Trust Issues

Kylie Braun,Daughter of Scooter Braun,former enemy of Justin Bieber.

Tension rises between the two as they set off on a summer vacation to the Bahama's with Justin's friends and recent girlfriend,things don't work out which leaves Justin wondering if his heartbreak was intentional by Kylie or not ,Chaz begins to hit on Kylie but she can sniff out jealousy..and it's coming from the person you wouldn't expect.

But when Justin comes to the conclusion that he likes Kylie,he discoveres a flaw she tends to hide...she has Trust issues,and Justin embarks on a difficult journey to try to gain her trust after all the year's he's put her down and convinced her she was worthless.

Will Justin crumble the walls around Kylie's heart? or will they forever protect her heart from loving Justin.

When two hearts fuse together it's called love...

But when one is broken...

It's called heartbreak...

Original production of Shawtyyymane.


4. Chapter 4



Never again...never fucking again.


I jumped down the jet stairs and kissed the floor thanking god that I could finally escape Justin and his personal hoe.


''Thank you jesus!'' I screamed,kissing the floor once again.



''Your such a drama queen get the fuck up.'' Justin hissed,pushing me over as he walked past me.



''Fuck you.'' I retorted.



Chaz chuckled and walked over to me before he helped me up I thanked him and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder.



''I'm just as happy to get off that jet as you are,If Ryan didn't swap with Amber god knows what Justin would do.'' 



''Probably get out his purse and hit Ryan with it.'' I chuckled running over to Ry and putting him in a head lock.



''I heard my name.'' He chuckled,pulling me away so he could stand normal as I was quite a bit shorter than him.



''We were talking about how Justin forced you to move because of his hoe.'' 



''You know Ky..she really isn't that bad.'' 



Me and Chaz stopped walking and looked over at him.



Ryan awkwardly chuckled. ''I'm kidding..she's gross.'' 



I sighed in relief and slung my hand over his shoulder. ''I thought you were basically admitting to joining the dark side then.'' I whispered.



''Dark side?'' 



''Yeah Bieber's side.'' I replied,scrunching up my nose at the thought of him.



''Ky...he's my bestfriend,and so are's so awkward and I can't pick sides.'' Ryan chuckled.




''Why do you guys even like Justin..he's a dick to every single girl.'' I hissed.



''He's a dick to you Ky..not every girl.'' 



''That's not true,he's a dick to Amber..I mean I hate that bitch but the way Justin's treating her...he's basically taking advantage of her,it's gross.'' 



''Yeah but that's what Justin's like..he hasn't had a proper girlfriend before who he's loved...he literally dates someone for a month max and then gets bored.'' 



''He's a dick...I swear one day I will film him and put it on twitter for all his beloved fans to see.'' 



''You can't do that Ky,to be honest his fans mean everything to him..I know it doesn't seem it but he would still be living under the poverty line without them...he may not seem grateful but some how we always get on the subject of his beliebers and he goes all cheesy and says shit like 'one day when I quit from music I will spend the rest of my life travelling around the world thanking each and every one of my beliebers for being there for me.' I know that wouldn't happen but that came from his heart..he loves them so much and he's always upset when he hears stories about people bullying them because they like him,he just want's to drop everything and go comfort them,but he cant.'' Chaz shrugged.



''Bieber really said that?'' I asked,completely astonished.



''I know it's hard to believe,but yeah..he did.'' Ryan chuckled.



''Oh cool.'' 



''KYLIE OH MY GOD GURL!'' Someone screamed,I turned around to see Julia running towards me.


I squealed and let go of Chaz before I ran over to her and gave her a massive hug.



Julia's been one of my besties since kindergarten.



''I've missed you so much!'' She squealed,swaying me from side to side.



''You too.'' I chuckled.



There was a moment of silence until she gasped. ''Damn...who's he?'' She whispered.



I turned around to see Ryan staring right back at us.



I never introduced Jess or Julia to Ryan or Chaz,Justin's enough for them...even though I've tried telling them Chaz and Ryan are nothing like him,but they always come up with the same excuse which was''Then why are they best friends?'' be honest,I don't know why they are either.



''That's Ryan Butler,best friends with the douche.'' I murmured.



''Is he single?'' 



''I think so..last time I checked he was..hey,let's go talk to him.'' I chuckled,grabbing her upper arm and dragging her over to him.



