Trust Issues

Kylie Braun,Daughter of Scooter Braun,former enemy of Justin Bieber.

Tension rises between the two as they set off on a summer vacation to the Bahama's with Justin's friends and recent girlfriend,things don't work out which leaves Justin wondering if his heartbreak was intentional by Kylie or not ,Chaz begins to hit on Kylie but she can sniff out jealousy..and it's coming from the person you wouldn't expect.

But when Justin comes to the conclusion that he likes Kylie,he discoveres a flaw she tends to hide...she has Trust issues,and Justin embarks on a difficult journey to try to gain her trust after all the year's he's put her down and convinced her she was worthless.

Will Justin crumble the walls around Kylie's heart? or will they forever protect her heart from loving Justin.

When two hearts fuse together it's called love...

But when one is broken...

It's called heartbreak...

Original production of Shawtyyymane.


6. Chapter 6


2 day's later~



''Justin that was amazing!'' Amber squealed,running over to Justin and jumping on his lap.


I retained myself from going over there and slapping the shit out of her.


''You sing like a girl.'' I stated,grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge and walking past Justin.


''Fuck you.'' He growled,sticking his leg out so I would trip over.


I stopped smirked and stepped over his foot. ''Nice try ass hole.'' I murmured. ''Oh..-'' I stopped and turned around. ''Please keep the PDA to a minimum,I don't really want to puke up everything I ever eat.'' I hissed before I continued my destination to the couch.



I jumped back onto it and flicked through the channels,settling on spongebob.


I suddenly heard someone scoff from behind me. ''How old are you?'' Justin chuckled bitterly.



''What? spongebob's awesome.'' I hissed,turning back around just in time to see squidward shout at Patrick.


''Your so immature it's not even funny.'' Justin scoffed. 



''Um do you wan't me to remind you of that day when I saw you wearing Donald Duck underpant-''



I suddenly stopped when a orange came hurtling towards me hitting me on the back of the head.



I turned around to see Justin smirking. 



''That fucking hurt!'' 



''Good.'' He stated before he grabbed Ambers hand and dragged her over to the couch,he pulled her onto his lap and slowly caressed her upper thigh. ''Ew no thanks,not in my company.'' I squealed. 


''Well fuck off then,no one told you to stay here.'' 


''I was here first.'' 


''Was not!''




''Guys chill.'' Chaz chuckled,walking in the room with Ryan and Julia behind him.



To be honest I miss Jess,she needs to be here so she can help me talk smack to Justin.


I chuckled out loud just as Chaz sat next to me. 


''What's so funny huh?'' He grinned,tickling my hips.


I squirmed and moved away from him,pouting. ''Stop that.'' I giggled.


Chaz pouted. ''Sowwy.'' 


I bit my lip and looked away.


He looked extremely cute.


''Chaz what the fuck stop flirting with her!'' Justin growled.



Chaz just rolled his eyes and threw a pillow at him. ''You can be a dick know that?'' He barked.


''You're taking her side over mine?'' 



''I never said that,just stop questioning everything she does,just because you hate her doesn't mean you have to watch her every move.'' He shrugged.


I smiled and watched Chaz as he continued to stare at Justin.



''Fuck you Charles,how can you even like her? she's gross and ugly as fuck..if I was her mother I would put a paper bag over her head and make her walk around like that for the rest of her life.'' 


That stung. 


I got up and walked forwards,I slapped Justin hard around the face. ''I can take you  talking about me,but never talk about my mom.'' I hissed,trying to keep in the tears.


Justin just looked me up and down before he turned to Amber and kissed her cheek. 


I stormed out the room and out of Justin's suite.


I don't even know why I was in there in the first place.


Oh yeah..that's right,Ryan and Chaz dragged me in there because they didn't want to leave me on my own tonight. 


Before I could properly slam the door Julia's voice boomed through the room. ''Her mom's dead you complete ass! god..I really didn't understand why Ky hated you but now I fucking know,your nothing but a nasty piece of work,she'll never forgive you for this.'' She hissed.


I shook my head and kept running,I took the key card out my pocket and slid it into our door before It opened. 


''Good,at least then I won't have to hear her nasty ass mouth running shit.'' He growled.


I slammed the door shut and paced the suite,positively fuming. 


Why does he always have to bring my mom into things?


I didn't even realised I was full on sobbing until I heard a loud knock on the door. 


Chaz's POV:


''Good,at least then I won't have to hear her nasty ass mouth running shit.'' Justin growled.


I looked at him for a second,anger rising within me. 


I stood up and walked over to him. 



I pushed him hard in the chest causing him to stand up and protect his 'girl' 


''What the fuck was that for?'' Justin growled. 





Justin clenched his jaw and un clenched it,flipping his hair before he walked forwards. ''Your supposed to be one of my bro's.'' He stated quietly.



''Yeah I am Justin,but you can't keep treating her like this..your not only hurting Kylie but your hurting the people who care for her too.'' I spat. 


''Name one person who would even care about that piece of shit'' Justin chuckled. 


''Me you selfish fucker.'' I hissed before I walked away from him.


Justin's always been my bro but he's taken it too far this time. 


I needed to see if Kylie was okay...


I quickly jogged over towards the girls room and knocked on the door,wanting nothing more then to comfort her. 


The door swung open and I knew it was Kylie before I even looked,I could her small sobs get closer to the door.


Without thinking I walked in and wrapped my arms around her,holding her head into my chest.


