Trust Issues

Kylie Braun,Daughter of Scooter Braun,former enemy of Justin Bieber.

Tension rises between the two as they set off on a summer vacation to the Bahama's with Justin's friends and recent girlfriend,things don't work out which leaves Justin wondering if his heartbreak was intentional by Kylie or not ,Chaz begins to hit on Kylie but she can sniff out jealousy..and it's coming from the person you wouldn't expect.

But when Justin comes to the conclusion that he likes Kylie,he discoveres a flaw she tends to hide...she has Trust issues,and Justin embarks on a difficult journey to try to gain her trust after all the year's he's put her down and convinced her she was worthless.

Will Justin crumble the walls around Kylie's heart? or will they forever protect her heart from loving Justin.

When two hearts fuse together it's called love...

But when one is broken...

It's called heartbreak...

Original production of Shawtyyymane.


3. Chapter 3



''Alright..get up.'' Someone huffed,ripping my blankets off me.



My eyes shot open and I instantly brought the blanktet back up as I was only sleeping in my bra and thong.



''Ew what the fuck did I just see'' Justin hissed,covering his eyes and walking away from me.



''Something you'll never see again.'' I spat back,I quickly slipped on my pj bottoms and a tank before throwing a pillow at him causing him to walk straight into a door. 



I chuckled and grabbed my phone quickly taking a photo of him before posting it on instagram with the caption as 'he just walked into a door,made my whole life...hope it hurt asshole:)'



Within seconds I was getting angry hate comments from his fans.






'why would you fucking say that? god your a bitch Kylie..and no wonder you tweet shit that Scooter doesn't like you...your a fuck up and he'd much rather spend time with Justin..cause he's getting somewhere in life and your a sad little bitch with no future,with or without a famous dad.'



'fuck you,I hope Justin hits you hard'



'Why are you even in his presence? your not worthy of even a glance from him,dirty little bitch'



'lol sorry but your so stuck up and bitchy' 



'insult my idol? I'll insult you bitch'



'yeah you know what made my life Kylie? finding out your mom died...haha' 



That one hurt..



Before I could even comprehend what was going on I felt a tear drop onto the screen of my phone,I shook my head and put my phone on the bed before I walked into the bathroom and locked the door. 



''WHAT THE FUCK'S YOUR PROBLEM? YOU'RE NOT THE ONE WHO WALKED INTO A FUCKING DOOR.'' Justin barked,kicking the bathroom door. 



''Go away.'' I yelled,trying to steady my voice. 



''Who pissed in your cereal this morning.'' He asked,rattling the doorknob. 



I opened the door and walked out,wiping my tears before I sat at the end of my bed. ''Your fucking fans.'' I hissed,grabbing my phone and shoving it in his face. 




I watched Justin's expression change as he looked at the comments on my photo,he sighed...looking down at me.



'' fans will say mean stuff to people who hate on me.'' He replied,walking over to the mirror and fixing his hair. 



''Mean? you call this mean? Justin this- you know what? I'VE NEVER SAID THIS TO YOU BECAUSE I HAD NO REASON,BUT NOW I DO...I HATE YOUR FANS..I HATE THEM SO FUCKING MUCH,THERE ALL BITCHES AND I HATE THEM.'' I hissed wiping my tears as I got up and began to walk out the room. 



Justin grabbed my wrist and swivelled me around before dropping my hand. 



''Don't call my girls bitches...they haven't done anything wrong.'' Justin growled.







Justin merely stood there,staring at me. 



''My mom meant everything to me Justin..she was my bestfriend,If it meant my mom being here now I would take her place in that car in a heart beat,this world is so fucking unfair and you don't help at all...every day I get hate comments from your fucking fans saying I better stay away from you,but they think I love you...they think I'm trying to steal you away from them,I'd rather kill myself then associate myself with you,your nothing to me..I fucking hate you,you've turned my own dad against me and now I have no one,I hate you so much Justin.'' I cried,walking straight out the room.



Justin's POV:


I took a seat at the end of her bed and stared at the floor,I can't believe what Kylie just said to hurt..but that was nothing compared to the disappointment I felt in my fans..I love them to pieces but that was out of order,I hate Kylie so much it makes me sick but I'd never wish death upon her or any family members, life wouldn't be much fun if I had no one to annoy 24/7.





Kylie's POV:



''Where's Jess?'' I asked,looking around for my best friend. ''And Julia?''  My other close friend.



''There meeting us in the Bahama's..there's not enough room for all of us in the jet.'' Kenny sighed,placing a hand on my shoulder.



Kenny's the type of guy to know when something up even when you tell him you're okay,he's been trying to snap me to tell him what's wrong,but I just can't tell him...No one's seen me cry since my mom's funeral..I refuse to break,and now Justin's seen me..when he would be the last person I would break to.



'' gotta tell me,come on...were friends right?'' Kenny urged,looking down at me as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder.



''Of course Kenny,it's just...I can't,I'm sorry.'' I replied,putting on a fake pout before bursting out laughing as Kenny tried to copy me and ended looking like a loser.



