Is he the one?

Isabella is treated like a piece of dirt at home. One day she decides to run away. Soon she comes to a place where she meets Zayn. They become close and she begins to wonder, is he the one?


3. the beach

Zayn's POV:

The boys and I decided to play rock, paper, scissors to see who was driving. Liam lost so we were going to take his van. The boys, Isabella and I all skipped outside hand in hand laughing.

"You guys are crazy." Isabella said laughing. She had a smile on her face. God her smile is amazing. She had perfect teeth.

"We'll guess what now since your Zayn's girlfriend we're now your brothers!" Niall laughed.

Everybody laughed.

"Wait there isn't enough seats for us to all sit in." Liam said.

Louis looked at me and Izzy and said, "Izzy could sit on Zayn's lap." And gave us a weird pervert look.

Isabella playfully slapped him and laughed. I looked at her and she shrugged. She was still really quite but I know the boys would make her talk more.

We all scrambled into the car and Isabella sat on my lap. We started to sing What Makes You Beautiful and Izzy joined in. She sang quietly but I could hear her. She had an awesome voice.

Izzy's POV:

We got out of Liam's Jeep and Niall, Louis, and Harry immediately ran for the beach screaming while Liam, Zayn, and I grabbed stuff from the Jeep.

Liam opened the trunk and we grabbed stuff. There were boogie boards, sunscreen (for me and Niall), and blow up float toys. Zayn grabbed my hand and we headed down to the beach to meet up with the others.

Louis ran out of the water and grabbed a blow up dolphin float thing. "MARY!!!!!" He screamed and ran away to go blow it up. We all laughed.


Sry I haven't been updating!!!!!! I'm supper busy with school and sports!!!!!!! I hope you like the book so far!!!!

Soon everyone was in the water but me. I was laying a blue beach towel that said Zayn on it, tanning. It felt good to relax and have the hot sun hit my skin. It felt good to lay freely on the beach.

A pity thirty minutes after the boys got in the water a group of boys about 19-20, a bit older than me, came up to me.

"We've got a pretty little lady right here." Said one. He had dirty blonde hair and was a lot taller than me. The second one was the same height but had brown hair. And the third one looked almost the same as the first kid.

"Excuse me?" I said as I lifted up my sunglasses.

"You know we're all single here and you could come home with us." Said one of the boys.

Soon without me knowing the boys were behind me and Zayn said, "She's taken so lay off dude." And shoved the guy. I got up and kicked two in the stomach and the one who was hitting on me, in the balls.

They were gone quickly. The boys laughed as I walked over to them proudly. Zayn gave me a kiss on the cheek and Liam and Niall gave me a hug.

We all got in the water and decided to boogie board. I haven't done it in 6 years so it was difficult at the beginning but then I got the hang of it.

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