I'm his favorite girl

Amalia is just a normal belieber like the rest of us until……


2. 2nd january

Finally it was the 2nd january. I woke up and turn on my mac. I went to (billetnet.dk) ticketsnet.com and searched for Justin Bieber.

There was 2 hours to the sale but i wanted to be ready. I found my phone and called my 3 years younger cousin and screamed that i was soon. My cousin was my only belieber friend ( i had lots of friends but there were directioners) so we were going to the koncert together. I told her to turn on the computer so she was ready. We talked about everything while we were waiting, like how it would be, which songs, who was going to be the ollg and you know belieber stuff like that.

Suddenly it was time to buy the tickets. I was very fast and was one of the fist who entered to the side. I screamed when i saw there was met and greet tickets and so did my cousin. I bought 2 golden circle ticket and to met and greet tickets. I was so happy i could die.


There were about 2 months to the show. In school i fangirled all most every day, but it was normal for me. My friends understood me. They fangirled them self but it was over 1D. All the boys in my school was afraid of me because justin was the only thing i cared about, so when everyone was on dates and kissed with there gf/bf i was all alone. But when i was sad and alone i could just watch at Justin adorable smile and i was happy again. 


There was only a week to the show now and i couldn't wait anymore. I was shopping with my best friend. I wanted to have the perfect outfit to my meet and greet. We went to H&M and found the perfect black crops top with long sleeves and a tight pair of jeans. I didn't wanted to wear a JB t-shirt because he didn't need to know that i was a crazy hehe :) I bought some earrings and now i was ready to the best day of my life…….


*hope you liked it. If you have any ideas then just tell my them and i will see if i can use them :))))

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