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Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson are the cutest couple out. Everyone believes that they will get married one day and nothing will get between their love. That belief is put to the test when Louis finally meets El's best friend. Darcy Mathews. An absolutely gorgeous girl who loves to have a bit of fun and be mischievous much like a certain blue eyed boy in the band. Will Darcy fall for Louis or another boy in the band? Hearts get broken, trust gets lost, friendships get ruined, feelings gets tested all because of one simple word. Love. ********. NEEDS EDITING SORRY FOR THE MISTAKES


21. Torn

Louis POV

Me and the boys were currently in the one place I didn't want to be. New York. We had to attend and preform at the VMA's this year in New York but to make matters worse Ed is going to be there with Darcy and I'm not sure if I can handle that right now. It's been a month since we've last seen her and she has moved onto Nathan Skye's recently. I wanted her back so badly but I can't put myself through that pain again. It was too much for me to deal with right now.

Luckily the VMA's are only in two weeks so in the mean time we have interviews and meet and greets to do. That's what were getting ready for at the moment. Lou had all of us dressed nicely and she has styled our hair for an interview. The sound guy just finished attaching Harry's microphone to his shirt and we were waiting for our cue to go one.

"In ....3.....2......1....go!" The man told us and I walked on fist and waved at the small audience in the room. Everyone cheered as we walked on and sat on the chairs next to the interviewer.

"Hello boys how are you all?" She asked with a big smile once they audience quietened down.

"We're all pretty good very excited for the VMA's this year so hopefully it'll be great." Harry smiled at her.

"Yeah I think all the fans are excited as well! Speaking of the fans we have some questions here that they want answered but first I need to know which of you are single." She grinned widely and me , Niall and Harry put our hands up. "Niall I thought you just recently got a girl?"

"Yeah that didn't work out so well." Niall told her and I couldn't help but look at the floor abut ashamed that I broke them up.

"Oh well I'm sorry for that .... Let's get back to the questions shall we?" Niall just nodded and gave her a smile. Well the tension in this room could've cut with a knife. "So all of you single lads what do you look for in a girl?"

"Well just someone that I can have a laugh and someone cute you know?" Niall smiled and crowd cheered.

"Yeah same pretty much but it helps if their nice." Harry replied as well.

"And what about you Louis?" She asked looking at me.

"Well I really like to be able to have a girlfriend that's my best friend at the same time. I like to have someone that I could tell everything to and we could just spend days cuddling." After I finished speaking I immediately thought of her. I'm not supposed to think of her. Darcy.

"Well that's adorable." She smiled at me and I plastered one on my face and smiled back. I couldn't crack not right now. Not when I might have a chance to talk to her and maybe we can clear some things up. Hopefully. "Now another question fans asked is when will you boys be here for your tour?"

"Well we are coming here in October for the American part of the tour." Liam told her.

"And we are all very excited." Zayn smiled.

"Well that's great to hear. Now as long as you guys are here in New York will you be doing any meet and greets?" She asked looking at all of us.

"Sadly, we won't be we are just too busy with interviews and we are hoping to have just one or two days for ourselves here." Harry explained.

"Aw. Well guess you all will just have to wait till October." She laughed lightly. "So boys obviously there are a lot of rumours going around about you lot and no one really knows if they are true or not. So today I'm going to ready out a bunch of rumours and all you guys have to say is true or false." She looked at us and we all nodded. She picked up a bunch of cards and started reading. The first one was about and Harry obviously we said it wasn't true we are just good friends. Then there was one about Zayn buying Perrie a car,which wasn't true. There were a lot of really weird and random ones about us and I couldn't help but laugh. "Now the last rumour is a bit of a touchy one but it says that Louis and Eleanor broke up because Louis fell in love with Niall's ex girlfriend Darcy."

Niall just laughed and said, "Not at all Louis hardly even knew Darcy and Her and Eleanor were best friends." He explained. I didn't say anything I didn't move. I couldn't believe that it was out there. It was pretty easy to put the pieces together and I was hoping it wouldn't come to this. All the lying, the secrets. Sometimes I wish I wasn't famous just so I could live my life like a normal person not gave my whole life advertised.

Whilst I was thinking to myself Niall and the interviewer were talking about it. I couldn't take it anymore. I wasn't this person I didn't lie about things I did. I didn't fake my emotions I showed people how I felt and I was an honest person.

"Niall stop." I told him and looked up. Everyone stopped and stared at me. "I can't keep lying to everyone just to make myself look innocent."

"What are you talking about?" Liam asked looking a bit nervous. He knew exactly where I was going with this.

"It's true." Everyone's eyes widened as soon as that sentence left my mouth. "And I'm not going to lie I'm torn."

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