''Shh shh,let it all out.'' I whispered soothingly,kissing her forehead once.


''I-I  hate him s-so much.'' She sobbed,gripping my plaid shirt tightly in her small hands.


I know this sounds cheesy but I love comforting Ky when she's sad..I don't like that she's upset in the first place but just getting to hold her and let her feelings she's bottled up come out is nice,she can trust me and I'm grateful for that.


I smiled at that. ''If it makes you feel any and Justin had an argument.'' I chuckled. 


She lifter her head away from my shirt and I caught a glimpse of her gorgeous green eyes. I refrained myself from kissing her there and then and instead just stared at her,waiting for a reply.


''Y-You what?'' She whispered.


''I had an argument with him over you.'' 


''Oh my god C-Chaz,I'm so sorry..this is all my f-fault.'' She sighed,shaking her head irritably.


''No it's not,why do you think that?'' 


''Mine and Justin's fights are affecting you guys's's not fair.'' She whispered.


''Ky...It's not your fault,in no way did Justin have the right to say any of that to you,he's being a complete dick at the moment..and that fucking Amber bitch isn't helping him.'' I simply shrugged.


She nodded her head and pulled away. ''God..I have a fucking headache from all this.'' She chuckled shakily. 


I smiled and walked over to the kitchen. ''I'll make you my special recovery ..platter?'' I chuckled.


Kylie smiled and rolled her eyes before she sat carefully on the couch.



''It's a surprise so close your eyes and don't peak.'' I smirked,running around the kitchen and grabbing stuff to make her feel better. 



''Ugh surprises annoy me.'' She stated. 


I laughed and shook my head.


This girl really is something.


I grabbed a water bottle and put it in the freezer for 30 second's so it would be cold,I got a piece of paper and quickly scribbled down 'get well soon ky ky;p love your chazzy boo xo ps.I hope you like the marshmallows;)' I folded it up and wrote Kylie in swirly letters on the front with a small heart next to it. 


What? I may be a boy but who says swirly writing isn't pretty?



I took the bottle out of the freezer and placed it on the tray,I grabbed a bowl and filled it with sweets,all the kind that Kylie liked.


To be honest they were the ones that stay in the fridge of a hotel and you have to pay for them,I didn't mind paying though.


I kept the marshmallows separate and put them in the corner of the tray,they were arranged into a smiled face,I lastly grabbed a little fake flower from the plant pot by the door and lead that over the note,I smirked in success and slowly walked into the living area and stood in front of Kylie.


I leaned down and kissed her cheek. ''Surprise Ky ky.'' I murmured,making sure I wasn't too loud so her headache would worsen.


She opened her eyes and grinned. ''Oh my god,you even have those ENGLISH CANDIES!! MARRY ME CHAZ.'' She squealed,reaching up and hugging me,I laughed and pulled away.


''Take the tray before I have to get down on my ass and pick up all the candy.'' I laughed. 


She smirked and took the tray before putting the bottle of water on the table next to her.


I sat down next to her and stared at the note,she picked it up and unravelled it.


I fiddled with my hands and she chuckled and looked back down at the tray,clearly she read the p.s and was now looking for the marshmallows,she found them and grinned before she turned to me and pulled me into a hug. 



''I feel so much better already,thanks.'' She giggled,kissing my cheek.


I could feel my cheeks turn red and I looked down at my feet. 



''Awh.'' She giggled,pulling me into a side hug. 


I smiled and she decided to stick in a film as we munched the candy. 




''Open up wide.'' She yelled.


I laughed and opened my mouth,she threw in a marshmallow and I chewed it up.



''Why did we even agree to watch this piece of shit.'' Kylie murmured,clicking the controller  to another movie channel.


''Ah..Titanic..fuck why do I always go to watch this and it's like half way through?!'' She yelled in frustration. 


I found this cute and smiled at her. 


I put my hand in the candy bowl and instantly froze when Kylie obviously did the same,we were both reaching for the same marshmallow,how awkward could things get?


I then realised that god made it appropriate to show the first kiss of Jack and Rose and Kylie looked over to me,biting her pink perfect lips.


I don't know what made me do it and why I suddenly became confident but I found myself slowly leaning forwards.


But it soon made me happy when I realised Kylie was doing the same thing,slowly closing her eyes.


This was so cliché and something you would see in a movie but I didn't care..I was going to kiss her.


I placed my hand on her soft cheeks and moved in,I slowly and subtly kissed her delicate lips and immediately sparks were irrupting in my stomach.


''Kylie I-'' 


I jumped away from Kylie and looked over to where the disturbance was coming from.


Stood at the door was Julia with a knowing smirk on her face. 



''I knew it!'' She squealed. ''Never mind! I just came back to say I'm going out to eat with Ry...but it doesn't matter...don't mind me.'' She squealed,quickly shutting the door. 


I froze and everything was silent,until a huge ''AHHHH OH MY GOD OH MY GOD IM SO SHIPPING CHAZ AND KYLIE RIGHT NOW HOLY SHIT RYAN HUG ME BEFORE I FAINT!'' Julia screamed,evidently running down the hallway.


I chuckled and looked back at Kylie who was smiling,looking down at her feet. 



''You um.....maybe you should go..I'll see you tomorrow?'' She asked,looking up at me showcasing her crimson cheeks.


''Uh,sure okay.'' I smiled,I pulled her into a big hug and let myself out.




























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