Who does my heart belong to?

Kylie is a normal girl until one day she has to pick between her boyfriend Niall or her best friend Harry ....


2. Chapter 2

Kylie's pov 

I got into my car and drove to school, when I got there i went to my locker and saw 2 of my friends there Alison and Riley ( the rest are always late) i went up to them and said " Did we have any homework "  " well good morning to you too" said riley " No homework" said alison i smiled and walked away to go to Niall's and Harry's lockers, I saw harry leaning against his locker, his face lit up when he saw me walking towards him, before i could say something he picked me up and hugged me tight when he put me down he finally said " How's your morning" " Someone's in a great mood today and good" i said, he just chuckled and said theres Niall i turned my head and i was so happy to see Niall's face because harry always tells me that Niall is there but he is just joking, I walked over to him and hugged him and he pecked my lips i held his hand and we went to class, Niall and Harry were talking to each other and i was on my phone, when we got to class we took our sit's and the lesson started. 


(A/N) Oh my god i can believe that i got 8 reads all ready i now its not much but I'm thankful and i can't believe its the end of 2013 by end i mean the last day so happy new year and this is kylie's car and outfit

Car :

Outfit : 


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