X-factor contest Justin Bieber fan fiction


6. Rehearsals for the final

I come to the rehearsal studio. There is paparazzis outside the studio. I walk by them and inside. I see Demi sit together Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. I smile big. Justin runs up to me. We hug in a long time "hey Justin. I've missed you. Where have you been?" I ask. He smile his famous million dollar smile. "I've been on a short promo tour for my new album Journals" "I'm glad you are here now " I say and kiss his check. We walk over to Demi and Lady Gaga. I give her a handshake "I'm y/n nice to meet you " she smile "I'm Lady Gaga. Nice to meet you too. " I smile and hug Demi. " hey Demi " she smile. "Hey sweetie. Are you ready for Friday?" "Yes I'm so ready. Can we start the rehearsal?" I ask. Gaga and justin laugh a little bit. "Sure" they all say in the same time. "So your song with me is Applause" Gaga says. I smile big "I love that song!! It's gonna be amazing!! " I says. She smile "it's gonna be a duet where you sing half part by yourself and the other half part with me as a surprise for everyone. " she says. "I love that idea!! " I say. "And with me are we going to sing Recovery as a duet like Applause. " I smile big " that's amazing!! I love both songs!!" I say. We all walk in the music studio to start singing. It goes so good. I'm ready for Friday.!

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