Trust Issues

Kylie Braun,Daughter of Scooter Braun,former enemy of Justin Bieber.

Tension rises between the two as they set off on a summer vacation to the Bahama's with Justin's friends and recent girlfriend,things don't work out which leaves Justin wondering if his heartbreak was intentional by Kylie or not ,Chaz begins to hit on Kylie but she can sniff out jealousy..and it's coming from the person you wouldn't expect.

But when Justin comes to the conclusion that he likes Kylie,he discoveres a flaw she tends to hide...she has Trust issues,and Justin embarks on a difficult journey to try to gain her trust after all the year's he's put her down and convinced her she was worthless.

Will Justin crumble the walls around Kylie's heart? or will they forever protect her heart from loving Justin.

When two hearts fuse together it's called love...

But when one is broken...

It's called heartbreak...

Original production of Shawtyyymane.


31. Chapter 31





The Next Day


Kylie was nervous,having to face her friends after what they assumed they saw last night. She was definitely more nervous to face Justin this morning and his smug little face.

She just knew he would talk about last night and that wasn't something she was comfortable with.


As soon as her eyes adjusted to the early morning sun shining through the blinds,she noticed the grins slowly rising on her two best-friend's faces. 

''Morning sleepy.'' Julia taunted,slapping her arms on her legs. ''Tell us everything that happened last night.'' She persisted,biting her lip and wiggling her eyebrows.

Kylie immediately fell back into her pillows and pulled her blankets over her face. ''Nothinggggg.'' She whined, ''Drop it.'' 

''Oh we will...right after you tell us.'' Jess chimed in. 

Kylie sat up and frowned. ''Y'all gotta believe me when I say nothing...literally nothing happened,he was just kissing my neck and-'' 

''Motorboating you?'' Julia expressed,holding her hands out in front of her and shaking her head vigorously,making a weird noise.

''Fuck off.'' Kylie cried out in disbelief. ''Who do you think I am? I wouldn't do that shit.'' She spat,shooting daggers at both girls. 

''Hey what are you trying to say? Me and Ry have done it.'' Julia shot back. 

Kylie swallowed her disgust and closed her eyes. ''I didn't mean it like that,besides..don't you dare tell me what you and Ryan get up to.''

''You're my bestie.''

''And I've known Ryan a long time,don't tell me that shit.'' Kylie shot back. 

Jess chuckled under her breath as she watched Julia roll her eyes

''All I'm saying is I know what Justin is gotta be careful Ky.'' Jess replied,placing her palm on Kylie's leg.

Kylie nodded hesitantly. ''I know,I know.'' She paused. ''I wouldn't even dream of doing anything with him as of now,for a very long time..I need to trust him.'' 

They all smiled and got up off the bed to get ready,hopping in the shower briefly and slipping into something casual yet cute.

Kylie's POV:

Almost an hour after our conversation,me and the girls made our way into the boys room to hang out,bringing nothing but my bottle of water and my phone,I sat out on their balcony,looking out over the beautiful marine ocean and the bustling tourists below. 

I felt a presence behind me but I just kept staring below,watching the ant-sized people running around by the pools.

I watched out the corner of my eye as Chaz stood a few feet from me,his arms hanging over the metal bars as he stared at me.

''What.'' I replied once his staring became too intense for me to handle.

''Is it true?'' He asked me,his voice small.

I turned to him,my stomach dropping further into my empty shell of a body. ''What are you talking about,Chaz.'' I whispered. 

He swallowed,running his hands through his hair once before gazing out over the horizon. ''That you and Bieber fucked.'' He murmured,biting his lip nervously before he swivelled his body to face me. 

My mouth shot open,my blood ran cold and suddenly I felt like I couldn't move. ''W-Who told you that?'' I shot back,my throat becoming tight as tears pricked in my eyes. 

''Just tell me.'' He murmured,scowling at me like I'm hiding something. 

''Fuck you Chaz,tell me who said that shit.'' I spat,glancing into the room to notice that everyone was listening to us,but someone was missing...


