Remember Me?

Lucy met and fell in love with Zayn while at a meet and greet. But what happens when she can't get him out of her mind? Does Zayn even remember her?


7. Six

I lie in bed, thinking about the note Harry gave Alice.

I replay today in my head. Zayn holding me close to him, making me believe he really had feelings for me.

I can't take it any longer.

I have to find out what they meant by "I'm not sure if he'll change his feelings or not."

Already having their numbers, I decide to dial Harry's.

"Yes, love?" Harry's voice comes through the phone.

"Hey, Harry. I just found the note you gave Alice... what did you mean by the note to me on the back?"

I hear him run his hand over his face and sigh.

He says, "Luc. You mean a lot to the boys and I. Zayn has had a few girlfriends... We just don't want him to hurt you."

"I appreciate it, Harry. But, has Zayn said anything? About him not having feelings for me?" I hear worry in my voice as I speak into the phone, and I know Harry hears it too.

"No! Lucy he's head over heels for you! I just don't want that to change in a couple of months... You know?"

"Okay. Thanks Har. Night."

"Goodnight, Lucy. See you tomorrow."

I hang up the phone, and quietly walk back inside the room and to bed.

"Who was that, Luc?" Alice groggily says as she hears me lay down.

"Ermm... Just Harry. I was asking him about Zayn."

She rolls over and goes back to sleep.

I yawn and silently thank Harry for answering the phone.

The next morning, I call Zayn when I wake up.

"Morning, babe. How are you?" He sounds tired.

"I'm good. We just woke up. What did you have in mind for today?"

"Hmmm. How bout you all come over and then we'll drive together to lunch and then you guys come back over for a bit?" He sounds more awake now.

"Sure! We'll be over in about an hour. Okay?" I say excitedly.

"Alright, love. See you then!" He hangs up the phone.

"Alright girls wake up! We're going to Zayn's, and then for lunch." I say to Alice and Jane, who are both still asleep in their beds.

"He's so into you." Jane whispers to me.

I wish I could believe it.

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