Far Enough

Anna was just a normal girl in high school, not popular but not a loser. She had an average boyfriend, average friends, and she looked average. Her life flips when her father tells her disturbing news. And her life isn't so average anymore.


3. Chapter 2

"Anna, come on! Please?" My best friend, Heather pleads.

"No, I am not going to third wheel for you again. Why don't you ask Mandy?" I say exasperated.

"I already did ask Mandy, she said she would cut his dick off.... So I slowly walked away. Please Anna!" Wow, that does sound like Mandy, very hot-headed and hater on jocks.

"On one condition. Tyler gets to come." Heather looks at me with hatred.

"No! Then it will be a double date. Then I'd be pushing too hard." I roll my eyes at her.

"I'll ask someone else then." Heather says menacingly as she gets up and leaves the cafeteria. I continue my conversation with Travis -my partner for a geo project- and we agree to finish up things tonight. Hands suddenly cover my eyes.

"Guess who." A male voice asks.

"Obviously it's Tyler." I say exasperated .

"No fooling you is there?" He chuckles and sits next to me.

"Nope, I'm a woman. No one can fool me!" I say mightily. He laughs and kisses my forehead.

"I'll uh, see you later Anna." Travis grumbles and leaves.

"Bye Travis." I say.

"So, guess what?" Tyler says annoyed.

"What?" I answer, scared that Mandy or Heather pissed him off.

"Well, I guess Mandy decided to hurt me, so she sacked me. Then Heather storms up to me and pushes me into the lockers." He shakes his head. "I just don't get it. We used to chill all the time, they were nicer to me than this. But when we start to date, they hate on me." He runs a hand through his hair in frustration.

"Mandy's always pissed at males. Heather is my fault." He looks at me confused. "I said I wouldn't third wheel for her, she got angry, I said I would only go if you could come with me. She got all pissy and said something about double dates. She knows I don't third wheel for her and jocks." He nods his head in agreement to my explanation.

"Well, you owe me a French fry." He says as he steals one of my fries. The bastard. I smile and push at him. We play fight for a while then realize that we are going to be late for class. We scurry out of the cafeteria. Then go our separate ways to our classes. The rest of the day is a blur until I get onto the bus and Tyler is waiting for me.

"Hey Ty." I smile and kiss him.

"Hey baby." We hold hands and wait for our bus stop. He traces circles, like always.

"So what are we doing tonight?" I ask lazily.

"I don't know, I got a lot of homework."

"Me too." We sit in silence for a while.

"I'll text you tonight okay?" I nod my head. We get off at our stop and walk down the street hand in hand again. When we reach our houses, he kisses me.

"Bye baby." He says seductively then leaves.

As I unlock the door it's pulled away from my grasp.

"Dad?" Why is he home? He should be at work.

"Anna? Come on we need to head to the hospital." He says pushing me out the door and towards our silver truck.

"Why do we need to go to the hospital?" I ask in a panic.

"Your mom is in the ICU. Some asshole hit her." He says angry, but there is a trace of fear there. Zooming through traffic we finally get to hospital.

"We are here to see Serena McFly." My dad urges the nurse to hurry up and find what room moms in.

"Just have a seat in the waiting room please." My dad gives her a death glare then we sit down.

"Mr. McFly?" A tan black haired doctor calls my dad. He stands up.

"That's me doc."

"I'm very sorry to say this but, your wife. She's in critical condition. We can't save her." What? My dad just looks at him in shock. "She's awake but heavily medicated. I would suggest saying your good-byes. I give my sympathies." My mom is going to die?

"Screw you and your fucking sympathies. Save my god damned mother!" I yell at him pushing at his chest. Tears fall down my cheeks. My dad bear hugs me. Everything's unreal. Like a dream. The doctor keeps rambling on, and on. I can't hear him.

Finally in moms hospital room I see her hooked up to tons of beeping machines. I run to her grabbing her hand. She had cuts and scraps all over her. But if she had any open gashes they were covered with bandages. Her eyes were fluttering.

"Mom?" I croak. My voice hoarse from crying.

"Honey. My baby. It's okay." My mom whispers, her voice very raspy.

"Serena?" My dad whispers, he is in the verge of tears.

"Paul? It all will be okay." She whispers in the same raspy voice.

" I love you mom . I love you so much." I cry harder. Our hands are covered in my tears.

"I love you guys more than anything. Don't miss me, please. You guys need to be strong for each other." She whispers, barely audible.

"I love you baby." My dad chokes out. His head is resting on the hand he's holding.

"Everything will be okay. I promise ." My mom whispers. Takes a deep shuddering breath. Then the rhythmic beeps stop and it's just one long loud sound, that announces my mothers death.

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