To the Ends of the Earth

Ava is constantly having the same nightmare, being dragged to hell. But every morning she wakes up next to her boyfriend Caiden and everything is okay. Being together is literal bliss; but in the back of Ava's mind she knows it is going to end.
Caiden would do anything for Ava, but what he doesn't realize is that Ava has already done the unimaginable to keep him safe.
On their eighth anniversary, Ava is taken from Caiden and dragged into the darkness of hell where she must fight for her own life and find her way back to earth alone, or so she thinks. As she struggles to escape she learns that the unimaginable exists and all the monsters under her bed were real.
Because you see, she made a deal... A deal with a demon; and a deal with a demon is a deal for your soul.

*note* there is foul language, some parts are a little scary and dark in nature. There are minor sexual occurrences, nothing to freak out about.*


7. Memories


"Give it a chance." A younger Caiden said. 

"No! It's crazy." They were sitting inside a car just outside a small airport. This was before they had gone sky diving. 

"Crazy makes for the most fun and the best memories." He said hugging Ava close. Then they stepped out of the car. 

"I'm scared." Ava said softly. Caiden took her hands and kissed them both and pulled her towards the building. 

"It is okay. I will be with you the entire time." He smiled "I'll even hold your hand. Besides," he winked. "I've already paid."

The scene changed, and Ava found herself in a more... personal memory. Ava swallowed hard and fought back tears. 

"You're so perfect." Caiden purred in her ear. His hands were holding onto her waist firmly, his lips on her neck. 

"We've got to be at the restaurant soon." Ava laughed, her hands cupping his face.

"We've got time." He was kissing her neck and shoulders while caressing her inner thighs. Ava sighed pleased. 

"You drive me insane." She said running fingers through Caiden's hair. 

"Good, now kiss me." he pushed Ava gently back onto the bed his hands feeling up her waist and her sides. He hovered over her, a longing look in his eyes. He planted sweet passionate kisses on her lips, and warmth spread through her body. 

"I love you." He whispered.

In a flash it was gone. Ava could taste his lips and feel the warmth of his body, but she knew that it was only a memory. 

"When you think of your life in ten years, where do you see yourself?" She had asked over a year ago as she sipped some white wine. They were celebrating early because Caiden had to go away on their anniversary for his internship.
"With you, living happily." Caiden responded, Ava smiled. She hoped that someday it would be true. She had asked Caiden that question over 41 years ago, at least that's what she thought. 

Ava sobbed, feeling coming back to her. Her sanity was slowly returning, she felt all of her emotions slam her at once. Realization set in and she realized that she was in hell, she had forgotten where she really was in her moments of insanity. She knew what was next.

There was a flash of light to her right. She screamed and looked to him and saw the fear in his eyes. Then everything went black. When Ava woke up there was an ambulance not far from the car. Her head throbbed and she looked around. She wasn't in the car, but near it. She had been moved. She looked for Caiden and panicked. She couldn't see him anywhere.

"The girl is awake!" A paramedic hollered. 

"Caiden..." She muttered. She tried to look around and even stand, but a firm hand held her down. 

"Rest, we are taking you both into the hospital." She passed out again after that. 
The next scene she recognized as if it had happened yesterday. She wished Blue Eyes would stop, but there was nothing she could do. The memories kept passing by.

"I don't know that he will wake up." The doctor said outside the room. Ava put her face in her hands and wept. How was she going to face his family? Once he was gone, she stepped back into the room. 

"You can't do this, you are stronger than this. Do not leave me." Ava cried at his bedside. The only other sound was his monitor. 

"It's my fault.... I'm sorry, I am so sorry." Tears rolled off her cheeks and onto the sheets of Caiden's bed. 

When the memory faded, Ava was in tears again. She wanted it to go away, it was too painful to face. She had lived through it once, and then for months in her dreams. 

"Make it stop!" She shouted. But it didn't.

"Please God... Let this work." Ava muttered under her breath. She was out at the crossroads in the middle of nowhere. It was cold outside, and she could see her breath. As she buried the box, Ava swore the wind picked up and the temperature dropped even more. She shivered and looked around, moving her midnight black hair from her face.

Ava knew how this memory ended, this demon had haunted her up until that last day.

