Trust Issues

Kylie Braun,Daughter of Scooter Braun,former enemy of Justin Bieber.

Tension rises between the two as they set off on a summer vacation to the Bahama's with Justin's friends and recent girlfriend,things don't work out which leaves Justin wondering if his heartbreak was intentional by Kylie or not ,Chaz begins to hit on Kylie but she can sniff out jealousy..and it's coming from the person you wouldn't expect.

But when Justin comes to the conclusion that he likes Kylie,he discoveres a flaw she tends to hide...she has Trust issues,and Justin embarks on a difficult journey to try to gain her trust after all the year's he's put her down and convinced her she was worthless.

Will Justin crumble the walls around Kylie's heart? or will they forever protect her heart from loving Justin.

When two hearts fuse together it's called love...

But when one is broken...

It's called heartbreak...

Original production of Shawtyyymane.


10. Chapter 10


Justin continued chasing the jet until he was waist up in water,he then realised it was gone and grudgingly dragged himself back to shore.


''Best decision of your life.'' I laughed.



''Why do you find this so funny? our only mode of transport has just been stolen by a hobo!'' Justin whined,falling face first into the sand. 


''Drama queen.'' I laughed,sitting down next to him.



I watched the sky become dark and the breeze started to become colder.


I looked to my left and saw Justin positively shaking,having wet clothes mixed with an icy breeze must be freezing.


''Cold?'' I asked.


''What does it look like.'' Justin spat irritably.


''Hey! I was only asking..god your such an ass.'' I hissed.


Justin just shook his head,looking at the sand in front of him.


''Here.'' I sighed,giving him my jacket I wasn't using. 


Justin turned to me and looked at me like I was mad.


''I bet there's itching powder covered in it.'' 



''I may be a bitch to you but I'm not that harsh.'' I spat bitterly.


Justin just looked at me warily before he grabbed it and put it on.



He looked over at me and smiled slightly. ''Smells nice.'' 


Woah..Bieber's never smiled in front of me.


I laughed and nodded my head. 




I looked over at him in disbelief,did he just thank me? who the fuck is this kid and what have they done with Justin.


I played it off and shrugged. ''No big deal.'' 





It was now really dark,the once turquoise sky was now matt black,illuminating thousands of stars above us.


Justin was lying down,looking up at the sky.


I was sat beside him. 


''What you thinking about?'' I asked,hoping he wouldn't lash out at me.



''How the fuck were going to get off this island.'' 



I just nodded my head and stood up. 


''Well it looks like that's not gonna happen any time soon,so...I saw a hut in the tree's a while back and maybe we could rest there,in shelter...sounds like a storm is coming.'' I muttered,grabbing my things and walking towards where  I saw the hut.


Justin got up too and followed me once again,I found the hut minutes later and opened the small door,looking inside there was some sort of blanket and flash light,there was a pocket knife in there and some sort of rope.


I turned around and looked at Justin. ''Hey look...there's some rope in here,maybe I could hang myself after all.'' I spat bitterly.


Justin sighed and crouched down next to me. ''Look..I didn't-''


''I don't have time for you,all I care about is getting my ass off this island..I don't care about you.'' 



''See! I try to fucking apologise to you and what do you do? brush it aside and think about such a vain bitch.'' Justin hissed. 


''Me vain? says you! all you care about is bedding a girl and your hair,you don't give a fuck for the people who care about you..only Amber,because you fuck her..that's it..she doesn't really care about you..'' I growled.


''Yeah,that's why your mom decided to go to a christmas party rather then your dance recital,if you didn't run away from home because of it and your mom didn't go looking for you,she wouldn't be dead..she probably hates you right now.'' Justin spat.


I took off sprinting,wanting to get away from that poor excuse of a human being.


I sat down on the sand and pulled my head into my hands.


Out of everyone that I could be stuck on an island with...god decided to choose the person I hate the most.





''Hey um..I got us a drink.'' Justin whispered,standing over me and holding out a coconut.



I got up and stormed into the hut,shutting the door behind me.



A couple of minutes later I heard shuffling outside of the hut. ''Fuck off.'' 



Justin didn't say anything,he just put the coconut on the floor and walked away. 


When I was sure he was gone,I opened the door and snatched the coconut,I cracked it open on a rock and began to drink the juice.


This most certainly wont get rid of my starvation.




It was now half 1 in the morning,I had about 1% left on my phone so I only use it to check the time and to illuminate things.


Turns out the flash-light didn't work.


There was heavy rain outside of the hut hurtling down onto the island.


 I suddenly remembered about Justin and opened up the hut door to see him shaking under a tree,closing his eyes in pure pain. 


