Remember Me?

Lucy met and fell in love with Zayn while at a meet and greet. But what happens when she can't get him out of her mind? Does Zayn even remember her?


8. Seven

"Ello darlings!" Harry yells as we enter Zayn's house, all smiles.

Harry and Alice hug, as well as Niall and Jane.

Zayn picks me up and kisses my cheek.

My feelings for this boy... the boy who holds me above the ground while telling me he missed me, are very inconclusive.

"Missed you too Zayn!" I kiss his forehead as he puts me back on the earth.

"Lucy? That you?" I recognize the voice as Louis, and Liam following behind him as they run to us.

"Lou! Liam!" I pull them both into a hug and they kiss either side of my cheeks, I giggle.

"Who are your friends there, Luc?" Liam raises an eyebrow and looks over to Alice and Jane.

"Alice," I say while gesturing towards her. She smiles and waves at him from underneath Harry's arm. "... And that's Jane." I nod my head towards Jane and she says "Nice to finally meet you two."

"You too!" Lou says.

Suddenly, I feel some strange feeling in my stomach as I watch Louis laugh while talking to Harry.

What is this feeling?

Could it be?



It can't be!

Can it?

Gosh, Lucy make up your mind!

"You okay there, Luc? You look a bit sick." Harry looks at me, his face full of concern.

I look up at him and do my best to fake a smile.

"I'm just fine."

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