"You want him to live through this, so that you can be together." Red Eyes said.
"It's a deal." He smiled. "But, there is a time limit." 
"What do you mean?" Ava asked.
"A year." Was all the man said. Then he kissed her. Ava moved her hand up to slap him, but with great speed the man had lifted his own hand and grabbed hers.
"A kiss seals this kind of deal hon." He said.
With a blink of an eye, the man was gone. Ava looked around, but he was nowhere to be found. How could he have just vanished? Shaking the thoughts from her head, Ava ran back to her car and hurried to the hospital. She hoped this wasn't just a sick joke. 

Inside, doctors and nurses were rushing into his room. 

"No..." Ava said softly. She ran faster and burst into the room.

"It's a miracle." One doctor said. 

"Son, how do you feel?" The other asked.

"I... I feel fine. Great actually," his voice brought something back to life in Ava. It had worked. He was okay. 

It was almost over now, the memories were almost over.

"I am so sorry." Ava said. It was months after the accident, they were out eating dinner making up for lost time. 

"It wasn't your fault. I don't blame you. No one does." He took her face in his hands and kissed her nose.

"It is my fault." 

"No." There was a blur as time passed, but then they were at home in the apartment. Laying in bed together, holding each other tight.

"I love you." Ava whispered. 

"I love you too. I am so sorry."

"Not your fault." He said softly before falling asleep. Ava lay awake beside him for hours, listening to the sound of his breathing. 

"My fault." 

The memory faded and Ava found herself on the floor of her cell. Her eyes glazed over with tears. 

"My fault." Ava repeated. 

"No it isn't." Blue Eyes said. 


"Do you know why you are here?"

"I made a deal... with a demon." Ava replied flatly, she wasn't in the mood for games. She had just been mind raped by this man, if he was a man. 

"Yes... but do you know why you are stuck in this hell?"

"He has my soul." I said. The man sighed and looked at me.

"He can only hold your soul if you did something sinful, like kill someone. Something that was unforgivable. That sin you committed was your lifestyle, you didn't feel remorse and never tried to make things right. Or in some cases you never forgave yourself, like you."

"But I did do something sinful."

"No," Blue Eyes pulled at the lock on my cell and it broke. He swung the door open and gestured for me to stand.

"You made a sacrifice to right something that was wrong. You sacrificed yourself for a loved one. Made a deal that no one has made in ages."

"I had to fix what I broke. My actions got him hurt." 

"Don' you see? It wasn't your fault. You think you are guilty and that it have not forgiven yourself. You did nothing wrong at all." He looked frustrated even though his voice was calm. 

He placed his hands on Ava's temples and spun them into a new memory. But this time they were only watching. 

It was at the intersection in which the accident had happened. They were standing in the exact spot in the center of the road. 

"Look there," The man gestured to the left of them. "That is where you come from."


"Just watch." he sighed. They stood in silence for a while until a pair of headlights rose over the hill. It was Ava's car. A chill ran down her spinal chord, her palms began to sweat and her breath became ragged. 

"I don't want to watch." Ava cried. 

"Just wait."The car came to a stop at the intersection and Ava watched as she looked both ways. She felt odd watching herself. Then time seemed to freeze.

"See, you did what you were supposed to do. Now look in that direction." He said turning around. They were now looking behind them and Ava saw the semi racing forward in full throttle. She could see the man texting, he hadn't seen the intersection at all. Ava and Caiden had started to move through the intersection but by the time the driver saw their car it was too late. They spun out into the grass and the car even rolled once. It was truthfully amazing that Ava hadn't been hurt more. The driver jumped from his vehicle and ran to the now destroyed car.

"Oh god... oh god..." He ran back and grabbed his phone to dial 911.

"It's my fault. It's my fault. God forgive me."  

The Blue Eyed man looked down at Ava. They were now back in her cell, flames of hell surrounding them.

"You see... It is not your fault." 

"Then why am I stuck?" 

"Because you believed you were guilty. When in reality, you are not."

"If I'm not..." Ava trailed off.

"Your soul can be returned to you."

"I will get to go home?" Ava asked. The man smiled. 

"Yes, but you will have to make that journey on your own, it will test your strength." He stepped back and spread his arms out wide. He began to glow and then he was gone and Ava was left alone once more. 

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