Kristina Quach and The Love Monster

This is a story of 12 years old girl called Kristina; she was a princess in a different world from ours. She have long beautiful black hair, purple eye colour (different from any other eye colour), skinny, good looking and her skin were like snow. Her world was called Toy world, a world where toys can do anything that human can do. Her family is the only “human” family existed in that world and they are the royals of Toy world. There was more than 7 billion world existed at that time. Kristina’s family live in a beautiful castle locate in the south. She has a twin brother named Karsh Quach and she has a pet white tiger named Cusha that can talk. Toy World was ruled by a caring queen and a mighty King, parents of the twins.


1. Chapter 1

It was a regular day as usual, until it started raining heavily. All the light was turned off and there wasn’t any electricity. The King and Queen went rushing to the twin’s room and woke them up from their slumber. The queen were in a hurry packing Kristina and Karsh luggage as if they were going somewhere for a while. The King on the other hand were hugging the twins and telling them that they will be going to a magical train taking them to another world called Werty. They will be attending Werty's Magical Boarding School for Royal Blood. It one of the safest place in these worlds for protecting royal blood. Toy World was in grave danger. The King of darkness has awakened from his long slumber; he is one of the most powerful people in the whole universe. He can kill anyone who he doesn’t like; he can also make you suffer painfully before you die. He has been sleeping for 12 years and when he awakes your entire nightmare become real. Nothing can stop him from what he wants to do except Werty World. He can never enter Werty world because there is a magic more powerful than him protecting Werty world. Both Karsh and Kristina will be learning and living in Werty‘s boarding school for Royals Magic Power. They will be learning how to use magic and learn to become great King and Queen when they grow up and come back to protect Toy World. The King and Queen will be trying to protect Toy World from the King of Darkness when they are gone but there isn’t any guaranty they will make it. This could also be the last time the twin will be seeing their parents ever again. When Kristina and Karsh have change and were ready to leave both hug their parents for the last time. The Queen gave each of them an old looking ring with different colours. Kristina has purple and Karsh has blue. When they went on board the train with Cusha, both look back at their parents and cried. Kristina Pov: I didn’t remember when I fell asleep but when I woke up I was laying on Karsh lap. Cusha was already awake, she was trying to annoy Karsh and that make me giggle. So I also started to annoy Karsh too. Then memories of yesterday started to come rushing back to me and I remember where I was in a train going to Werty World. I started to sit up slowly and Karsh started to wake up. He look really funny in the morning because of his hair, it look like a lion mane. The train started to slow down and the speaker was on saying “Royals who are going to Werty's Magical Boarding School for Royal Blood. Please get your stuff ready, we will be arriving in a few minutes. We welcome you to Werty World and hope you have a splendid day. Thank You for choosing Werty Train Express.” When I heard that, I got up and got my luggage ready for departure, Karsh did the same. I also putted Cusha in her small carry bag home. Karsh started asking me how I’m feeling. I just lie saying that I’m fine when I really wasn’t. I was afraid and sad that I have to leave my parents. I miss them so much but I knew if I said these to Karsh, he will also feel like me and we will both start crying again. When we arrived, we got off and started to head for the gate of the school. It was really huge and I didn’t know where to go. Just then a teacher wearing formal clothes walked toward us. He looked old and friendly. We started our conversation with him: Welcome to Werty's Magical Boarding School For Royal Blood. I’m the head master of this school. My name is Ian Borrey but call me Mr.Ian. I think you’re both need help, am I right?- Head Master Yes sir, our parents send us here. We are from Toy World sir. And we don’t know what to do and where to go. –Karsh Oh is that so. So you guys are the twin from Toy World Princess Kristina and Prince Karsh. Is that right? Your Father and I used to be close friends but recently I have been really busy and couldn’t replied to his mails anymore. Is he alright? I’ve heard the King of Darkness has awake from his slumber. And that isn’t good. Oh how I wish someone would kill that guy already. But nevertheless one of the students from this very school will one day in the future I hope. - Mr. Ian You knew my father? And you know our names. My father told me that Toy World is in grave danger. I really want to stop the King of Darkness from destroying Toy world but I don’t think I can.-Karsh Don’t you worry, maybe you can. Nobody knows what will happen in the future. You might be the most famous prince that killed the King of Darkness. Anyway, let me show you to your classes. You guys are first years so you guys are going to stay in this school and learn for 7 years. So please make yourself welcome and make yourself feel like you’re home. Each of you will receive a small apartment for yourself to live in for 7 years. -Mr. Ian 7 years? We won’t get to see our parents for 7 years? No way. –Kristina Yes dear, you can’t see your parents for 7 years but it all for your safety. It will all worth it at the end. Work hard in your magic classes and you might kill the King of Darkness. Revenge him for wasting 7 years of your life away from your parents. Now, follow me.