Trust Issues

Kylie Braun,Daughter of Scooter Braun,former enemy of Justin Bieber.

Tension rises between the two as they set off on a summer vacation to the Bahama's with Justin's friends and recent girlfriend,things don't work out which leaves Justin wondering if his heartbreak was intentional by Kylie or not ,Chaz begins to hit on Kylie but she can sniff out jealousy..and it's coming from the person you wouldn't expect.

But when Justin comes to the conclusion that he likes Kylie,he discoveres a flaw she tends to hide...she has Trust issues,and Justin embarks on a difficult journey to try to gain her trust after all the year's he's put her down and convinced her she was worthless.

Will Justin crumble the walls around Kylie's heart? or will they forever protect her heart from loving Justin.

When two hearts fuse together it's called love...

But when one is broken...

It's called heartbreak...

Original production of Shawtyyymane.


14. Chapter 14





I spent the rest of that night crying myself to sleep...


I just wanted my mom back....


I couldn't help but think of that night back in 2007 where everything changed.




I was pulling on my tights back stage,It was the night of the dance recital and I was absolutely perform in front of loads of people and especially my mom.


She told me earlier that evening that she would be there without a doubt...I could count on her.



''Okay're next,got your candy cane?'' my coach smiled,helping me up as I walked over to the side of the stage.



''I'm so scared...aren't the first recitals the scariest?'' I asked. 



''Honey you'll be fine...Just think of your mom in the crowd.'' She replied.


I nodded and tightened my high ponytail on my head. 


I was more of a hip hop/jazz dancer and I was doing 2 dances 'Candy Man - Christian Aguilera.' and 'Lollypop - Millie Small' they were both remixed together and a good beat was added to fit my moves. 


I was one of the oldest in my dance school's...I was 13 and I always felt like all  the littles looked up to me..I don't know why,I wasn't that much of a good dancer.


My dad is probably one of the reasons too..they know he's linked to good artists like Usher and most of them are obsessed...he's recently found this young dude who's apparently the same age as me..he hasn't introduced me or anything..I think his name's Jason or something...I've heard my dad speak about him and apparently he's the next big thing..doubt's all about Soulja boy.



So as I dad's been spending time with this kid recently...I don't agree with it but I guess isn't nothing new to me...Anyways My dad's with this kid tonight so he couldn't watch me perform..but my mom promised and that's what matters...this means allot to me and I really wish my dad could see that. 



I peeked my head around the corner and scanned the audience briefly..looking for a set of piercing blue eyes and pin straight blonde hair...



''That was 6 year old Summer Castello  from Minnesota! great job Summer!'' The announcer chimed,smiling at the small brown haired girl strutting off the stage in her cheetah costume. 



There was a pause in which the crowd whistled and clapped as the announcer flipped his card. 


''Next up is a 13 year old dance phenomenon Kylie Braun dancing to a remix of 'CandyMan by Christina Aguilera and Lollypop by Millie Small' give her a big round of applause!'' He yelled,getting the crowd hyped up for the next dancer which happened to be me.


I took a deep breath and gripped my candy cane in my hand before I strutted out and walked into the middle of the stage where the small 'x' was placed.


I placed my hand on my hip and waited for my que. 


It seemed like ages I had to wait so I decided to quickly scan the crowd for my mom..


but unfortunately she wasn't there..


maybe she's didn't get a seat and had to stand?


I wanted to look but before I could my music started up. 


I smiled at the crowd and posed,swinging the candy cane in a circle before putting it back on the floor,I walked around it and threw it to the side for when the beat dropped. 



'Lolly do do do do..sweet like c-c-c-can-ndy,l-l-lolllllllllllyyyy pooopppp' I moved slowly to the beat,like it was in slow motion. 


I worked through my routine and picked up speed when the low bass key kicked in.





I smiled as I strutted off the stage...I had just finished my dance and the room was filled with applaud and whistles,but none of them were from mom.


I went back stage and took off my outfit,putting on my sweats and sweatshirt with my dance school logo on..we were aloud to go after our dance so that was what I was doing. 


I hugged Jess goodbye as she was next to go on stage ''Good luck Jessicat'' I giggled,helping her quickly with her sparkly hairspray. 


Jessacat has always been her nickname...from when I first met her we were in kindergarten and were playing animals..she was a cat and I was a panda (don't ask lol) and I called her Jessacat..ever since it's stuck with her I guess...and now years later were the best of the friends...



(A/N: Jessicat is what my friends call me as a nickname sometimes lol,but none of that shit like the cat thingy from kindergarten is true..idek why they call me it haha)


''Thanks Kyleaf'' She smirked walking out onto the stage.


I wanted to yell at her for that but I couldn't it would be so unprofessional and would look so bad.


My nickname from Jess and Jess only is Kyleaf,I got it when we were in the woods one day..we were playing hide and seek like last year and I slipped on a wet leaf and landed on my ass..but to make things worse I happened to fall in dog poop,she was in hysterics and I started crying because I was wearing my favourite shorts..they had to be thrown away and on the way back home I had to get her to stand behind me to cover up the massive brown patch,my crush ended up walking past and asked why we were walking so close and I just ignored him but Jess told him the whole story and ever since he can't look at me in the put it this way...never run when it was recently raining and there is dog poop everywhere..the outcome won't be pretty.


