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Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson are the cutest couple out. Everyone believes that they will get married one day and nothing will get between their love. That belief is put to the test when Louis finally meets El's best friend. Darcy Mathews. An absolutely gorgeous girl who loves to have a bit of fun and be mischievous much like a certain blue eyed boy in the band. Will Darcy fall for Louis or another boy in the band? Hearts get broken, trust gets lost, friendships get ruined, feelings gets tested all because of one simple word. Love. ********. NEEDS EDITING SORRY FOR THE MISTAKES


16. Saying Goodbye

Niall's POV

My eyes were focused on the road as my hands gripped the steering wheel. I was on my way to drop off Darcy.

"We all knew it you know." I told her as I gave her a quick glance then focusing on the road again.

"Knew what?" She asked quietly as she fiddled with her fingers and looked out the window ignoring my gaze. I really wish her and Louis didn't kiss. Well or did anything for that matter.

"You and Louis." I stated. It seemed to catch her attention as she was focusing on me. "When you two first met it was like love at first sight. Some of us ignored that fact more than others." I was talking about Eleanor she was completely oblivious to fact. I however just thought maybe she would like me more than Louis if I cozied up to her but obviously Louis beat me to it. Which I also found was a very dick move since he had a girlfriend.

"Niall I was telling the truth when I said I only kissed him once whilst we were dating." She told me her eyes filled with guilt.

"I know but I think we both know you have kissed him more than once since you've met." I told her. I felt my heart sink a little. Thinking of her and Louis kissing wasn't exactly something I wanted in my head.

"Niall I really like you and all but-" I decided to finish the sentence for her.

"But it's not going to work out between us." I sighed as I pulled into her driveway. She looked at me with sad eyes. She placed her hand on my leg and planted a peck on my cheek.

"Goodbye Niall." She whispered as she got out of the car. A tear rolled down my cheek as I watched her walk into the building. I just let her go. It was for the best.

I hope.

Louis POV

After everyone left and fell onto my bed and cried. All I could do was cry. That girl could just break my heart so easily yet I still let her have my heart. I don't even know why. Did she not feel what I felt when we were together? Did she not feel that spark we shared? There was a connection that I have never had with any other person. Except her. She was different. She was that girl that I would do anything for. She was a part of me. A part that I would be lost without. I needed her. Way more than she needed me.

After a while of bawling my eyes out I fell asleep.


When I woke up I just sighed. It's been ten days since I've talked to anyone. Ten days since I broke up with Eleanor. Ten days since I realized I was in love with I stepped into the kitchen and leaned against the counter. I didn't realize how tired I was until then. I stumbled towards the kettle and turned it on. I reached above my head and pulled open the dark black wooden cupboard. I retrieved a white cup and closed the cupboard. I continued to make myself some tea. I always made tea when I felt down or sad. It reminded me of home. When I was a kid my mum always used to make me tea. I hadn't seen my mother in a while since I have been so busy. I was snatched from my thoughts when there was a knock at the door. I sighed and put my cup down. I dragged my heavy body towards the door. I pulled open the door and I was greeted by the light. I haven't been outside and it was a sunny day. I shut my eyes tightly and put my hand in front of my face. After my eyes adjusted I dropped my hand and focused my eyes on the person standing in front of me.

"What the fuck do you want?" I spat leaning against the door frame.

"We need to talk." She told me not making eye contact with me. I stepped aside and pulled the door open a little more. So she could walk in.

Darcy's POV (earlier)

I was on my way to Niall's apartment to say goodbye. I decided I was going to move. Far away from the UK. I've screwed everything up. I wasn't supposed to fall for Louis and no one was supposed to find out.

I knocked on Niall's door and he answered quickly.

"Oh hi Darcy." He said quietly. I could tell he was heart broken. I was too. Niall was a great guy but I screwed things up between us.

"I came to say goodbye." I told him with a small sad smile.

"What? Your leaving?" He asked looking shocked. I gave him a small nod. "Why?" He questioned leaning against the door frame.

"I'm leaving because I screwed everything up." I told him. "There's nothing left for me here. Eleanor hates me and so does Louis. Harry wants me gone and we aren't on the best of terms either."

"Yeah but that doesn't mean you have to leave." I could see the tears brimming his eyes.

"I'm sorry Niall." I croaked embracing him in a hug. He held my tightly around my waist. "Goodbye." I said as I pulled away and kissed him on the cheek.

"I'll miss you." He told me as a tear rolled down his cheek. I turned around and made my way back to my car before I would start crying too. Next stop. Louis' place.

I knocked on Louis' door and after a minute he opened it. I could tell he had just woken up by the way he was blinded by the light. Once he saw me his face dropped. He looked like he was about to pull out a gun and shoot me.

"What the fuck do you want?" He spat as he leaned against the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest.

"We need to talk." I told him avoiding his gaze. He didn't say anything. He just stepped aside and held the door. I walked in and I heard him shut the door.

"What do we need to talk about?" He asked sighing and walking towards the kitchen. I followed him and watched him take a sip of his tea.

"I'm leaving." I told him bluntly. He spat out his tea and placed the cup down.

"What?" He asked frowning.

"I'm leaving." I said again looking into his eyes. His emotion changed immediately he wasn't angry he was sad now.

"What do you mean your leaving?" He asked coming closer.

"I'm leaving London. I'm leaving the UK. I'm leaving everything." I told him fiddling with my hands.

"Y-you can't leave." He stuttered stroking my cheek. "What about us?" He asked sadly.

"I already planned everything I'm moving to New York and I got an apartment. " I told him trying to avoid his gaze.

"But......" He started to say but he didn't finish. He was about to cry but if he starts crying then I will too. He stayed silent for a while just staring at me.

"Louis-" he cut me off by pressing his lips onto mine. His arms wrapped around my waist not letting me pull away. It took me a second to realize what he was doing but I soon started to respond to the kiss. I placed my hands on his neck and stood on my tippy toes as we kissed. He dropped his hands to my bum as we deepened the kiss.

"Jump." He whispered against my lips as he bent down. I obeyed and jumped. He caught my legs and pulled me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he held onto my thighs. We didn't break the kiss once as he carried me up stairs. He carried me into his bedroom and dropped us both on the bed so that he was on top of me. His hands roamed my body as my hands tangled in his hair. My fingers traced up and down his shirtless torso. He slipped his hands underneath my shirt which add me shiver as his hands were cold. He chuckled as we kissed. I'm guessing he felt me shiver. He started pulling up my white shirt and I sat up a little so he could pull it off completely. We parted for a mere second so he could pull my top over my head.

"I.Have.To.Tell.You.Something."He said between kisses.

"What?" I laughed lightly.

"I love you." He whispered locking his gaze with mine. I got butterflies and my heart was pounding.

"I love you too." I whispered grabbing his neck and kissing him again. He hooked his fingers into the belt loops of my jeans and pulled them down as we kissed.

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