''It doesn't make a difference who fucking told me Ky,did you-or didn't you.'' 

I walked past him,bumping his shoulder before whispering one last thing. ''No,how dare you think I would do something like that,you're supposed to be my friend Chaz.'' 

I walked into the seating area right as Chaz called out. ''I'm also Justin's friend..who the fuck do you expect me to believe.'' 

Justin told him?

Tears suddenly blurred my eye sight and I fumbled over shoes and bean bags to get to the apartment door,but all too soon Justin entered,his face lighting up when he saw me walking towards me,but instantly vanishing when he see's my face.

I changed my route and headed straight to the bathroom,Justin hot on my heels.

''Babe?'' He called out,reaching for my arm. I shrugged him off viciously and ran into the bathroom,slamming the door and locking it before Justin could get in. 


''You're in shit.'' I heard Julia say to him outside the bathroom. 


I turned on the shower so I couldn't hear them talk but it was no help,I could hear every word that escaped from Justin's perfec-lips.


''What the fuck did I do?'' He called back. ''Chaz is telling people you told him that you and Kylie fucked.'' Julia murmured

Justin went quiet.

I accidentally let out a sob,I slapped my hand over my mouth as black streaky tears ran down my red cheeks.

​I was so fucking embarrassed,all my friends..the people I care about the most,think I'm a slut,and to make things worse Justin is telling people false information. 

''Kylie.'' I heard Justin whisper through the crack in the door,his voice sounded fragile and shaky.

I ignored him and turned on the TV in the bathroom,putting it on full blast as the song 'Trust Issues by Drake' blasted through the tiny speakers.

How ironic..

I could faintly hear Justin's shouting from outside,a loud bang vibrated against the bathroom door and I heard one of the girls screaming in the background. 

What the fuck was going on?

''WHAT THE FUCK CHAZ.'' Justin seethed,his voice almost cracking in anger.

More muffled shouting and screams were heard and I just drained all the noise out. 

I tucked my knees under my chin and hid my face,sobbing into my hoodie.

I get dragged into everything,I'm always in drama around Justin. 

I blocked all the noise out and hummed to myself,trying to ignore the thuds and shouting getting louder outside the door.

Not even 5 seconds later I almost jumped out of my skin when something came hurtling towards my cheek,it was a shard of wood. I looked up in shock to see a foot break its way through a hole in the wooden door. I sat there in utter disbelief as I caught sight of Justin's red Supra's breaking big chunks of the door.

I grabbed the Tv remote and turned down the TV right as Justin crouched down and climbed through a big opening in the broken wooden door. I turned my back to him immediately and wiped my tears on the sleeves of my hoodie. 

''Kylie.'' He was so out of breath,and he sounded like he was in pain. 

I tried to push past him and open the door to run out but he spun me around and pinned me up against the door. 

''I didn't-'' He breathed,catching his breath. ''-Tell him that.'' He continued,searching my eyes for any kind of trust. 

It was all gone 

I couldn't even look at him anymore,I tried to slip my arm from out of his tight grip but that only made me realise his cut knuckles and bloody hands. 

I wanted out

I didn't dare raise my head,looking down at the floor I whispered. ''They all think I'm a slut.'' 

He shook his head,sighing loudly,trying desperately to look at me. 

''No they don't baby,I promise one thinks that of you. They know that shit isn't true.'' 

''Then why the fuck did you tell them it was.'' I growled,ripping my arm out of his and pushing him away from me. 

I walked over to the mirror and touched the cut on my cheek,blood was slowly seeping out of it,it hurt so bad.

Justin caught my eyes in the mirror and he walked over slowly. ''Are you bleeding?'' He asked,moving my hair out of my face only to reveal the deep cut to him.

I faced away abruptly. ''No.'' 

Justin turned me around and boxed me in between the counter top and himself,he leaned down and grabbed the back of my legs before pushing me up until my bum was on the counter,he stood in-between my legs and stared up at me. 

I tried to get off but it was impossible,I would have to somehow lift my leg up and then climb over the sink to avoid him. 