''N-no...Kyli-Hey.'' She smiled,realising Ryan was right in front of us.



''And who is this pretty little lady?'' Ryan smirked,grabbing her hand and kissing it.




Woah this isn't Ryan Butler....



''He-hey my names J-J''



''Her name's Julia.'' I chuckled walking over to stand by Chaz.



''Dude what is Ryan doing?'' Chaz cackled,holding his stomach as he watched his best friend flirt like a gentleman.


''I have no idea..but I think it's working,Julia looks like she's head over heals for him already and she hasn't even spoken to him properly.'' I chuckled.



''Kylie...Ky..could you come here a moment please?'' Scooter called,pointing to the sluts leopard print case to put in the bus before looking over at me.



''Be right back Chazzy.'' I murmured,dragging my feet as I slowly walked over to Scooter. ''Yes?'' I sighed.



''Jessica will be joining us In a week,her school has a trip and she gets back around friday,and it will take a day to get here,so roughly she'll be here in a weeks time..Is Julez here?'' He asked.


''Mhm..she's over there flirting with Ry.'' 



He chuckled. ''Okay cool,I'll be off with Pattie okay? we both have interviews to attend,so you guys will have Fredo and Kenny looking after me if you need anything,here 300 dollars if you all decide to go out,buy something nice for Julia.'' He smiled.


I kissed his cheek. ''Thanks old man.'' I cheekily replied before running off.





''Alright losers,me and Amber are watching movies in my room if you want to join us.'' Justin muttered,taking his girlfriends hand and leaving her out the door.



I rolled my eyes and sat back on the bed,it was now me Chaz,Julz and Ryan,Julia and Ryan sat on the floor and me and Chaz lying at the bottom of the bed on our stomachs,we were currently watching a scary movie,eating popcorn and candy as the sun set over the beach.



We were at the well known Atlantis Resort Hotel,and it was around 10 o'clock at night,all day we've just been lounging around,eating and talking and to end a good night a scary movie marathon.



''Please.'' I whined once I saw Ryan place in he 'Poltergeist' ''Nope no..'' I stated. ''Not watching that,look at the cover.'' 



''Ky don't be a pussy.'' Ryan chuckled,putting his arm on the bed and attempting to pat my head.



I bit his finger and he screamed like a girl. ''DON'T DO THAT OH MY FUCKING GAD.'' Ryan breathed. 


Julia started laughing and so did Chaz,Ryan got up off the floor and began to tickle me,I rolled over and ended up rolling off the bed and onto the floor.



Chaz began to laugh even more and he wouldn't stop.



I got up and lunged at him,grabbing a pillow on the way as I attacked his face with it,straddeling him.



''Ooo get it.'' Ryan cheered,high fiving Chaz's hand that was laying palm upwards beside his head.



''Shut up before I attack you too.'' I giggled,leaning over and swatting his head,isntantly regretting it when I realised I was wearing a low cut top and it was easy to see my bra.


''Woah.'' Chaz murmured.



''AND YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY TO CALL MY GIRL A SLUT?'' Justin yelled,walking into the room.



I sat straight up and looked over at Justin. ''It's not what it looks like.'' 



''What? so you totally didn't let Chaz motorboat you then.'' 



''NO! TELL HIM GUYS!''  I yelled,motioning to Ryan and Julia.



''I bet Ryan got a go too.'' He spat bitterly.



''Why do you care anyway?''



''I don't.'' 



''Well then fuck off.''



''Okay,and while I'm at it I'll tell Scooter what you've been doing.'' 



At this point I got up off Chaz and sprinted to the door before pinning him up against the wall.



''You do that and I'll make sure to bust open your lip again.'' I sneered.



''Shut up hoe,your nasty ass ring cut my lip..did you really think you were that strong? '' He cackled.



''I'm warning you Bieber.'' 



''What you gonna do?'' He laughed,clearly not phased.



''Just- ugh..go find your slut? I'm surprised she's not hanging off you right now.'' 



''She's getting a manicure or whatever that shit's called...your as much of a slut as she is,accept she means something to me,you could rot in hell for all I care.'' He hissed.



I pushed him into the wall with all my force before I stormed out of the hotel room



That's it...




















Stay flawless<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3




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