Trust Issues

Kylie Braun,Daughter of Scooter Braun,former enemy of Justin Bieber.

Tension rises between the two as they set off on a summer vacation to the Bahama's with Justin's friends and recent girlfriend,things don't work out which leaves Justin wondering if his heartbreak was intentional by Kylie or not ,Chaz begins to hit on Kylie but she can sniff out jealousy..and it's coming from the person you wouldn't expect.

But when Justin comes to the conclusion that he likes Kylie,he discoveres a flaw she tends to hide...she has Trust issues,and Justin embarks on a difficult journey to try to gain her trust after all the year's he's put her down and convinced her she was worthless.

Will Justin crumble the walls around Kylie's heart? or will they forever protect her heart from loving Justin.

When two hearts fuse together it's called love...

But when one is broken...

It's called heartbreak...

Original production of Shawtyyymane.


26. Chapter 26

Song of the Chapter: Happiness- Alexis Jordan (AN//yo i used to be obsessed with her when I was 10,honestly I dressed up for her for a school thing smh what was I like)


Justin's POV:

I tossed and turned the whole night,thinking about the kiss.

Was it wrong of me to do that? Do I really like her?

I sighed and shut my eyes,it was 6am according to the iPhone doc on the chest of draws across from me in the hotel room. 

It was clear I couldn't get back to sleep as too much was on my mind,I should just get up and start my day extra early. 

Nothing but thoughts of Kylie and her words ran through my mind all night after I came back to my room and I felt so sorry for the poor girl. 

I had treated her like shit,but in all fairness she wasn't all that nice to me either. 

I yawned and absentmindedly sat up,glancing at my lock screen on my phone. I had a missed call from an unknown number which sort of bothered me as I couldn't call back. 

Chaz had texted me at 3:56am saying he was with Kylie by the pool talking,he ran into her on the way back from taking Jess down to the beach to go on a walk. 

 I rolled my eyes. Chaz was always involved in Kylie's business and although he may have Jess now,I knew deep down he still liked Kylie more than friends. 

I always felt a little jealous of their relationship even though I don't like to admit it. They were close and I was certain they would date.

I'm just glad Chaz instantly grew attracted to Jess when she came here. I would literally slit my throat if Kylie and Chaz dated and I had to see them kiss.

Green-eyed monster. 

''I am not jealous.'' I muttered. 

Just because you wanted your lips on Kylie's. 

''They already have.'' I mumbled,climbing out of bed and walking over to the balcony door. I opened up the curtains and let the door fly open instantly enveloping the room in a cool breeze. I walked out onto the balcony and leaned over the rail,looking down at everyone walking around,minding their own business. 

My phone suddenly dinged and I looked down to see who it was. 

'Bitch Face


I chuckled at the name Kylie was saved as on my phone and I unlocked my phone,instantly going to change it. 

I settled with 'Ky' and went to read her message. 


We need to talk' 

I frowned slightly and thumbed out a reply. 


'To: Ky

You can't sleep either?

sure go ahead.' 


Her reply was instant and it almost made me jump as my phone ringed.

'From: Ky

In person..' 

I bit my lip and decided to call her quickly,it was easier,plus I'm super lazy. 


After three rings she picked up and she sighed down the phone. ''Yes?'' She asked bitterly. I was confused..I thought we were okay now,she seemed pissed at me. ''Uh..You want to talk in person,you wanna meet in half an hour?'' I whispered,my voice had somehow disappeared from my mouth. ''Sure,meet me in the lobby.'' She murmured before hanging up. 

Okay..there is obviously something wrong with her,and I was going to find out. 



After my shower I blowdried my hair and after five minutes it rested in its normal perfect position, I grinned in the mirror and checked out my abs which were forming slowly. I adjusted my dog tag and found a plain white shirt from the closet. I pulled my black skinny jeans down slightly so my Calvin Klein boxers could show a little,I tightened my belt and let the white shirt hang well over my boxers. I found my red Supra's and stuffed them on before pairing it with my red ice watch and a red snapback. 

I put on some cologne and brushed my teeth once again before grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge. 


Ryan was sprawled out on the couch in his boxers snoring slightly. I chuckled and threw a pillow at him,he didn't even stir. 


I walked out the hotel door and shut it promptly,making my way over to the stairs in order to make my way down to the lobby. 