I just shrugged it off and walked out into the parking lot where my mom would meet me.


I was so angry..beyond that actually...she promised me she would be here...


I walked out and saw her re-applying her lipstick in the rear-view mirror..I walked up to the car and got in before slamming the door shut and putting on my seatbelt.


''Hey sweetie.'' She smiled.


I just looked at her and turned away. 



''Ky don't be like that...I had a christmas party..I tried to come but-'' 



''But what mom? you forgot about me? my first recital? I can't believe you...just take me home.'' I growled,crossing my arms and looking out the window. 


''Kylie! you will not speak to me in that tone..I'm not going anywhere..listen to me,I didn't mean to forget..It's just...I had a couple of drinks and I completely went brain dead for a bit..I'll make it up to you.'' 


''No you can' know what? quite recently both my parent's have been letting me down,you forget that you actually have a daughter..then you try to make it up to me by buying me things..I don't want material things,I want love from you guys,I want caring parent's who will talk to me and notice when something's up...did you notice that the other day I came home with a bruise on the side of my face? Kristin pushed me again...I fell and hit my head on a metal bar when I tried to get don't notice anything in my life. I hate you.'' I cried,ripping off my seatbelt and unlocking the door,I pulled it open and climbed out into the winter night,I slammed the door and took off in a full sprint in the opposite direction from the car. 


''KYLIE! KYLIE GET BACK HERE!'' She yelled,beeping her car horn.


I ignored her desperate cries and continued to run,wiping away my tears with my sweatshirt sleeves. 


I crossed the road and ran down an alleyway which I knew lead to the block which was about 20 away from mine,Jess lived about 7 blocks away from me and I knew she would of finished her dance by now,she was either on her way home or there already.I need the comfort of my best friend.



I turned right and ran past the houses lined up next to each other..I rounded a corner and ran down another Alleyway,I got halfway down when I felt a presence behind me. 


''Hey little girl..what you doing out so late without a parent?'' He chuckled,picking up my hair and twirling it in my fingers.


''What's it to you.'' I hissed,wiping my tears as I backed away from him. 


''Oh...nothing.'' He smirked innocently. ''Want some candy?'' He asked. 


''Nah I'm good.'' 


''You sure? I have shit loads in my van...what's your favourite? I bet I have it.'' He smiled. 


''Oh my favourite?'' I asked pointing to my chest,he nodded. ''Anti pedophile dick kicker swedish fish..ever heard of it?'' I growled,kicking him where no man would want to be kicked. 


He doubled over and cried out in pain. ''You little'll pay for that.'' He hissed. 


''Nah,go to hell you sick pervert.'' I hissed,running straight out the alleway and sprinting down the path. 


I kept running and I suddenly saw Jess's house in view...I began to run as fast as I could,I ran up her yard and tapped on the door rapidly,wanting nothing more than to go inside away from the rapist and have one of her mom's famous hot cocoa's. 


The door opened and Jess's mom came out smiling down at me. ''Kylie? hey sweetie..what you doing here?'' 


''I-I's Jess here?'' I chocked out,realising I was in fact crying again.


''Sorry sweetie,she's at a sleepover..I think she's at Savannah's house.'' 


My heart dropped into my stomach. 


''Oh o-okay,thank you.'' I replied,walking down the yard.


''Anytime Kylie..hey! want a ride back to yours?'' 


''Uh,yes please.'' I replied,watching her grab her coat from the peg. 





''Thank you again'' I smiled,getting out the car and walking up the yard to my house. 


''Really sweetie! It's fine...have a good night.'' She chuckled,starting the engine up again and driving away. 


But what I didn't know was I was going to experience anything but a good night.


I walked through the door to see Scooter pacing the house,his eyes red and his hair messy,he looked aweful.




''Kylie oh my god.'' He whispered,running forwards and collapsing to the floor in front of me,he pulled me into his chest . ''I-I thought you were in the car too...I-I thought I lost both of you.'' He stuttered,holding me so tight I could hardly breathe. 


''W-What do you mean?'' I asked,becoming slightly worried. 


''Your mom crashed the car she-''



But I didn't take in anything after that..I couldn't..I physically couldn't,my mind went black and I could hear every single intake of breath I made..before I knew it Scooter let his hands slip from around my back and I felt myself falling....and just like that I blacked out.


The feeling I held onto before I blacked out was so painful...knowing my mom was in a critical condition because of me...


I could never live this down...


I killed my mom...




It's going to be 3 years exactly since my mom passed on Friday,the worst part? every year I've been able to visit her grave and spend the day there..telling her how I was so sorry and how much I missed her,but this year I can't..I'm stuck on some fucked up island with my ass hole of a dad and Justin Bieber the worlds biggest man whore,I have Julia and Jess with me but even then I won't be happy..I'd do anything to visit my mom's grave on Friday..but I know it just won't be possible.



I hate the fact that I killed her,it drives me to insanity..if I could rewind time and sort things out I would...more than anything..


But lets be real here...I've lost her forever...and Justin's made that clear so many fucking times.





ok so this was what happened to Kylies mom...a bit of background info if you like...


I'm sorry this is so shit but I've been distracted by my beautiful readers on kik hehe








Stay beautiful<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3

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