Five months

Louis Tomlinson from the biggest Boyband in the world is going out with Eleanor j Calder, everything is going great but the problem is he has an alcohol addiction, which Eleanor is quite tired of. One day Louis, Eleanor, and the boys decide to go clubbing, louis gets drunk. What will happen when Eleanor finds out louis was cheating on her? Will Elounor break up? Will louis fix things or will he let alcohol ruin his life?


2. Chapter 1

Louis POV


"Babe wakeup." I whispered into Eleanor's ear.

Her eyes flutter open. I smiled at the sight of her beautiful brown eyes.

And she smiles back at me.

"Morning Boobear." She says.

"Morning." I said smiling.

She snugged her head near my chest.

"Last night was the best." She mumbled.

I smiled. Last night was amazing. We made love for the first time.

"I'll be in the living room." I said.

She groaned.

"Why? Stay with me and cuddle Lou!" She whined.

I chuckled.

"I'm thirsty." I said as I got up.

I put on my gray sweats and white tank top.

"I'll be down there in a minute." She said.

"Alright." I said as I walked out of my room.

Once I was in the kitchen I opened the door from the fridge, I took out a beer and pop it open.

"Louis you need to stop drinking."

I jumped a little and saw that it was Eleanor.

I chuckled and we sat down on the sofa.

"It's not healthy for you." She warned.

I rolled my eyes and laughed.

"Nothing's going to happen babe." I assured.

Then I took swig of beer.

She sighed.

"Louis, please." Eleanor pleaded.

Once again I rolled my eyes.

"No. I already told you nothing is going to happen." I said annoyed.

She just stated at me for 5 seconds and sighed.

"Fine, do as you please. But remember I warned you." She said.

The anger starts to boil inside me.

"For fuck sakes Eleanor! Nothing. Is. Going. To. Happen!" I yelled.

She quickly got up from the sofa and walked to the front door.

"I just worry about you." Was the last thing she said and then she left.

I don't need her to worry about me because nothing will ever happen to me, ever. And that's something that she just doesn't understand. Actually nobody understands. And I'm getting quite tired of they're ignorance.

"Louis, what happened?"

I looked over at Harry and sighed.

"It's Eleanor. She thinks drinking is unhealthy for me." I answered.

"It is unhealthy Lou." He stated.

I got up and started walking towards the door.

"Louis, where are you going?" Harry asked.

"Somewhere where I can drink my beer in peace." I said and I walked out slamming the door.

Harry's POV

"Louis, where are you going?" I asked.

"Somewhere where I can drink my beer in peace." Louis said, he walked out and slammed the door.

I let out a loud frustrated sigh.

When will he learn? He has a drinking addiction and he won't stop drinking. Louis has a serious problem, but he won't listen. It's not only affecting him, it's also affecting his and Eleanor's relationship, oh and the band. How is his drinking addiction affecting one direction? Well, he's always late for interviews. He usually has a bad attitude with modest! It even affects our fans! They start to think one direction are bad influences, because Louis has a drinking addiction. All the fans see is drunk Louis, or a hung over Louis. But modest always tries to cover it all up by going on his twitter posting fake photos. And when he does do good things it's usually while the cameras away. Louis is a nice guy and all but he has a drinking problem but he won't admit it. I know the real Louis, he's not himself while his drinking. That boy you've seen on the x factor is him, the only reason you hear a lot of rumors about him drinking or smoking is because those are the biggest rumors there are, and the worst too.

I shook my head and walked into the kitchen and ate some breakfast. 

Eleanor's POV

All I want is for Louis to stop drinking, but he just doesn't listen to me or the boys. One day he will realize that drinking is bad for him. I know I sound like a total hypocrite but I have stopped drink at the beginning of Louis's and mines relationship, I did it for us, and now here he is drinking himself.

I shook my head and sighed.

I looked around my room and saw all the pictures on my wall next to my bed. The photos are of me and Louis at the park, movies, mall, beach, and pool. I smiled at the memories. I looked at the one where we were at His and Harry's flat.

I remember that it was the first picture we've ever took, and it was also the day we met. It shows me in a white tank top and on top of it was a black top that says "follow your heart to London" some black skinny jeans, and black toms. My hair wasn't styled, but it was wavy. Well if I had known that Louis was going to be there then I would have actually dressed up, that day was just another lazy day.

While Louis, he was wearing a white shirt, a denim jacket, some skinny jeans, and black & white converse. His hair was fluffy and feathery as usual.

That day changed my life. I was once addicted to drinking. But Louis helped me.

And it makes me sad seeing him make the same mistakes I had once done before.

I sure hope he stops drinking, and realizes that it's unhealthy.

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