I'm his favorite girl

Amalia is just a normal belieber like the rest of us until……


4. My turn

I was almost my turn to met justin. I heard "next" and understood it was my turn. I walked over to my idol and hugged him. 

Me: Justin you are the best idol and you should now that i love you. 

Justin: i love you too babe

I looked confused at him, but realized that he just said it because i was a belieber. We posed for the camera and justin looked my in the eyes and smiled. I wanted to kiss him so badly but then i heard "next" and it was Sarahs turn. It was over before i even noticed. I walked outside and waited for Sarah. In my dreams justin would have kissed me, but it was just like every other beliebers meet and greet. A little disappointed we walked into the stadium.


They golden circle was all most full so we went to the back. It was nice because i had claustrophobia. I was still a little bit sad but i wanted to have a great show. 

The show started and justin was so freaking handsome/hot/adorable. He sang all that matters, hold tight, recovery and swap it out. Then he made a remix like believe tour with old songs like baby, one time, believe, alaylm, aatw and batb. Then a chair was placed on the scene and justin ran out. I stood and stared at the scene when some came over to us. She asked me about something but i couldnt hear what se told me. She took a paper up with the text "do you wanna be ollg?" I freaked out!!! i nodded and followed her backstache…...

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