Nobody Sees, Nobody Knows.

Everyone talks about the ship name, Larry Stylinson right? Well people say it's real, and others say it's fake and will never be real. This story is about Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles and everything they've been through, the rumors, and just their story.


3. whats going on?


 - Eleanor's pov - 

 Louis pulled me in for a hug and he just stared at me. I asked, "what?" and he said I had really pretty eyes, and then suddenly he kissed me. Just like that. I didn't expect him to because I mean we've only kissed when we were told to by Modest! but not by ourselves.. 

 I think I like Louis in a boyfriendy way, but I'm sure he doesn't feel the same way. I don't really have time for a boyfriend anyway, yeah me and Louis are pretending to be a couple and seems like everything works out but in real life we only see each other when we have to. 

 I try to get Louis off my mind and I go and take a shower but Louis is the only thing I can think of and I don't know why. 

 - Louis's pov - 

 Holy shit fuck. What did I just do?! I kissed Eleanor, I didn't mean to I- I don't know anymore. If I tell Harry he'd be so confused and mad. Ugh god. After I kissed her I went straight to the hotel, luckily tomorrow we're going back home for a month so hopefully I can get my mind off of this. 

 When I was driving home I was thinking how impossible it would be for me and Harry to be together. I mean Harry is the only guy I've been "attracted" to, and I'm not even sure if I'm on hundred percent gay. I've had many girlfriends in the past and not once have I been attracted to guys before. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I don't really like Harry like that. Maybe I'm just really confused. 

 I finally got to the hotel, I put a hoodie on and  ran inside. I finally got to my room and knocked on the door I forgot my key yesterday, and then Liam swung the door open. I pushed right him and went to my room. I was suprised to see what was in there. 

 "Harry? What are you doing here?" I said confused. Harry was sitting on my bed. 

 "How was Eleanor's?" He looked up at me with red, puffy eyes. 

 "Harry, are you crying?!" I sat next to him and rubbed his back.

 "I have to go sorry." Harry said and rushed out of the room. 

 I have no idea what that was about but I had to get some sleep. I took a quick shower and changed into some pjs and went to sleep. 


 - Harry's pov - 

 This morning me and Liam went to get us and the boys some bagels and Eleanor's flat is right by there, we drove by as Louis was leaving. I saw Louis kiss her, and I was crushed to be honest. Liam was suprised he did that because he knows they aren't really dating but he doesn't know about me and Louis. 

 After I saw that I just kinda figured Louis isn't interested in me anymore and thats just whatever. Maybe Louis and I are just not meant to be who knows. I raced back to the hotel before Louis, me and Liam went back to his room and gave everyone their bagels. I went into Louis's looking for something that I gave him a while ago but I couldn't find it so I just sat on his bed. Then he came storming in and then I just didn't want to talk to him so I left. He thinks I don't know about him and Ele kissing. I wonder if he'll even tell me. 

 I can't wait to go home and just go clubbing. Meet some girls and have a good time. Oh and I'm not really "gay" Louis is just different... I don't know how to explain it. Louis and I have just this bond that I've never felt with anyone before. We get a long so well, I feel like I've known him all my life but i've only known for 3 years now. 

 Tomorrow I'm leaving at 12 for the airport, all of us are leaving at different times because we don't the airport to be a huge mess of fans. So instead we're all going at different times and hopefully it won't be as crazy. Louis is leaving at 10 (am) I think, Liam's leaving at 2 (pm), Zayn's leaving at 9 (am) and Niall is leaving at 7 (am). I should probably getting packing but I'm not leaving til 12 so I'll do it in the morning. 

 "Hey Zaaayyynn!!" I said as I walked into his room.

 "Hey what's up?" He asked, while on his phone. 

 "Louis kissed Eleanor." I whispered. 

 "Really? How do you feel about that?" He turned to face me. 

 "What do you mean..?" I asked confused. 

 "Listen I know about you and Louis... you guys like each other right?" 

 How the hell did he know about me and Louis?!

 "How'd you know... and I don't know.." 

 "Yesterday you were singing about Louis in the shower, you guys are always together and always flirt with each other.. it's obvious mate, and you don't know?" He explained.

 "Oh.. and yeah. Like me and Louis aren't gay I think.. I've never been into guys before Louis, I don't know what it is but we have this bond that is more than a friendship... but oh my gosh I just don't know how to explain it!" I explained. 

 "I've never heard that before. but maybe you guys are just super close friends?" 

 "Yeah I think so.. but i don't know." I added, "well thanks for talking with me, I'm gonna get in the shower." 

 I left Zayns room and went to take a shower. As I was getting undressed I started thinking. What if me and Louis aren't meant to be...

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