''Justin get in here.'' I huffed irritably.


Justin shook his head. ''N-No it's fine...I um...I'll stay here,you get sleep.'' 


I frowned,why is he being like this?


''Justin I'm not playing...I may hate you but not enough to let you stay out in the pouring rain with just a jacket on..get your ass in here.''I chuckled,opening the door more so he could crawl in.



He did just that and huddled in the corner.



'''ll need it.'' He whispered,watching me as I settled down again.


I frowned and looked up at him.


''Why aren't you?'' 



''I um...nothing.'' 


''Tell me.'' 


''It's silly,don't worry.'' 


''Justin just tell me so I can go to sleep.'' 


''I'm um,scared of storms,I can't sleep without a light on.'' 


''Well use your phone.'' 


''I left it in the hotel.'' 


''Well mine is on 1% and the flash light is out'' 


''It's okay..I'll just sit here.'' He murmured,yawning slightly.


''Justin just come here...sleep next to me...I don't give a fuck if were in the middle of the fight,I'm feeling nice and did get me a drink,let's call this square.'' 


Justin looked at me for a second before he slowly lied down next to me. 


''Take some of the blanket,I don't care.'' I whispered,closing my eyes.


''Why are you being so nice?'' 


''Believe it or not asshole but I do have friends..I wouldn't have friends if I wasn't nice...I'm just not nice to you.'' 


Justin just sighed before he turned over and muttered a goodnight. 



''Yeah whatever,get some sleep.'' I murmured.





I slowly woke up to a rain drop falling onto my temple,I slowly opened my eyes and tried to get up but was restricted when I felt something wrapped around my waist.


I looked behind me to see Justin sleeping peacefully next to me.




I moved away from him but he still held onto me,gripping me tighter.


I turned around and slapped his forehead. ''Justin,Justin wake the fuck up.'' I hissed.


Justin stirred and slowly opened his eyes,his eyes became big and he immediately let go of me and jerked backwards,smacking his back on the wall of the hut,the next thing I know I felt the hut cave from above us and a load of water poured down onto us.


I screamed at the feeling of the icy cold water touching my skin and shivered. 


I looked over at Justin and he looked at me before we both started laughing really hard,we looked a state.


I rolled back and my head hit the poor excuse of a pillow,I turned around once I was finished and realised I was dangerously close to Justin's face,I shot up and quickly crawled out of the hut before I ran back onto the sand and began collecting sticks. 



about 5 minutes later Justin appeared next to me showcasing his bed/sex hair...he looked okay I guess..wait sh.


I ignored him and continued using the bamboo I had in a pile.


''Stop.'' He whispered.


I looked up at him and stopped what I was doing. 


''What do you want.'' 


''Help me find food.'' 



''Can't you see I'm busy?'' I growled,becoming impatient.


Justin just nodded and muttered a sorry before he went and sat further down the beach,picking up stones and throwing them.


 I rolled my eyes and went back to the hut,I wanted to find the pocket knife which I stored in my bag over night just incase Justin got annoyed with me and decided to stab me.



You never know..


I fiddled in my bag and felt something brush my hand,I frowned and pulled it out my bag realising it was my Reece's,I squealed and ripped open the packet,sticking the chocolate item in my mouth. 



I finished the first one within seconds and picked up the second one.


For some reason Justin flashed through my mind and I found myself walking towards him.


He didn't look up,all he did was sigh and throw another rock.


I placed the candy on the floor and walked away getting back to work on our survival boat.




''Hey.'' Justin replied,sitting down next to me. 


''Hi.'' I replied,looking over at the floor.


''Um..thanks for the reece,you didn't have to give it to me you know.'' He replied.


''Don't mention's nothing.'' I replied.


''It is though..your being way too nice to me,is there some sick prank waiting for me back at the hotel?'' He chuckled.


I just stayed quiet..not really in the mood for his jokes.


I was too busy thinking about why I was being so nice to Justin and visa versa...we hate each other remember?


'' what island are we on?'' Justin asked,trying to break the awkward silence.



''Rum Cay I think...not sure.'' 


''Wait..isn't that the island that dissapears?'' Justin asked.


''What do you mean?'' 


''The island that sinks?'' 


''I-I don't think so.''


''No I've heard about it before..there's an island here in the bahama's that sinks around about midday.'' 





(an. there probably isn't an island that sinks in bahama's but I was watching my wife and kids the other day and they happened to be in the bahama's so yea and they said there was an island that sinks so)


''Oh shit..oh shit!'' Justin breathed,slowly standing up.



Oh shit indeed.





ok this is my last update for today I think...









Stay flawless<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3



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