I had just entered the lobby and was looking around for Kylie when I noticed Jacob walk past me abruptly and speed walk over to the corner of the lobby. 

I watched him closely with narrow eyes as he walked up to a brunette girl from behind and pulled her around. 


My eyes grew wide as I realised it was Kylie and I instantly began to jog over,but a stupid girl walked out in front of me and spilled her blueberry smoothie all over shirt. I growled once she realised who I was,I pushed her aside once she started to frantically apologise. ''It's nothing,its okay.'' I stated,sending her a fake smile before I stormed off in the direction of Jacob. 


My steps were rapidly increasing as I realised how frantic Kylie looked,and how angry Jacob looked. 

''Kylie! I swear to you! It's not true. You have to believe me.'' Jacob growled,grabbing her wrist and walking closer to her. 

I finally reached them and shoved him away. ''Don't you dare fucking touch her.'' I hissed,standing in front of Kylie protectively. 

''Fuck outta here Bieber...We all know Kylie likes me.'' He stated,narrowing his eyes at me before lunging towards Kylie trying to grab her hand. 

I moved in the way and shoved him again. ''Back the fuck off.'' I seethed. ''Kylie want's nothing to do with your disgusting ass anymore. Leave her alone before I give you another black eye.'' I growled. 

Jacob rolled his eyes. ''I'm not scared of you..besides,I was just explaining to Kylie that I don't have a girlfriend...but she won't believe me.'' He yawned. 

I shook my head. ''You're unbelievable! Kylie heard and saw you with her own fucking eyes! Your girlfriend's best friend ratted you out,looks like she's a huge fan..which means she easily spilled the lies you constantly told. Goodluck trying to hit on girls on this island now..because I'll make sure to tell every single one of them-.'' I stepped forwards and shoved him. ''How much of a-'' Another shove. ''Lying.'' Shove. ''Unloyal.'' Shove. ''Son of a bitch you are.'' 

''I have the right mind to break your fucking legs.'' He growled,squaring up to me as I heard Kylie let out a whimper behind me. 


I turned around to see if Kylie was okay just as a huge blow to my jaw rippled through my face. I turned back around in shock and punched I'm straight back,ten times harder. 


Suddenly I felt small hands wrap around my shoulders and pull me back,I ripped apart from them and went to hit Jacob again but suddenly he got shoved to the floor. 

I stood there in shock as Kylie kicked him straight in the ribs.

''Don't you dare touch him!'' She screamed at him,kicking him again as he moaned in pain. 


I was speechless,but I had to pull her away,I didn't want to get her in trouble. 

I rushed forwards and pulled her to the side for a second and made her look at me through her watery eyes. ''Kylie,you need stop hitting him,I don't want you in trouble.'' I whispered,brushing her hair out of her eyes. 

She was sobbing now and she moved me out of the way and jogged off towards the beach. 

I spat on Jacob. ''Leave my girl alone you piece of shit.'' I threatened. ''You won't know whats coming if you even try to speak to her again.'' 

And with that I rushed off in the direction of where Kylie ran off to. 



I doubled over and took in several deep breaths to regain my breath.

For the past 15 minutes I had been running around the resort trying to find Kylie. 

I was half way down the beach when a huge stitch passed over my body. The tide was high here and I didn't want to ruin my outfit so I went into the small cave further up the island hidden in the rocks. But to my surprise I wasn't the only person in here. 

''Kylie.'' I breathed,sitting on the rock next to her. 

She was just staring at the cave floor,tears falling down her cheeks every now and again. 

So much adrenaline was pumping through my body that I hadn't even realised that Jacob had cut my jaw and a slight portion of my cheek open. 

I watched as crimson liquid filled the cracks in my hand as I held it to my neck in shock. 

I sat down on the rock and took off my shirt,holding it up to my cheek and jaw as quickly a huge red patch seeped into my shirt. ''This can't be fucking happening.'' I growled. 

Kylie's eyes shot up and eventually met mine. 

We stayed silent for a few minutes,just listening to the waves crash against the rocks near-by. 


''Are you okay?'' She whispered quietly,her eyes not meeting mine. 


I shook my head. ''The real question here is are you okay?'' 


She shook her head,and much like last night in the closet,Kylie broke down,letting her tears flow as she sobbed into her hands. 