He trapped me

He tucked my hair behind my ear and kissed my other cheek. 

''What happened?'' He asked,grazing his fingers lightly over the cut. 

I flinched and moved away.

Something in Justin's eyes changed and he immediately began fumbling in the lower cabinet to find a plaster.

I bit my lip,feeling blood rise to the surface at how nervous and uncomfortable I felt. 

I wanted nothing to do with him at this moment in time,and here he is...trapping me in a bathroom.


Another tear rolled down my cheek and Justin noticed instantly,wiping it away he looked at me with so much hurt. ''Please don't cry.'' 


I couldn't help it,it made me cry harder.

Justin cleared out my cut and placed a plaster over the top,kissing it after before he helped me get down from the counter.

He wrapped his arms around my neck and snuggled his head into me,his stomach muscles were twitching and i felt my shirt becoming wet. 

Was he crying?

''Please hug me back.'' He whimpered.

''I'm sorry.'' I whispered back,taking his arms off from around my neck and staring at them. 

Blood was dripping down from his knuckles. 

Its one thing not accepting his hug and affection but I had to help him clear up his cuts,he did it for me.

I told him to sit down on the toilet and he obeyed,I grabbed rubbing alcohol and some cotton pads and carefully began dabbing at his cuts,he flinched. 

''Damn Chaz fucked up my knuckles.'' He whispered angrily,frowning down at his hands. 

''You hit Chaz?'' I shot,watching his every move.

He lowered his head and nodded. 

I angrily slammed the bottle down and searched for  a bandage,murmuring to myself at how much of an asshole Justin was for hitting his best friend. 

''He started this.'' Justin shouted back,evidently making it clear that he heard me roasting him under my breath. 

''No! You did Justin...why the fuck did you tell him false information? is this all a big fucking joke to you?'' I growled,throwing things around in the cabinet for every second that past with no luck of me finding the bandages.

''I didn't tell him shit Kylie,but once again you believe that asshole over me..its like you like him or something? do you valid his opinions and thoughts more than mine?'' 

I laughed. ''Boys get it so fucking easy.'' I seethed. Grabbing the bandages and standing back up. ''Girls are the ones that have to sit there and get judged on these things but boys sit back and brag about it,earning praise from their friends,you have no fucking idea what it's like.'' 


Justin rolled his eyes and clenched his jaw. ''I didn't tell him anything,but once again you decide to believe him before you even ask me if I said anything..its clear you fucking like him.''


''If I fucking liked him why would I be in here right now with you,bandaging your cut knuckles and helping you out,why would I care so much about what they think? Why do I spend so much time thinking about you?'' I hissed,shaking my head as I cut off some bandage and walked back over to Justin,but he beat me to it,standing up he grabbed my hoodie strings and pulled me towards him,and as soon as our bodies collided,our lips did too. 


After a few seconds Justin pulled away and curled his fingers around my hoodie strings,anchoring me closer to him. 

''I promise you,Kylie Braun..I didn't tell Chaz anything..I just told him we kissed.'' He paused. ''I like you,Im not stupid enough to ruin things with you over something like that..I'm not that much of an asshole am I?'' He asked,pouting his lip as he grabbed my hands and squeezed them.

I cracked a smile at how cute he looked,I looked away,trying to hide the fact that I cracked.


''Don't you dare hide that beautiful smile I've fallen in-love with.'' He whispered,taking his hand out of mine and placing it on my cheek,getting me to face him. 

I got on my tiptoes and kissed his bottom lip,instantly feeling Justin try to kiss back,but I pulled away too fast.

''You will be the death of me Kylie.'' Justin chuckled,looking down at his knuckles shaking his head. 

I used the bandage to wrap it up and then I let is hand fall to his side. 

''No matter how many times we fight,you gotta know I do it out of love,I almost broke my damn knuckles over you.'' He chuckled.

''Oi don't make me feel bad,you know how much I hate you and your best friends fighting..if I knew y'all were throwing punches I would of stopped it.'' 

''That is one of the many reasons why I like you.'' Justin grinned,kissing my cheek.

''I like you too.''


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