I Remember

How much will you remember when you're destined to forget?

Maia Wesley woke up one day as a fifteen year old, and the next as eighteen. Well not exactly, but that's how she remembers it.
What will you do if you have been in a coma for three years and wake up to a world that has moved on without you, while you've stayed behind? How will you cope if you're thrust into an adult world when last time you checked you were a teenager? And how will you rebuild your life when you're destined to forget?
After waking up from a three year long coma Maia Wesley is known as 'Miracle Girl', but little does she know that the biggest struggle has not even begun.


6. Museum Artefact

"Linda no!" I heard my dad yell, accompanied by the sound of a door being flung open and heavy footsteps disturbing the peaceful quiet of the room. "She's asleep! She's asleep!"

I was slowly coming back to consciousness as I heard the commotion. It reminded me of the way I had to try and force myself to wake up for school, when it was really too early for any human being to be awake. Despite my brain telling me I should wake up my whole body was practically screaming for me to stay asleep. I was just so tired. 

"No! Maia I'm sorry! Oh god what have I done?" I heard my mum's voice exclaim, still croaky from sleep. Just from hearing the panic in her voice I could see that she had that pained expression she always wore on her face whenever she was worried, without having to look at her. Why is it such a big- oh my god.

I've been in a coma for 3 years that's why!

That horrible realisation was more than enough to finally get my eyes to fly open and for me to fight off the tired haze I had from feeling awfully under slept. The room was filled with the bright, natural light of early morning which was a big contrast from the dim light of before. As my eyes were adjusting to the light I could gradually see more and more of the scene in front of me: my parents stood at the foot of my bed, their eyes wide with panic; the doctor and nurse a couple of steps behind them. Everyone was rushing towards me, but my mother got there first.

"Maia, baby, I'm so sorry!" She said as she leant over me, fussing with my hair and gripping my shoulders. "Oh my god I don't know what I would have done..."

"Thank god you're okay, Maia." My dad said, coming and putting his hand over mine where it rested on top of the covers. "How could you let this happen, Linda?" He said quietly in a cross voice.

"Let's leave that for now, okay, Mr Wesley?" The doctor said quickly.

"You had one job-"

"That is not the priority right now." He said, his eyes flicking to me. 

"I-It's no wonder mum fell asleep too - dad, you didn't see how tired she was." I said, trying any slight attempt to defend my mum. I didn't like the way he spoke to her like that. Mum just stood there, her eyes wide as she looked guiltily at everyone, as if she couldn't believe what she'd let happen.

"Her 'falling asleep' could have cost you another 6 months, Maia!"

"And what's 6 months on 3 years anyway!" I spit back, my voice breaking as I felt the dreaded lump forming in my throat.

"Okay, that's enough, we need everyone to stay calm. We don't want any drama to have a negative effect on Maia's condition; we don't want her stressed." The nurse interjected, giving me a calm smile. "Any more stressed than she is already." She added as an afterthought, the smile leaving her eyes but carefully staying on her face.

"I'm sorry, Linda." My dad said sadly, looking down.

"I'm sorry too." She said back quietly.

"Let's get you some breakfast!" The nurse said cheerily to fill the silence that followed, clapping her hands together. 

* * *

I was sat up in my bed, sipping on my smoothie through a straw. It was about the only thing I was allowed to eat, since my throat was so dry from being unused for years.

The process of sitting up was interesting. Everyone made it sound like such a big deal: "Right, Maia, are you ready to try sitting up really slowly?", "It's a delicate process, we'll need all four of us to have hands on deck.", "Are you okay? Does anything hurt? Don't rush it, we can just start with propping your head up first if you like..." By the end of it I just wanted to scream, "Shut up!". Who knew just sitting up in bed would be so painstaking and require so many people.

After that spectacle was over the doctor and nurse left the room to give us some space and check up on some notes. Apparently they had been assigned to me personally as I was such a "unique case" and required special attention. I didn't mind that really, it would be nice to have familiar faces instead of new people all the time who would always look at me like I was some sort of museum artefact. At least those two had already got past that stage. My parents, on the other hand...

I felt very aware of being watched as I sipped on my drink. Eventually it got too much and I looked up at my parents.

"Stop staring at me!" I said with a smile.

"Sorry." They both said at the same time, and looked at each other. They smiled too.

It turned to silence again as we all ended up looking down at the floor. The only sound was my obnoxiously loud sipping and the regular beep of the heart monitor. I guessed that their thoughts had travelled to the reality of the situation, as mine had. 

"So what's going to happen?" I said hesitantly, knowing they'd know what I meant. They both looked up.

"We're going to help you get your life back." My mum said determinedly, "No amount of setback is going to ruin my little girl's life. Sure it's an awkward time of your life to miss, but I'm gonna go all mama-bear on that coma and get us back to where we were in no time."

I laughed, "Mum you're not making any sense!" She laughed too. 

"Anything's possible, my love." My dad said. "Once we get you walking and out of here we can start piecing your life back together."

"And when's that gonna be?" I said, already itching to get out of this damn uncomfortable bed and have a tiny bit of independence back. 

"Well your doctor, Doctor Johns, said we can start physiotherapy as soon as possible to build muscle back up. He said he pulled some strings and got you a session for tomorrow to start, if you're up for it?"

"Yes!" I said with a squeal. "I'm definitely up for it."

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