I sat closer and pulled her into my side,rubbing her back as she cried into me. ''Let it all out Ky.'' I murmured,throwing my shirt onto the floor and hugging her properly. 


''I'm so sorry,Justin.'' She cried,pulling away and looking up at me with sad eyes. ''I'm so sorry.'' 


I frowned. ''For what? You haven't done anything wrong?'' I reminded her,wiping her tears away. 

''I have Justin...I-I can't do this.'' She stated,getting up and walking towards the entrance of the cave. 

''Woah..woah!'' I called out,jumping up and catching her wrist before she had a chance to run off. ''You can't do what?'' I asked,searching desperately in her eyes  for an answer. 

''I can't do this! Justin-'' She pointed at me and her. ''I can't do it!'' She yelled,a fresh batch of tears cascading down her rosey cheeks. 

I let go of her wrist. ''Is this what you wanted to talk about?'' I whispered,my voice straining in my throat. 

She sighed and walked back over to the rock,hiding her face in her hands. ''Why did you kiss me,Justin?'' She asked,taking her hands away from her face and staring at me. 

I sighed and sat down next to her,draping my arms over my knees before taking a long glance at the beautiful girl who sat before me. ''I know you might be thinking it was out of pity but-'' 

''It was out of pity,you only kissed me because you felt sorry for me.'' She spat,staring at the floor in front of her. 

''Kylie stop talki-'' 

''No! Why would you just kiss someone out of pity? thats disgusting Justin..'' She laughed bitterly. ''For a split second I thought you actually cared.'' 


''But what do I know huh? I'm just a dilllusional little girl.'' 


''Just stop Justin..I get felt bad for m-''

Before she could even finished I leaned over and brought my finger under her chin,making her look at me. ''If I felt bad for you would I do this?'' 

I closed my eyes and gently placed my lips on hers,moving my hands to her cheeks as I smiled slightly. 

I pulled away but stayed close to her. I waited for her reply but it never came. 

She just blankly stared at me. ''What is wrong with me.'' She whispered,shaking her head as she looked me straight in the eyes. ''Why do I always find myself kissing you back?'' She stated,a confused look plastered on her face. 

I smiled at how cute she was being. ''I don't know Kylie..why do you?'' I chuckled,kissing her cheek. 

She looked up at me again and frowned. ''But..this can't happen.'' She murmured. 


''We..we can't happen,Justin. This is a train wreck waiting to happen,we are the complete opposite and were supposed to hate each other..not catch feelings.'' She cried out frustratingly. ''You give me mixed emotions and I can't deal with that shit.'' She growled. ''I mean,its not like you even like're just a hormonal boy who can't keep his dick in his pants.'' She stated. 


I sighed and grabbed her shaking hands. ''Kylie..I know your opinion on me probably won't change for a while and you may just see me as a player who has multiple girlfriends only to get in their pants and then ditch them a week later,but I have feelings too..and I'm not like that anymore.'' 


She chuckled bitterly. ''So what? over the space of two days you've become all lovey-dovey and you care about girls feelings? a couple of days ago I recall you specifically calling Amber to come over to your hotel room just so you guys could do the dirty.'' She hissed. ''You're just like Jacob.'' 


''Thats where your wrong.'' I stated. ''I am nothing like that dick head..I may have used the girls from the past that I've dated but they used me for my money.And if you must know,Amber was cheating on me this whole time with a boy back in our home town,I found out when she left her phone unlocked and a message came through from some dude..and he wished her a happy 9 you know how angry and upset that makes me? the only time I really like a girl and she fucks me over..thats why the past month I've stayed with her for no reason...and I used her..I wanted to let my emotions out and I guess having sex with her was how I coped,call me a douche or whatever but I would never cheat on a girl.'' I shook my head and looked down at my shoes. ''I know i've been an ass to you Kylie..but I hope you know that it was a way of me taking out my emotions..I know its not hell! I hate myself because of it. But you have to understand that all of that is in the past now and I will do anything I can to make it up to you.'' I whispered,taking her hand in mine and rubbing circles over it as one last tear slid down her face. 

''I don't want you to cry over me anymore..please don't cry over me,I'm so so sorry for everything I've put you through. You are gorgeous and I don't know why it took me so long to realise how great you are.'' I whispered,pulling her into a hug. 

