Nobody Sees, Nobody Knows.

Everyone talks about the ship name, Larry Stylinson right? Well people say it's real, and others say it's fake and will never be real. This story is about Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles and everything they've been through, the rumors, and just their story.


4. The Truth


 -Louis's pov- 

 I woke up at midnight and my throat was killing me so I went to get some water. As I was walking into the kitchen I heard Zayn talking in his room to somebody. 

 "No Perrie. We can't tell anybody!" He tried whispering but it was a bit loud. 

 I tried being quiet so he wouldn't hear me, I tip-toed to the fridge to get a bottle of water from the top shelf. I grabbed it quickly and went back into my room. I wonder what's going on with Zayn and Perrie. Well whatever is I'm sure it's not that bad. I wasn't tired at all, so I went on twitter, followed some fans, tweeted them and whatever else. 

 As I was laying down with my phone over my face I got a text from my little sister, Lottie. 

 From: Lottie. 

 'hey lou. are you up?' 

 To: Lottie. 

 'hey and yes i am, what's up?' 

 I wonder why shes texting me this late..

 From: Lottie. 

 'Can I come stay with you? Please? I can't stay with mum anymore, she's too much. She is making me feel so bad about everything and I can't take it.' 

 To: Lottie.

 'oh um yeah I guess so... have you talked to mum about this?' 

 From: Lottie.

 'umm well not exactly... I was hoping you could? pretty please? c:' 

 To: Lottie.

 'ugh fine. i'll call her tomorrow. but im gonna go to bed now. love ya.' 

 From: Lottie.

 'ah yes! thanks louis! love you too!' 


  That was weird and just random. I put my phone away and laid back down and shortly I was asleep. 

 The next morning I woke up to my alarm and I forgot I was supposed to be picking Lottie up. I quickly got dressed and texted Lottie telling her I'm coming over. 

 I finally made it to my old house and the front door was already unlocked. I went in slowly. 

 "Lottie?!" I yelled walking into the kitchen but no one answered. 

 "Mum!?" I yelled again, no answer. 

 I went upstairs to my mum's room and knocked I heard someone yelling so I walked in. Lottie was sitting on the edge of my mum's bed and my mum was practically yelling at her. 

 "Mum? Why are you yelling at her?" I yelled. 

 "Because Louis. She's 14 and she wants to move in with her 22 year old brother, who's in a band! What happens when you go on tour or you have something to do? huh?" She rudely snaps. 

 "She can come, I'll get her tutor if any thing like that comes up. I will watch over her mum, she's my little sister I can take care of her I promise. She'll be just fine." I say. 

 "Lottie go get you're stuff then.." My mum said weakly. Lottie smiled and ran to her room.  

 "I don't understand why she wants to move out so badly Louis.." My mum starts to cry and then hugs me. 

 "I don't either. She's a teenager, they get like this." I rubbed her back and then went downstairs. 

 I was walking into the kitchen when I saw Lottie eating oranges. It's because when she was little she used to hate oranges..

 "Lottie you hate oranges why are you eating them?" I laughed sitting on top of the counter. 

 "I've started liking them I don't know, 3 or 2 years ago. I mean you wouldn't know that because you've had better things to do, like I don't know... tour the world?" She rolled her eyes and walked outside with her suitcases.

 "Well then." I said before hoping off of the counter and following Lottie outside. 

 "Where can I put these?" She stopped in front of my car.

 "The trunk." I unlocked the car and she put her stuff into it. 

 "I'll tell mum we're leaving." Lottie says before running back into the house. 

 I started the car and of course 'Little Things' came on. It was Harry's solo, and I was thinking I haven't talked to him in a bit so I dialed him on my phone.

 'hello?' a raspy deep voice picked up. 

 'hey haz. what's up?' I said. 

 'just sitting around you?' 

 'im at my mums, lottie wants to move in with me.. so we're here getting her stuff.'

 'oh nice'

 'yeah so what are you doing later tonight?' 

 'nothing, why you wanna hang out?'

 'yeah, lets go to the movies with the lads.' 


 'ok bye.' 

 When I hung up Lottie got into the car. 

 "Who were you talking to?" She asked. 

 "Harry. The lads and I are going to a movie tonight." 

 "What about me?" 

 "I guess you can come.." 

 We finally made it to my flat. I was making me and Lottie dinner when I got a very weird text...

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