Someone hear my cry for help

When 16 year old Zoe is suddenly orphaned what is she to do she has to figure out why she keeps transforming into a wolf at night and why the new guy at school seems to know everything about her and why it feels like everyone is out to get her.


9. Dakota's make up friendship date

Zoe's {p.o.v.}

ring ring ring

my phone goes off and I answer it ''hello?'' I ask ''Hey Zoe what's up?'' Dakota's voice answers on the other end ''nothing much and what do you want Dakota?'' I ask ''do you mind going on a walk with me like possibly right now?'' he asks nervously I giggle silently at his nervousness ''sure Dakota'' I reply ''okay I'll be there in five to pick you up'' he says to me ''alright'' I reply ''bye'' he says ''bye'' I reply then hang up. Five minutes later he was there and we walk out the door to head straight for the park ''so I know I was wondering how have you've been?'' Dakota asks me ''umm I'm okay things have been really interesting ever since I met Nate he's really sweet'' I reply Dakota smiles ''that's good and I have something to tell you'' he replies ''what is it?'' I ask ''I'm Gay'' he says and I turn to him with wide eyes ''Really?'' I ask in shock ''yeah but I think I've been gay ever since I went out with Ashleigh I kept paying more attention to guys who were gay rather than her hell last night I met this guy at a bar and he took me out to dinner I really liked it and he gave me his number'' Dakota explains ''what's his name?'' I ask curious ''Dante'' Dakota replies smiling ''I'm happy for you D, I really am'' I say smiling up at him he smiles back then hugs me ''thanks for understanding lil' sis'' He says to me ''no problemo'' I respond. That night I went out to dinner with my aunt who bought me a new phone I hugged her after saying thank you like a thousand times she just laughed and hugged me back I smile for the rest of the night while we talk about stuff and what not but within an hour I feel an urge to run so I tell my aunt that we should go for a walk and she agrees, ''Zoe there's something I should tell you'', my aunt says nervously ''what is it?'', I ask ''well umm how do I say this ..your parents were werewolves'' she blurts out I freeze then turn towards her slowly then scream out '' THEY WERE WHAT???????'' I shout out in surprise my aunts laughs nervously rubbing the back of her neck ''they were werewolves'', she repeats to me I sit down on the park bench ''and so am I right?'', I ask her she nods yes I sigh ''that explains my transformation and the urge to run right now'' I say quietly to her ''yes every full moon your inner wolf will force you to change and hunt but don't worry you'll hunt deer and rabbits'', my aunt explains I stare at her with shock then sigh ''man my family is so crazy'' I exclaim my aunt laughs ''well do you want to give your wolf a test run?'', she asks with a smirk I smirk back ''bring it on'', I reply then transform into my wolf who howls up at the moon my aunt does the same then we run off into the forest I sniff the air and smell a rabbit's scent I can feel my smirk make its way to my face as I lunge at the rabbit and bite into it with my strong jaw who moves around for a bit then finally goes  limp after a few minutes I drop it then bite into it tasting the delicious raw meat but then I growl as a smell another wolves scent I look up to see a pure black wolf with hazel green eyes he has a deer in his mouth he looks at me then drops the deer's dead corpse in front of me I look up at him then the deer he nods and I dig in the wolf joins in three minutes later,.. after finishing our meal I hear a howl and the pure black wolf howls back he turns to me and licks my side I gasp in my mind when a crystal blue amulet appears around my neck the wolf smiles at me then runs off I stare after him with wonder then run back to the house and transform back into me again ''so how was it meeting the Alpha of the Red moon pack?'', my aunt asks me walking into the living room ''an Alpha wow I guess I must be special because he made an amulet appear around my neck'', I reply my aunt looks at my neck and gasps ''darling that's what a mate gives to his/her other mate'', my aunt says to me I gasp ''so you're saying I am the mate to the Alpha of the Red moon pack?'', I ask astonished ''yes dear consider your self lucky with a mate like that you will always safe from harm'', she replies with a firm and final tone then I sigh and head up stairs to take a shower and head to bed.

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