Nobody Sees, Nobody Knows.

Everyone talks about the ship name, Larry Stylinson right? Well people say it's real, and others say it's fake and will never be real. This story is about Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles and everything they've been through, the rumors, and just their story.


2. I kissed her.


 -Harry pov- 

 I want everyone to know about Louis and I so bad. I think our fans, well some of them would be very supportive. My family for sure would be too, and the guys would for sure be supportive. I just feel like I'm lying to everybody but I know if I tell it could just back fire if I say anything yet. Louis wants to tell too but he can't and neither can I. It's just too soon I guess. 

 After we all ate lunch I went back to my room and took a shower, Zayn was still over at Louis's. So I decided to take a shower. 

 Since I was by myself I sang, loud.

 His name is Louis! 

and I have a dream about him! 

 "Uhh mate.. did you just replace Noelle with Louis?" Zayn popped his head in the bathroom. 

 I just about turned 50 shades of red... 

 "Umm no. You must of heard wrong..?" I tried to play it off.

 Zayn nodded his head and shut the door again. God damn, next time I know not to sing in the shower. I quickly finished and got dressed. 

 -Louis's pov- 

 After I ate, Harry left and then 10 minutes later Zayn left. It was about 2 in the afternoon, I still had a while before I went to get Eleanor. I went to sit next to Niall on the couch. 

 "Wanna watch a movie?" Niall suggested. 

 "Yeah sure, what are we watching?" I asked. 

 "Grown Ups 2!" Niall said excitingly.

 "Oh good I haven't seen this yet!" I laughed.

  Niall played the movie and I kept my phone close to watch the time. 

 - An hour later - 

 It's been about an hour and a half when the movie started, I should start getting ready to pick Eleanor up. 

 "Where are you going?" Niall asked as I got up from the couch. 

 "I have a date with Ele tonight, I have to get ready." 

 I got in my room and looked through the few clothes I brought. I decided to wear my black blazer thing over a white t shirt with black pants and brown shoes. I quickly shot a text to Eleanor to tell her I'm on my way to pick her up. 

 To: Eleanor

 'hey I just left the hotel on my way, see you in a few.'

 From: Eleanor

 'sounds good.' 

 Paul had to walk me to my car because the fans were crazy, but I stopped and took some pictures with them. I quickly got to Eleanors flat. She came out in a hurry and got in. 

 "Hey Lou!" She hugged me from the seat next to mine. 

 "Hey! How are you?" I asked while driving off to the resturaunt. 

 "Good, and you?" 

 "It's been crazy.. but good!" we both laugh. About 10 minutes I parked my car and we walked to the resutruant, and of course there's paparazzi here. 

 We just smile and ignore. We got inside and there already was a table set up for us in the back. We sat down and ordered. 

 "So what have you been up to?"  I asked Eleanor. 

 "Just working on school and modeling, the usual.." she laughs, "how about you? is everything good?" 

 "Uh yeah." I lied. 

 "You're lying, aren't you?" She looked in my eyes. 

 Almost as on que, our food was ready and we got served. 

 "Eleanor, I have a lot going on right now and it's crazy but yes there is something bothering me... I'll you when we're done." 

 "Alright." She agreed. 

 The rest of the meal we just talked about random stuff and then we were to go after we paid. We got in the car and I drove her to her flat. 

 "Lou, wanna come in for a bit?" She smiled. 

 "I'd love to." I smiled back and let her out. We walked to her door and she got her keys out of her black purse and took them out again and locked her door. We walked inside and I was shocked. 

 "Wow Ele. I love it!" I said looking around. 

 "Thanks!" She said putting her purse on her counter. 

 "You know we've been "dating" for almost two years and I've never been inside your flat.." I laughed.

 "Yeah.. pretty wierd.." she began to laugh, "so are you gonna tell me what you were saying earlier?" 

 "Oh yeah... it's nothing big, really, but it just has to do with my family..." I lied again, I didn't know how to tell her about me and Harry..

 "Oh. Well, are you thirsty?" 

 "Sure, what do you have?" I said looking through her fridge.

 "Geez Tommo make yourself at home!" She joked setting down two glasses on the counter. 

 "I already have," I winked, "Oooo, how about some wine?" I raised my eye brows up and down. 

 "Fine.." She laughed and poured some in my glass and hers. 

 "Lets watch a movie." I suggested.

 "Ok what do you wanna watch?" She asked.

 "The 1D movie..." I laughed. 

 "Ok ok, hey! I think I'm in that!" She shouted. 

 "I think I am too.." I sipped some whine before laughing. 

 She put it on and we both it. 

 -2 hours later- 

 "Oh man, it's almost 12 I better get going." I stood up from the couch. 

 "You can sleep over if you want.." She said.

 "Where would I sleep?" I asked.


 "Hmm okay, I'll just text the guys and tell them" 

 To: Hazzzaa<3(: 

 'hey im sleeping over at ele's tonight, i'll be home in the morning maybe.' 

 Hmm that's weird, Harry usually texts back right away..

 Me and Eleanor sat on the couch watched some more tv before falling asleep.

 - Next Morning -

 I woke up with a headache and then I realized Eleanor was holding onto me, we must of fallen asleep like this. I gently got up and tip toed to get my shirt on because it was off for some reason.. then Eleanor woke up. 

 "Hey Lou are you leaving?" She mumbled.

 "Yeah I probably should.." I said. 

 "Okay, I'll walk you out." She stood up and walked over to me. I was getting my things all together. 

 "Thanks for letting me crash here." I smiled as Eleanor opened her front door. 

 "No problem." She smiled back. 

 I brought her in for a hug and I looked her. 

 "What?" She laughed, still with her arms around my neck and my hands on her hips. 

 "You have pretty eyes." I laughed. 

 "There just brown..." 

 "Their still pretty...", I laughed and then I kissed her..  


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