Remember Me?

Lucy met and fell in love with Zayn while at a meet and greet. But what happens when she can't get him out of her mind? Does Zayn even remember her?


10. Nine

I wonder if Zayn was thinking about me while I was sick.

I know I must've crossed his mind once or twice, but what if there's someone else he likes better?

As I ponder this, I feel my phone buzz in my pocket.

I quickly pull it out and look at the caller I.D.


I answer the phone with a tired, "hello?"

He sounds frantic as he speaks.

"Lucy. I know you're not feeling well, but you have to come over right now. Something has happened. Bring Alice and Jane. Hurry!" 

He hangs up. 

I jump up and run to the hallway. I say into their rooms, "You guys something's happened. Harry just called we have to go now."

They give me a confused look, but they both grab their jackets and phones and we're out the door.



5 minutes later we arrive at Zayn's house.

Harry runs out and I see where he has been crying.

"Harry! What's wrong?" Alice runs to him and he hugs her and holds her tight as he weeps into her shoulder. He looks up at me and whimpers. He says, "Lucy. I'm sorry."

Jane and I exchange a look and we run inside.

A girl, a pretty one, lay on the floor as Niall holds her close. Her face is turned into Niall's torso, so we can't see her face.

She is bleeding from her leg, and I look at Niall as his eyes go from Jane to me. Jane to me. 

All he can say is


I drop to my knees.



My cousin.

My beloved cousin who had come to visit Niall this week, because Niall is her bestfriend.

Jane is very close to Bea as well, and she shakes and starts to sob.

"No! No!" My voice cracks and I look deep into Niall's eyes.

"Niall. What happened to her."

He is crying as well, and he buries his face into her hair.



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