Trust Issues

Kylie Braun,Daughter of Scooter Braun,former enemy of Justin Bieber.

Tension rises between the two as they set off on a summer vacation to the Bahama's with Justin's friends and recent girlfriend,things don't work out which leaves Justin wondering if his heartbreak was intentional by Kylie or not ,Chaz begins to hit on Kylie but she can sniff out jealousy..and it's coming from the person you wouldn't expect.

But when Justin comes to the conclusion that he likes Kylie,he discoveres a flaw she tends to hide...she has Trust issues,and Justin embarks on a difficult journey to try to gain her trust after all the year's he's put her down and convinced her she was worthless.

Will Justin crumble the walls around Kylie's heart? or will they forever protect her heart from loving Justin.

When two hearts fuse together it's called love...

But when one is broken...

It's called heartbreak...

Original production of Shawtyyymane.


11. Chapter 11


''Justin I fucking swear..calm down.'' I hissed,as I watched him run around the beach like he was gonna die any second. 


And he calls me the fucking diva..


''Wait..I have an idea..gather some rocks..we can put them in a S.O.S form and hopefully some jet or something will see it before the island sinks'' 



''Um the time we set them out..we will have a short amount of time..were already losing time,and I can slowly see the water level rise..we need to move fast.'' I growled.


Justin nodded and went to grab our shit.


''No,we don't have time.'' I replied,grabbing his wrist.


He stopped and looked down at our hands before I slowly let go and walked away from him. 



''What about your phone?'' Justin asked. 


''Fuck it..No body text's me anyway.'' I chuckled.


Justin rolled his eyes and walked away from me.


''Whatever Trevor,lets get going,I don't want my brand new Supra's ruined thanks.'' He chuckled,giving me a thumbs up.



Notice how he's not calling me names? normally after 'whatever' he'd call me a slut or something..what's wrong with this dude and where did he put Justin?


''You're such a baby.'' I giggled,shaking my head as I looked down at my dirty converses.


''Hey..I cruise in style..this shit's expensive..yours are like $50...big difference there.'' He spat.


''Alright alright..I'm just saying..we could die and all you're worried about is your shoes.''I laughed.




''Okay Justin..hurry up..the sea level's rising quickly.'' I hissed,feeling myself become slightly anxious.



''I'm hurrying..wait wait..ok....oh-SHIT NO!'' Justin growled,throwing whatever he was holding to the ground and rolling back into the sand. ''Fuck this shit,I'm going commando.'' 


''OH NO NO...NO.'' I replied,turning around and quickly covering my eyes.


Justin chuckled. ''I'm can turn around.'' He smiled.


I turned around to see him without a shirt on,I had to stop myself from drooling.


Holy flying shit how did he get so god damn toned?


''Like what you see?'' 


''No,put your shirt back on.'' I lied.


''I need it.'' 


''Yeah,to put over your head.'' I laughed.



''No seriously,I need it for our boat.'' He smirked.


I turned around to see a small boat made out of wood and the sale out of Justin's shirt.



''Justin,that's good and all...but that won't float with both of us.'' I stated.


''Us? Kylie I'm sorry but who said this was for you too? wanna survive? you on your own.'' He replied,turning back around and using his shoelace to tie the sale. 



I rolled my eyes and walked over to a corner behind a rock,I sat down and put my head in my hands.


I wish I could just disappear from this island and wrap myself up in the blankets back at the hotel,having a blissful sleep,but no..I'm stuck on an island with Mr. Douchebag and were still not getting on,what the fuck happened to team work?


I rolled my eyes and closed my eyes,but I instantly shot up when I felt water seep into my shoes.


Fuck shit bitch fuck bitch shit.


I began to panic as I heard a high pitch squeal emit from Justin's lips,normally I would laugh at him and tease him about it but it clearly wasn't the fucking time. 


It was slowly rising and before you could even say 'Justin Bieber's a man whore' it was level with my ankles.


I began to panic and climbed on top of the rock,screaming as loud as I could for anyone to hear us.



''Kylie,get down from there!'' Justin yelled. ''Look,I was joking...maybe we could both fit on this,just come here ok?'' He yelled frantically.


I couldn't hear anything,I was too busy screaming inside my head,I watched the water rise beneath me,it was now reaching half way up the rocks I was stood on,I HATE oceans and dark water,you don't know what's in them...fuck knows what's beneath me right now.


I may as well say my last prayer...I won't make this..I'm sorry but I can't..what the fuck even is this island? shouldn't there be a sign somewhere saying it sinks at midday?


Why does it do it anyway?



I just want to puke...this was horrible,my throat was tightening and the water was still rising.


 I could still hear Justin yelling faintly,he was about 20 foot down the beach from me,he was still trying to fix his boat as the water was now up to his waist.


I wanted to get down...I slowly began to climb down the rocks but then realised if I did,I would be under water...I quickly climbed back up and screamed for Justin to come here.


''JUSTIN PLEASE,PLEASE.'' I yelled,tears threatening to fall.


No body knew about my panic attacks apart from Scooter,Jess and Julia..I have extreme panic attacks and this situation isn't helping.



''Alright Ky,shut up! I'm coming.'' He hissed,putting his shoes neatly on the boat before sitting on it.



I began to feel light headed and nauseous ''Justin.'' I whispered,finding anything louder than a whisper to hurt,my throat was closing up. 



I tried to hold onto something as the water was nearly reaching my shoes again but as I tried,the sole of my shoes slipped on the wet rocks and I tumbled forwards,hitting my head on the rock infront of me.


The next thing I know an excruciating pain travelled around my head  and suddenly everything went black..I was out cold.





this is short but I wanted a cliff hanger:O











Stay Beautiful<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3



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