Someone hear my cry for help

When 16 year old Zoe is suddenly orphaned what is she to do she has to figure out why she keeps transforming into a wolf at night and why the new guy at school seems to know everything about her and why it feels like everyone is out to get her.


8. Ashleigh and her crew

Zoe's (p.o.v.)

The next day I woke up to my alarm screaming at me I sigh slamming down on it then get up and head to my bathroom to get ready for school. Fifteen minutes later I was ready to board the bus but I fed Kavu quickly then left grabing my snap back. I stood at the bus stop waiting for the bus but then she showed up with her crew '' well if itsn't Flabby-Zoe that fatso of the block'' Ashleigh snarled in her whiney voice i flinched clenching my fist in embarasment and anger ''ugly just like your pathetic mother'' she spat and that made me snap I turned and socked her in the face knocking her out with a bloody nose her little so called body guards gasped then ran crying for the mommies and I stared down at my hands with shock and amazement ''what the hell?'' I whisper to myself then look up as the bus stops infront of me then I board the bus sitting all the way in the back of the bus right next to Nate who smiled at seeing me ''you okay you look a little pale?''he asked with concern spilling through his voice I nod yes not trusting my voice to answer for me he simply smiled then hugged me close to his side and I snuggled closer into his chest feeling safe in his arms. For the rest of the day Ashleigh and her crew leave me alone and Ashleigh looks at me with fear in her eyes and inside it makes me smile a the fact that she was scared of me and on the outside I glared at her letting out all my pent up anger and she gulped walking away quickly and I smirk.




Hey hey its me Zoe i want to say sorry for not updating sooner and thanks for reading so far and i will continue this story but it will be a slow process because i do not have a computer at home again i want to say thank you for reading love ya long time<3

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