To the Ends of the Earth

Ava is constantly having the same nightmare, being dragged to hell. But every morning she wakes up next to her boyfriend Caiden and everything is okay. Being together is literal bliss; but in the back of Ava's mind she knows it is going to end.
Caiden would do anything for Ava, but what he doesn't realize is that Ava has already done the unimaginable to keep him safe.
On their eighth anniversary, Ava is taken from Caiden and dragged into the darkness of hell where she must fight for her own life and find her way back to earth alone, or so she thinks. As she struggles to escape she learns that the unimaginable exists and all the monsters under her bed were real.
Because you see, she made a deal... A deal with a demon; and a deal with a demon is a deal for your soul.

*note* there is foul language, some parts are a little scary and dark in nature. There are minor sexual occurrences, nothing to freak out about.*


20. Hallucinations

"Miss Holland, it is time for your medication." It was the usual nurse, a large woman with badly dyed red hair. Ava stood and took the medication from the nurse. She swallowed her three pills dry. It had been weeks since she first arrived in the hospital, and it seemed that things were only getting worse. She was taking some sort of anxiety medication that she couldn't pronounce as well as something that was supposed to help with her 'hallucinations'. The third pill was a sleeping pill, which Ava resented greatly, sleep was when everything was the worst. 

She was also given a vitamin in the morning. As a side effect of the others, she lost a lot of weight and her appetite. The doctors tried to get her to eat again, but she refused. So they gave her some pills to help make up for the nutrients she wasn't getting. As much as Ava hated these pills, she didn't dare refuse. She had seen what happened if you did, and she would rather not be forced to swallow a pill.

"Good girl, now Jim will bring you dinner in a half hour and I expect you to eat some of it." She smiled and patted Ava's hand gently. The woman waddled away and shut the door softly behind her. Ava plopped down onto the bed and picked up the book she had been trying to read. 

Ah, the daily dose has been administered. Red Eyes whispered. He was no where to be seen, but Ava had learned not to look for him. The doctors and nurses were always watching.

"Go away," She muttered and tried to focus on reading.

I won't go that easy. Besides, don't you enjoy my company? He asked innocently. 

"No." Ava laughed. 

Come now, its fun. We have wonderful conversations. Ava ignored him this time and tried to focus on reading. But try as she might, the words began to run together until they made no sense at all. She rubbed her temples frustrated and threw the book at the door. A white noise had replaced the silence, giving Ava a headache.

See poppet, I am in control here. You will waste away slowly and I will have you once more. Ava shook her head and stood from the bed. She looked out the small window across the room and tried to focus on the life outside of this room. Birds were chirping and leaves were falling, soon they would fly south and snow would cover the ground. Ava hated winter, but she missed it. 

When you die, we will be reunited forever, and I will have my pet. Red Eyes laughed. Ava spun around and screamed.

"You will not have me!" She stomped her feet and hit the wall. She screamed louder as she felt the crack of her fingers as the bones broke. Instantly, she felt fire spread throughout her body and Red Eyes appeared in the doorway.

"Ava what are you doing?" He asked, eyes flashing. A smile spread across his face and he leaned down to help her up. 

"Get off of me!" She screamed, kicking her legs and flailing her arms wildly. 

"Relax, I'm not gonna hurt you." Ava could see by the look on his face that he was lying. 

"Like hell," She muttered. She kicked him hard and scratched at his face. Flames began to rise around her and lick, no pull..., at her arms and legs. She was lifted from the Red eyed demon. 

"Demon!" She shouted, "I will kill you."

Suddenly, Ava felt her body grow numb and she slipped into blackness. As she fell into the darkness she caught sight of the red haired nurse and Jim who was wearing a plate of food across his shirt. 

"Don't make me sleep." She cried. Then the darkness engulfed her

Perfect. The demon whispered. You are mine. 

Ava blinked several times and found her somewhere she had never been. She tried to get an idea of where she was, but it just looked like a fiery pit.

"I just wanted a civil conversation." Red Eyes said to her left. He was sitting in a chair, more of a throne. With a flick of his wrist, Ava fell to the ground and slid to him. She was now face down at his feet. 

"Stand." He ordered and before she could move, invisible forces pulled her up harshly. She tried to move but found that she was stuck in place as if frozen.

"Let me go." She said in a shaky voice. "I am not yours."

"Oh really? Look at what I have." He pulled something from his pocket. It was a small white object. Images flashed in Ava's mind.

"That's not possible. I have my soul." 

"You do have your soul," He said smugly. "Most of it."

It all made sense, part of her was stuck with Red Eyes in hell. It was why he could get into her head so easily.

"I am glad that you understand." He laughed. "Of course, the medicines that the 'doctors' are giving you is VERY helpful." 

Ava's mind was racing. The medication made her feel drowsy and empty, she hated it. It messed with her thoughts and made it hard to leave her room. She felt more like a robot than anything else. Red Eyes was using that to keep her under his reign. It weakened her to the point where he could attack her at any point and time.

"Now don't go getting any ideas, it wont work." He said with a shrug. 

"I'll get rid of you, even if it kills me." Ava threatened.

"Please, by all means go ahead." He laughed and snapped his fingers. Once again Ava was surrounded by darkness. 