''Justin,you know I can't let my guard down again...I can't go from being enemy's with you to something more than friends..its got me fucked up..your feelings just popped up from nowhere and I'm almost certain its just your next week you'll be throwing insults at me again.'' I shook my head instantly,she just didn't understand. 


''Kylie..I like much,and it hasn't just popped up from nowhere.. for a while now I felt jealous every time you were getting close to a boy,and at first I denied it and I convinced myself I just didn't want to see you with  my best friend..but then I realised I didn't want to see you with anyone..but me.'' 

I watched as her eyes slowly switched from our hands to my eyes,and I smiled at her. 

Her beautiful blue eyes were all focused on me right now and that's all I wanted,I wanted to be the centre of her world. 

''I swear to you I will make up for everything I put you through..just please give me a chance,thats all I ask.'' I pleaded,desperately looking into her eyes for an answer. 

Suddenly she reached up and ran her hands through my hair. ''I want to take things slow Justin..I'm not sure on my feelings yet but I know there is something there for you,I just have to discover it.'' She whispered. 

I nodded . ''Thats all I ask from you..Just one chance to show you I'm not all bad.'' I smiled slightly. ''Thank you Ky,I promise you won't regret it.'' 


She just looked down at her hands in her lap with a small smile. ''But before anything continues...I gotta do this.'' I whispered before I jumped off the rock and stood in front of her. I grabbed her in my arms and she screamed in shock once she realised what I was doing. ''JUSTIN! DON'T YOU DARE!'' She shrieked,pounding her fists onto my bare back as I ran straight for the sea. 


I chuckled as the cold water reached my ankles,and then my knees. 

''JUSTIN!'' She screamed at the top of her lungs. 

I cackled and slowly let her down,still keeping my arms wrapped around her waist though. ''I'm would hate me again if I did that.'' I pouted. ''And thats the last thing I want to happen.'' 

She rolled her eyes and messed up my hair. ''You're still a massive dork though..that hasn't changed.'' 

My mouth flew open and I picked her back up,running a little deeper into the water. ''Oh am I? want to say that a little bit louder?'' I teased,knowing by now that the tips of her hair were submerged in water. 

''I'M SORRY I'M SORRY!'' She shrieked. ''PLEASE PUT ME DOWN.'' 

I put her back down and she shook her head at me,evidently pissed of. 

''Wheres that cute smile of yours gone?'' I asked her,squinting and searching her face teasingly. 

She stuck her tongue out at me and  I leaned forwards and bit it teasingly. 

She yelped and shot me a death glare. ''I'm sorry babe.''I chuckled,sending her the cutest puppy dog face I could muster. 

She suppressed a smile and rolled her eyes at me. I watched her as she stared up at me contently,searching my eyes for something. 

''What's wrong?'' I asked her. 

'''s just-I like this side of you...'' She blushed,looking down. 

''Kylie..I'm always like this..'' I chuckled,furrowing my brows. ''What do you mean?'' 

She bit her lip which instantly made my cheeks grow red. ''It's just the way your eyes light up..they're so bright and pretty,and I've never seen you smile so much.'' She admitted. 

I squeezed her hips with my hands teasingly. ''Wanna know why?'' 

She nodded her head. ''It's because of you.'' 

With that she smiled genuinely,for the first time in days. 

I leaned down and pressed my lips onto hers. 

I couldn't get enough of her kisses,I loved them. 

Her arms wrapped around my neck and I deepened the kiss,walking closer to her so every inch of out bodies were touching.

Suddenly shouting was heard in the distance of the beach and we both pulled away,only to see Paparazzi running up the beach towards us,snapping pictures on their cameras every 2 seconds. 

''Shit.'' I groaned,looking back at Kylie before I completely pulled away and grabbed her hand. ''We need to get out of here.'' 

She nodded and we sprinted down the beach and back to the hotel. 

but as we ran I couldn't help but think if the paps got photos of me and Ky kissing..

media outlets would be going wild if they ever found out,and I know Kylie wouldn't want that sort of publicity.

I just hope to god they were too far away to get good enough pictures. 


i think this chapter is pretty cute tbh I love them together omg

do you think the paps got photos or did they escape quick enough?

130 likes and 235 comments till next chapter:)

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