''Alright..get on the jet.'' He chuckled,pushing me forwards as I continued to laugh at him.



I entered the jet and found a nice quiet spot next to the port window,there was only one more seat next to me which hopefully means Justin wouldn't sit here to piss me off.



I plugged in one of my earphones and looked out the window,instantly noticing Scooter stood in the middle of the runway on his phone. 


I rolled my eyes and looked away.



He's always on that god damn phone..I'm going to silently pray that this holiday it miraculously disappears and sinks to the bottom of the ocean.


I chuckled and logged into instagram,I took a picture of the port window and wrote out a caption 'going on vacay:p' and posted it,getting more than 200 likes in 30 seconds.



''For fuck sake.'' Justin muttered,walking past my row and scanning the seats in front,but to his luck,there were no spare seats.


I growled and faced the window when Justin glanced at me.



I heard him sigh before he sat down in the chair next to me. ''Is it okay if I sit here?'' He asked.



Since when did Justin Bieber ask for permission?



''Well it's the only space left on this jet so..I guess.'' I muttered,keeping my attention on the passing clouds below us.



Justin sighed and sat down before he began to play subway surf on his phone.



''Look...about earlier.-''



''Nothing happened,You didn't see me cry...You never came into my room alright?'' I hissed.



''What's your problem?'' Justin asked,frowning at me.



''You,you're my problem Justin.'' I growled.



''You know what? fuck you..I was just about to say something..but forget will forever be a fat bitch to me.'' Justin hissed,getting up from his seat and walking out the cabin.



I sighed and shook my head,he's not ruining this vacation for me.



A few moments passed and I felt a presence next to me,I turned my head and saw Chaz,I smiled at him and turned back around. ''Hey Chaz.'' I replied.



''Hey..I um..Is it okay to sit here?'' He asked.



''Of course.'' I chuckled,unplugging my headphones and turning to face him .''I like you and's just..I don't see how you can cope with your douchebag best friend.'' 



''I don't know either.'' Chaz chuckled. ''He literally dragged me off my seat and onto the floor because I didn't want to swap with him.'' 



''Oh that's nice to know what you don't wanna sit next to me.'' I joked,pretending to be hurt and looking out the port window.



''No! no it's not's just I was in the middle of an important conversation with Ryan and Justin literally yanked my jacket he didn't even say anything.'' 



''What was the conversation about?'' I asked.



''Our crushes.'' Ryan yelled from the back of the jet.



I chuckled and looked over at Chaz to see him leaning over the chair looking at Ryan with an alerted look.



''Who's your crush then?'' I asked,instantly catching Chaz's attention.



''Uh...a girl.'' Chaz replied.



''Sherlock.'' I laughed,slapping his shoulder playfully which earned a nervous gulp from him. 



''Ryan who's his crush?'' I called,making sure Pattie and the other family members couldn't hear.



''Sorry Ky,I can't break the boy code.'' Ryan shrugged,winking at Chaz cheekily.



Chaz had pink cheeks by now and he wouldn't look at me. 



''Chaaaaz.'' I tourmented,tugging on his jacket.



''Mhm.'' He replied,glancing at me. 



''I won't tell anyone.'' I giggled.



''I might tell you some other time Ky...people are listening and I don't feel comfortable.'' He murmured,directing his gaze at a staring Justin a few rows back.



''Mind your own business fuck face!'' I yelled at Justin.



''You too you little whore.'' He yelled back.



''ENOUGH YOU TWO.'' Scooter added.



''Why did you even invite this ungrateful bitch here? you told me it was a little vacation for me Ry,Chaz and Bambi.'' Justin whined. 



''Who the fuck's Bambi.'' I chuckled,sitting up in my chair and looking over at Justin.



''My girlfriend.'' Justin replied sarcastically.



''Called Bambi?'' I asked,trying to keep in my laughter.



''No she's called Ambe- wait why am I even explaining myself to you.'' He spat.



''Is this girl blind and stupid or something?'' I asked.



''No why.'' He muttered.



''Because she obviously doesn't have eyes and a brain if she actually agreed to date you.'' I laughed.



''Shut up,Mrs.Forever alone.'' Justin spat back. 



''Um shut up..I'm in a serious relationship at the moment actually.'' I replied.



''With who?'' 



''My fridge.'' I replied,turning back around and closing my eyes.



''Not even a fridge would date you.'' 



''Thats not true.'' Chaz muttered,causing a shocked expression to overcome my face.



''What was that Somers?'' Justin asked.



''If I was a fridge I would date Ky...and- wait that sounds weird...I would date Ky anyway.'' Chaz chuckled,keeping his gaze off me.



''Dude...ew.'' Justin cringed.



''Shut up asshole.'' I hissed.



''Make me you little whore.'' 



''Justin that's enough.'' Pattie stated firmly.



''She started it!''



''Yes,and I'm finishing it,now shut up and go to sleep or something,just stop're giving me and Amber a headache.'' 



I froze, Bam-Amber on..shit.



