who barked happily when it saw me '' I found him outside by the park he was whimpering and begging me for food when he saw me walking by so I took him home fed him and washed him but my mom says I can't keep him so I was hoping you could watch over him'' Dakota explained ''sure I love dogs let me see him... aww he's so cute'' I squeal hugging him close ''I'm going to call you Kavu'' I state then pet him on the head setting him down then look back up to Dakota ''thanks I'll see you tomorrow I guess'' I say Dakota nods then leaves and I sigh closing the door and heading back up to my room with Kavu to take a nice long nap.

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