kidnapped by the band

when lydiana is kidnapped from her 36 milliojn dollar masion by a mysterious grouuy also known as one direction. her mind is set on hating each and every one but what happens when she falls in love with 4/5 and discovers she can confind in harry as her freind? read 2 find how they live and what happens to her


2. harrys side of te story




well yes im the harry styles and i have a big and little sister. lydiana is my little sister she was born with a hole in her heart.she is the model for victorias secret. two years ago she had been let go free bc they said she was fine then he had a heart failure and miraculasly lived. i didnt visit her once bc i was scared to i knew id cry and she didnt need that around thatr time i was off to the xfacor but when i left she came to see me off to my tour but i did what i knew id do i cryed and she took it rong she ran off screaming profanities at me sine ten i havnt tlked to her shes on practiclly every bilboared in the world and it makes me mad to hear guys in the mall tlking about her and her body.if it wouldnt be for this band id kill them. 




  i know it was short but girls usally do all the deatails guys try to sum it up.


like fav. and i need five bffs for kyd there also models and 1 guy for lyd to be with at irst

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