I turned around and looked over the isles to see Pattie talking to a young blonde dressed in a small denim skirt and a tight tank top.Her hair was pin straight and hung way below her hips,she was naturally pretty...but under all the make up it would be hard to tell.



I quickly swivvled around when I saw her glare at me in an evil way,I chuckled and looked over at Chaz.



''You should of told me that she was on here...shit Chaz.'' I giggled,covering my mouth as Chaz's nostrils began to flare from how hard he was laughing.



''I-shit I'm sorry..I didn't know...that girl has a habit of popping up when she's most certainly not wanted,one day she popped up when me and Ry were waiting for Justin to get out the shower,and she literally just strolled into his bathroom and locked the door before zips and shit were heard,lets just say me and Ry had to leave because of the constant moaning coming from there,and they were at it for like 2 hours,after Justin came into our room and his hands were shrivveled up like a being me,well..I couldn't stop laughing and we nearly got kicked out because of the compaints from the people above,beside and under was so funny.'' Chaz chuckled,shaking his head.



'' he's like...sexually active with that slut?'' 



''Mhm..'' Chaz replied,scrunching up his nose.



''how long have they been dating.'' 



''Just over 3 weeks I think.'' 



''Ew what the about desperate.'' 



''Not really...Justin's ex managed to give into his seduction after 1 and a half weeks..but all he seems to do is pick up the easy dirty hoes...I love him and everything but its gross and he deserves better.'' 



''More like the girl deserves better.'' I chuckled.



''Why do you hate eachother so much?'' 



''We have a past...long story.'' 



''I've got time.'' He smiled.



I looked up into his gorgeous eyes and smiled,instantly giving in.



''Well he's always been centre of attention ever since my dad found the fucker on youtube..he practically stalks him and now that he's signed and shit, dad's been paying his attention on him,and when I'm upset or ask to do something with dad he always say I'm busy with bieber...or he says he cant and gives me money and its like I'd rather be poor and have a loving father who has time for me than a rich little snob who gets no time with family,and today he did something disgusting which has literally pushed his limits.'' I murmured.



''What did he do.'' 



''He defended his beliebers after one of them basically said they were glad my mom died and it was the best day of their life,Justin just told me they were sticking up for him.'' 



Chaz pulled me into his embrace and I leaned my head on his shoulder. ''Damn..that's tough...if I was in Justin's shoes and I hated you so much to the point that I find it fun to annoy you then I would definately draw a line there...thats too much and that girl should be punished,or publically embarrased by Justin...thats disgusting,I'm sorry.'' Chaz replied,resting his head on mine. 



''Thanks Chaz.'' I smiled,leaning up and pecking his cheek.



Chaz began to blush again and I giggled. ''Stop blushing.'' 



''Pfft,me? blush? I don't think so.'' He grinned.



''I think so.'' 



''Wanna bet?'' 



''Mhm..come at  me Somers.'' I giggled,but soon regretted it when Chaz digged his fingers into my hips and began tickling me,I began to squirm and cry for help and Chaz merely grinned and continued.



''Can you guys keep it PG at the front please..I don't want another Kylie fucking up the place in 9 months thanks..'' Justin spat,walking past our row and swatting Chaz's head.



''Shut up Justin,go back to your personal whore.'' I spat.



''Unlike you..Amber isn't a whore..she's beautiful and fortunate to have the whole package..unlike some people in this jet...aka miss flat chested who was chilling in her underwear this morning..why do you even wear a bra? you have nothing to fill them with.'' He chuckled,walking past us shaking his head.



''Just because your hoe has like double f's.'' I yelled.



''Yeh...more to play with,you'd have to use a magnifying glass and some clippers to even see yours hoe.'' Justin replied,sitting back in his chair and downing his water.



''Fuck you Bieber.'' I hissed.



'' Amber for that.'' Justin smirked,glancing at his beloved slut of a girlfriend. 



''Justy.'' She fake gasped before giggling.



''Justin!'' Pattie scolded,leaning over and slapping his shoulder.



Justin chuckled and faced Ryan as the fist bumped.



''Vile..Vile creature,Pattie?'' I asked turning around. 



''Yes sweetie?'' 






''For what?'' She chuckled. 



''For your misfortune of having such a disrespectful and disgusting son..I feel your pain.'' I smiled sarcastically at Justin before turning back around to see Chaz chucking. 



''Least I can actually get some!'' He yelled back.



''Mhm...from a girl who looks like a Sloth in a wig.'' 



Ooops,that kinda slipped out.



''Kylie thats no way to describe you,stop being so harsh to yourself.'' Justin replied. 




''Fuck you.'' 



''Like I said...that's Ambers job.'' 



I just rolled my eyes and turned around. 



This is gonna be a long vacation...






this took me ages to do and I'm sorry its quite long but i didn't know where to end it so I kept writing and this is the outcome haha...hope you liked this chapter,give me feedback:p










kik me: Shawtyyymane_


Twitter: @13iebur


Instagram: Shawtyyymane_



I love you all:0


Stay flawless<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3


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