Ava woke up early the next morning and found a small plate next to her bed. She ate it gratefully and sat up. She dressed herself and looked through out the small window on her door, which was locked. Ava pressed the call button and waited for a nurse to appear. 

"What do you need honey?" The nurse asked softly, she kept a safe distance away. Ava felt ashamed, she didn't want anyone to be afraid of her.

"Can I get more food?" She asked. Truthfully, the small amount on her plate had filled her, but she was going to force it.

"Of course!" The woman's eyes lit up and she left the room. Another man returned with a large plate of food. Ava struggled to eat most of it, but once she had finished the nurse smiled at her and took it away gratefully. 

Once it was time for her next dose of medication, Ava struggled to figure out how to fake it. Everyone had heard of hiding it under your tongue, and throwing it up later, but she didn't think that would work. Regardless, she was running out of ideas, so she tried it out. 

The nurse turned and left without a word. Clearly, she didn't really care. Ava made a note of that and once the nurse was gone she walked to the bathroom and pretended to blow her nose. She flushed it down the toilet and walked to her bedroom and waited.

It won't be that easy. The damage is done. You are mine and I will never leave you alone. You will be back with me eventually.

"No," she whispered. At noon she walked out and sat with some of the other patients in her wing. They were strange and Ava knew she didn't belong here. To everyone else she did.


He called Cora after a week. He knew that he had been unfair to her, but he was just too confused to confront her. She understood and agreed to meet him at his place for pizza and beer. Caiden had hung up the phone and cleaned the house as quickly as possible. When she knocked on the door, his heart rate sped up.

"I brought the pizza and some beer."

"You didn't need to bring beer... I have plenty." Caiden opened the fridge and showed Cora. It was full of beer, which he hadn't touched since Ava returned. 

"Oh." Cora laughed. "You would think that your an alcoholic."

"Maybe, or I am planning on throwing a party." He shrugged. He opened the first pizza box and grabbed several pieces and threw them on a plate. He cracked open a beer and raised it in Cora's direction. She mimicked the motion. 

"So have you heard from her?"

"I'm not allowed to contact her." Caiden shrugged. The pizza was greasy, he didn't care. He at one entire pizza himself and cracked open the second one.

"Maybe it wasn't meant to be." Cora said eyeing him carefully. She sat down next to him and leaned on his shoulder.

"I guess not," He down the last of his beer and threw the bottle at the garbage, it missed and shattered to the floor.

Caiden stood and walked to the closet for a broom and dustpan. He barely heard Cora's footsteps padding behind him. When he turned around, she was there looking at him, eyes sparkling.

"Cora," He started, but she leaned forward onto her tiptoes and kissed him hard. Her hands wound around his neck and she pulled him to her. Her lips were warm and the taste of alcohol lingered on her tongue. Caiden put his hands on her waist to pull her away, but she pushed harder and didn't let go. He made the mistake of opening his mouth to try and speak, her tongue slid into his mouth and filled it with her taste. He pushed her against the wall and kissed her hard. The room was slowly beginning to grow warmed and warmer as the seconds passed. 

"Well," Cora muttered when they broke apart. They were both breathing hard and standing close together. Caiden noticed little things about Cora just then. Her skin was slightly freckled, and he hair was actually dyed. 

"I was expecting something, but I wasn't sure that was it." She smiled wildly and leaned in a kissed him again. The kiss made Caiden's heart pound and he realized, with a touch of agony, that this was the first time in a long time that he had felt alive. He felt something other than grief... He felt lust.


Ava had been getting away with not taking her medication for about a month now, but she wasn't improving. Doctors were talking about revising her doses and monitoring her more, she needed to get a hold of things, and fast. She was struggling to keep her mind straight; every time she thought she was gaining control again, Red Eyes would attack.

"Just leave me alone." She whispered late at night.

"Never." He would reply as if he were laying next to her.

It helped when her family would visit. She got a chance to pretend everything was normal, and for awhile it was. Red Eyes would be gone for the rest of the day, but early in the morning he would reappear.

"You will never get rid of me." He muttered in her dreams.

Finally, she couldn't take it anymore. After a month of restless nights, she needed release. She stomped into the small bathroom and stared at her reflection in the mirror. She bent under the sink and removed a floor tile that had come loose. She had managed to find a small hole to store her discarded pills, just in case. She needed them now, regardless of the cost.

"Oh please, do it." Red Eyes said, appearing in the mirror above her. 

"This isn't for you. It's for me." Ava said. It sounded more like she was trying to convince herself. Her voice was shaking as she lifted the pills to her mouth. She turned the sink on and leaned her head under the sink. She swallowed the pills in small hand fulls, there were enough here to do the job, but she didn't want to be choking on them. Once she finished she walked to her bed and settled in. 

It wasn't anything like she expected it to be. She felt sick, and her body wanted to throw the pills back up. She curled up and forced herself to keep them down. 

"God... Jeremy... Caiden." She whispered. "Forgive me."

Everything faded to black then, but Ava could hear a voice speaking to her. She knew who it was and she hated him with every fiber of her being. He had forced her to do what she swore she would never do.

"Welcome home my pretty." He whispered with a laugh.


Alright... This is a little more morbid than I wanted to be, but there it is. There is going to be one last chapter I think. Please please comment. Love ya!


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