Trust Issues

Kylie Braun,Daughter of Scooter Braun,former enemy of Justin Bieber.

Tension rises between the two as they set off on a summer vacation to the Bahama's with Justin's friends and recent girlfriend,things don't work out which leaves Justin wondering if his heartbreak was intentional by Kylie or not ,Chaz begins to hit on Kylie but she can sniff out jealousy..and it's coming from the person you wouldn't expect.

But when Justin comes to the conclusion that he likes Kylie,he discoveres a flaw she tends to hide...she has Trust issues,and Justin embarks on a difficult journey to try to gain her trust after all the year's he's put her down and convinced her she was worthless.

Will Justin crumble the walls around Kylie's heart? or will they forever protect her heart from loving Justin.

When two hearts fuse together it's called love...

But when one is broken...

It's called heartbreak...

Original production of Shawtyyymane.


16. Chapter 16



Justin's POV:


I sprinted back to the hotel and began to panick,would my plan work?


I hope so...


I suddenly felt my phone vibrate in my palm,indicating that Chaz was ringing me.


I sighed knowing I'd probably get shouted at for earlier but I decided to answer anyways. 


''Aye Justin?.'' He asked once I accepted.


''Yes Chaz?'' I answered,a slight pinch of bitterness to my tone. 


''Aye don't get all pissed at me,anyways...where did you run off to? you sorta like zoned out before you ran off.'' He chuckled.


I could hear the others chatting away in the background. ''Chaz can you like sorta meet me at our room,I have a plan,and I'll think you'll be interested.'' I muttered. 


''Aight...see you in a few Biebs.'' He chuckled,hanging up. 


I rolled my eyes and impatiently tapped my fingertips on the wall,looking out towards the beach. 




''Fucking finally..what was taking you so long?'' I growled once Chaz walked into the room. 


''Don't be so up tight and grouchy,I was just saying by to the girls.''He shrugged simply. 


''Yeah a little more than fucking saying bye...I called you 15 minutes ago.''I hissed. 


''Shut the fuck up...were just friends.'' 


''Yeah like Kylie right?'' I hissed,getting impatient. 


''If you have brought me up there just to tell me how fucked in the head I am for liking Ky then I don't want to hear it.'' Chaz spat,before he turned around and began to walk away. 


''Nope,for once I don't really mind...but I know you like her so I know you'd probably do anything for I right?'' I groaned,rolling my eyes at the cheese ball in front of me.



He nodded his sheepishly. ''But I don't see where this is going.'' 



''Well if you stop interrupting me then I'll explain won't I?'' I murmured,walking over to the back of the couch and flopping over until my back hit the pillows. 


Chaz muttered a few things under his breath before he joined me on the opposite couch. ''What do you want?'' 


''Listen up...I know you have a thing with her...and I was thinking-'' 



Aye aye wouldn't think i'd tell anyone about the plan apart from Chaz? get outta here nosy.





Kylie's POV:


''I still don't understand why you can't do it yourself.'' I growled,keeping up with Chaz as he walked over to the aircraft chilling. 


''Kylie,I told you,My back's been playing up the past couple of days..I can't bend down to try and find it..can you please just look?'' Chaz argued back.



I rolled my eyes and stepped onto the private jet,Chaz followed in behind me and leaned up against the wall as I got down on all fours to look for his god forbidden ear phone bud. 


You know...those jelly little things you normally get in headphones? those..he had me looking for his because he forgot to bring a fucking spare.


''I reckon this is just an excuse to take a look of my ass properly.'' I spat,suddenly sitting back once I heard Chaz chuckling. 


He switched his gaze away from the window and looked at me quickly. 


I stood up and walked over to the window. ''What's so funny?'' I asked,trying to peer out. 


But Chaz stood infront of me and began pushing me back. ''Please just find it..I wanna get back to playing Fifa 13 with Ryan.'' He pouted. 


I rolled my eyes. 


''The things I do for you.'' I hissed. 


''And it's much appreciated.'' He called,walking away from me to the exit of the jet. 


I frowned. ''Where are you going? I thought you wanted that damn jelly thing?'' I called,watching Chaz quickly run down the steps. 


''Oh uh- I um...oh look! here it was on my headphones the whole time..sorry Ky!'' He chuckled,going into an all out sprint away from the jet. 


I got up and looked out the window,seeing him push someone who looked a lit like my dad back into the hotel. 


''Please take your seat Kyra..the planes about to lift off.'' The intercom thingy boomed.


''My name is Kylie! Kyr- wait what? what do you mean the planes about to lift off?'' I asked,panicking. 


''He meant exactly what he meant.'' Someone chuckled,walking up behind me. 


I turned around to see a smug looking Justin flop down in the seat in front of me. 


''What are you- why are you.'' 


''Ky just sit down...I'll explain on the way to Atlanta.'' Justin sighed,pointing to the seat opposite him. 


I almost chocked on air itself...hold da fuck up ma friend...did this ass hole just say Atlanta? 


''Kyra..this is the last time I tell you,please sit down,we are now entering turbulance,buckle up all of you.'' The pilot called. 


''For the last fucking time my name is not Kyra! It's Kylie.'' 


But that was the least of my worries..I was on the way to Atlanta for some reason with the one and only Justin did he even get in here,I didn't see him enter the plane,I would of ran..I'm not supposed to be near him. 


Something fishy is going on...and for once it's not Justin's breath....




OOO snap sista...shit is about to hit the fan,I repeat.












Stay beautiful<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3





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