–Mr. Ian We silently started to follow Mr. Ian to our form room for this year. When we arrived, the teacher welcomes both of us nicely and shows us to our seats. We said our good bye to Mr. Ian and sat in our seats. There were 30 students in the class including them, 15 boys and 15 girls. The form teacher was called Ms. Kenny. She is in her early 40s but she doesn’t look old. Ms. Kenny gave everyone a large book and said this is going to be our diary from now on. I never had a diary before so this is new to me. She said our first homework is going to be writing about ourselves on the first page of the diary. She then started giving me and Karsh keys. She said these are the keys to our own apartment. She also gives us spell books, 5 each. Then out of the sudden the bell rang. Everyone rushed out the class except me and Karsh. Ms. Kenny told both of us that she was going to show us our apartment so we followed her. When we reached my apartment, I used the keys to open the door. I was shocked at first then I started to scream with joy. Everything in the apartment is pink and purple; both are my favorite’s colours. Ms. Kenny gave me my timetables before she left seeing that I need sometimes alone to unpack my things. I really didn’t need to unpack anything except putting my clothes into the closet. When I let Cusha out of her small bag she was nearly as excited as me. She ran around like mad for 5 minutes before she was tired and lay down next to me. I started to explore the apartment. There was a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, a small closet room, a guest room and an entertaining room. Every room was covered in pink and purple things. Back at the palace, mother and father always buy Kristina stuff that have purple or pink colour. It made me feel like I’m back at home. I wonder how Karsh apartment look like. I need to work hard from now on if I want to graduate and revenge on the King of Darkness. I wonder what king of things the ring mother gave me can do. I started to check my timetable to see when I start my first lesson and it turned out I still have 5 minutes before it start. So I quickly change into the school uniform, grab the keys, said good bye to cusha and left for my first class. It took me 3 minutes to find the right room asking many people for help along the way. This lesson was Princess Manner Class so there were only girls in this class. Ms. Kenny was our teacher for this class. She gave everyone 1 huge book to put on our head and walk without the book falling. It was very easy for me because my mother taught me to walk like this before. Ms. Kenny saw how good I was and made me show to everyone. Few of the girls didn’t like me and gave me death glares but other girls were admiring how good I was. When class ended 3 girls came over to me and introduce themselves. Their names were Ivy, Polly and Amaya. We started to get to know each other and we became a lot closer. Our timetables were the same as each other so I just follow them to different lessons. They were like sisters I never had before. It was really fun hanging out with them. At lunch, I also sat with them. My brother Karsh had also found some new friends, 4 other friends; their names were Jake, Jason, Ethan and Eric. They sat with me and the girls at lunch so we all get to know each other better. Since we were all classmates we were really close starting from that day. We learn potions and magic lessons for next few lessons. After the last lessons, me and the girls were hanging out in the garden talking about the boys. Ivy told us she like Ethan, Polly told us she like Eric and Amaya told us she like Jason. Since all of them told who they like, I told them I like Jake. Something about him from the first time that we met makes me really attract to him. It was dinner time, when we met up with the boys. The girls wanted to spent some more times with the boys so they ask to play truth or dare in Ethan’s apartment. Karsh didn’t come because he said he had other plans with someone. When I ask him about it he told me he’ll tell me soon. So we started to play the games without him, Ivy started to spin the bottle and it landed on me. I wanted to do something fun so I chose dare. She dare me to kiss jake’s cheeks and I did. Everything was really weird between me and him from then. When it was time to leave, I went back to my apartment and I found out Jake apartment was next to mine. Just as I was opening the door, he stopped me and looked at me in the eyes. We stared at each other eyes for a while before we both lean in and kiss. It was one of the best moments of my life. I didn’t want the moment to end but I pulled away after a while. He then kissed my head, said good night love and went into his apartment. I can’t believe I just kissed my crush on the first day of school. This is phenomenal and shocking too. I slowly opened my apartment door and went in. I didn’t bother to change my clothes and just went to bed. Then I thought to myself this year is going to be extraordinary.
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