Life of a teen

My story, my open diary, for you to read. I trust you.


5. Stupid boys and bad pancakes

29/12- 13  6 pm


The pancakes turned out to be little lumps instead of normal pancakes, but they tasted fine! really! they just tasted a little strange. Lucy is normally super good at making pancakes, but she tried some weird egg replacement thing, and they turned out, very... not pancake ish...


And a boy wrote to me let's call him Lance, and he had to written me for a couple of days, and he wanted to meet me ( little note, i had met him one time when i was kind of drunk) so i turned him down. First he was really sweet about it, but then it seemed he got really pissed, and started to say that there was a reason that he wanted to "get together" as he wrote it. He wrote it like: There is a reason that i wanted us to "get together".   


did he only want sex? i was so confused. And angry and frustrated ... Did he only write that, because i kind of dumped him...? And then he came with something that might be a really bad lie... That someone had said that i was not the kind of person you'd wanna talk to/be with when i was sober. Okay so now i'm a bitch? was my first thought, and then when i asked him about who it was, he avoided the question, and said that he had no idea, he had just heard two people talking about it. And then when i asked him who it was, he still had no idea. Unbelievable. The only person that i had talk to sober was Stacy. Could it be true? That Stacy had trash talked me to someone, that i was a bitch? I asked Lucy if i was bitch and she said that i was the last person that would be a bitch. But it kind of got me thinking. What could i have done? And there was one guy besides Stacy that i had talked to sober let's call him Luke. And he would never do this. Would the two people i never thought could do something like that say that about me? So i said that either he was lying, or else one of my best friends said that. He then got really mad and i get that. Being called a liar is not that great, but i just couldn't believe. it Then he said that it was two guys. And that he wasn't sure that they were joking. Is he trying to make me not like him. 'Cause he is not doing anything good for himself. But he kept saying he didn't know who it was. And i just pretended to believe him. Even though i was almost a 100% sure he was lying. But i hate fighting with people so i just agreed with him. And then he asked me if we still were friends, And i'm so glad he couldn't see my face, and even though i really wanted to say something like: I don't think we should really talk that much again do you? i just went with "sure" and then a thumbs up. Hopefully he won't really text me again, and kind of leave me alone. I know he won't. Is all this to prove that there are guys that are into me? well that would have been great, if it wasn't because, i really don't want anything to do with him, and he live like two-three or four hours away.... 

What if it was Jack who had said those things? But it couldn't be... He almost showed up after Lance left... Could it? Does Jack think i'm a bitch? But he doesn't know me! He had only met me once before, and we were both honestly really drunk. And we had so much fun together! And we drank shots! We were shots buddies. Okay so it's kind of weird kind that to have feelings for someone that i've just met him, but i met him again, and i was sure. He was sweet and perfect. And as this guy who hit on me would describe it: 22 cm of pure evil. Okay that's not hte reason i want him, but i just thought it was funny. 


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