Life of a teen

My story, my open diary, for you to read. I trust you.


7. January 1st


A new year. At last! That's what we all think. Isn't it? We think it's a chance to do every mistake over, to do it right. But there's no second chances in life. I've learned that in my short life. Once we make a mistake, we have to be judged for it forever. We forget, that we're only people. And we so often forget that giving those people who made a mistake the cold shoulder, doesn't make us any better. Of course it's so much easier to just give the people what they deserve, and boy is it tempting! To just let them have a taste of their own medicine. But if we do that, then we're not better. Sure! They could be horrible people. And maybe they'll never learn. But just remember; the choices we make in life, makes us the people we are.

But enough of that!

New year! I held a little party or whatever to call it, and it just didn't turn out as I wanted. The dinner turned out fine and all that, but then people started drinking… shocker! No. But they drank too much, too fast... And then when I started having just a little bit fun, then all the drama began... So today I've made myself two rules of throwing a party;

rule number 1: Don't throw a party. Fact: you can't allow yourself to drink because it's your house and you have to make sure nothing happens. Fact: you have to clean up the day after, and that is intact the last thing you want to do with or without a hangover the day after a party, and even if people say they'll stay and help you, you can bet your ass that they'll leave as soon as possible. Leaving you only with the excuse they said, and a house full of mess. Fact: if something goes wrong, it's your fault. Yup! And people with keep on remembering, that it was at your party that, that thing happen, they won't remember anything else.

Rule 2: if you decide to break rule number 1, or your just going to a party, then make sure that the bigger part is boys. Fact: as much as girls like to deny it, boys don't make drama! Fact: boys don't feel the need to be the center of attention all the time, like girls, don't deny it girls!! And of course I'm not saying that you should cut out girls and of course not friends who are girls, I'm simply saying that being who I am, you can sometimes get a little tired of kind of pointless girl drama... There's always a girl who cries at parties, and it just isn't that festive to spend a party sitting and comforting a crying girl! And boys don't cry at parties. They don't really cry in front of girls, so if a boy cries in front of you, then you're a very special girl for him. I think... Fact: girls grow up, boys don't; girls stay cool at parties and won't allow them self to do anything that can humiliate them selves in front of others, because they wanna stay cool and all that. Especially when they're 12-18.

I realize I haven't written that much about my day, but what can I say? It was pretty much like everyone's January 1st.

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