Remember Me?

Lucy met and fell in love with Zayn while at a meet and greet. But what happens when she can't get him out of her mind? Does Zayn even remember her?


6. Five

"Great movie! Jennifer Lawrence nailed it!" Niall exclaims as we walk out of the movie theater.

"Definitely! She killed it!" Jane kisses Niall on the cheek and he giggles.

Didn't know that would escalate so quickly. Jane has never seemed interested in having a boyfriend. But... I can definitely understand why she is now. I mean..have you seen Niall Horan? Phew.

But Zayn is the one for me.


I shake the thought out of my head.

"Something bothering your head there, love?" Zayn giggles as I realize I was LITERALLY shaking my head.


"It was lovely seeing you girls. Lets do it again. Tomorrow?" Harry asks us as he grabs a piece of paper from his pocket and looks up. "Anyone got a pen?" I nod and pull one out of my purse.

He scribbles down some numbers and hands the piece of paper over to Alice. He winks.

Niall knows he should do the same, and Harry whispers to him, "I wrote both our numbers down, silly." He pats Niall on the back.

We all say our goodbyes and thank you's as we part our ways.

Zayn hugs and kisses my forehead. He's a bit taller than me, so it makes it all the more cute.

We drive back to our hotel, our car filled with the sounds of squeals and in-love girls.


Back at the hotel, we change into our pajamas and crawl into our beds.

The slightest sigh or 'awwww' coming from one of our mouths as we lay in bed, going over every memory of the day.

I start to wonder what else the note Harry gave Alice said, so I climb out of my bed when I know the girls are asleep.

I find the note in the pocket of Alice's pants.

It says Harry and Niall's numbers and I put it down.

I then realize there is something written on the back.

It reads-

Tell Lucy to not get her hopes up about Zayn.. I'm not sure if he'll change his feelings or not. We just don't want her to get hurt.


Harry and Niall






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