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Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson are the cutest couple out. Everyone believes that they will get married one day and nothing will get between their love. That belief is put to the test when Louis finally meets El's best friend. Darcy Mathews. An absolutely gorgeous girl who loves to have a bit of fun and be mischievous much like a certain blue eyed boy in the band. Will Darcy fall for Louis or another boy in the band? Hearts get broken, trust gets lost, friendships get ruined, feelings gets tested all because of one simple word. Love. ********. NEEDS EDITING SORRY FOR THE MISTAKES


11. Nobody Can Know

Louis POV

Darcy texted me about an hour ago asking me to meet her at starbucks. I wore my black hoodie and black RayBans in hopes I wouldn't be regocnized. I sat at a table in the corner waiting for her. I saw her walk into the coffee shop and order a drink. She looked around the cafe and saw me. She collected her drink and sat across from me. 

"So what did you want to talk about?" I asked her as I kept my head low.

"I wanted to talk about" She sad shyly looking out of the window. 

"What about us?" I asked placing my hand on top of hers. She looked into my eyes as I did that. I just stared into her beautiful blue eyes that sparkled in the light. 

"Nobody can know that there ever was an................. us." She said but it only came out as a whisper. As soon as she said that it felt like someone stabbed me in the chest. I know I was dating Eleanor and I shouldn't be feeling like this over her. I mean she was my girlfriend's bestfriend. But there was something about her. Something that pulled me towards her like a magnet. Something that made me want to hold her and not let go. Something called love

"Was?" I asked her pulling my hand away angerily. 

"Louis I'm Niall's girlfriend now I can't do that to him or Eleanor." She sighed dropping her head down. After the way we kissed, after the way I spent the nights at her house cuddling with her and she just throws all of it away like nothing ever happened?! 

"I can't believe I was actually thinking of breaking up with El to give us a chance." I told her as I crossed my arms over my chest. 

"Y-y-you we-were thinking of d-doing what?" She stuttered dumbfounded. 

"Yeah I was but obviously you don't feel that way about me." I laughed bitterly. Clearly I was pissed. 

"Louis El is my best friend I-I can't be with you." She said with a sad look in her eyes. "Ever." 

Shattered. Broken. Unfixable. Destroyed. That exactly describes my heart right now. I got up from my seat and ran out of starbucks as fast as I could. I had to get away from her. I couldn't look at her. I could take it when she said she couldn't be with me but when she said ever I lost it. I didn't realize how much I liked her until now. I didn't realize how much I needed her. I needed to blow off some steam so I decided to call Harry. I got into my car and pulled out my phone. 

(L = Louis H= Harry)

H- hey Louis what's up? 

L- Hey I'm just not in a good mood feel like going to the gym with me?

H- Why what happened?

L- I can't tell you will you just meet me at th gym? 

H- Sure I will be there in 10.

L- Okay see ya. 

With that I hing up and ended the conversation. I drove to the private gym that we always went to when we were here in London. I pulled up in front of the building and Harry's car was already in the parking lot. I signed in at teh desk and took the stairs to the second floor where Harry was. It was just us on the floor and no one else. I took my hoodie and raybans off and set them on a bench. Luckily i was wearing my black shorts and white tshirt underneath. 

"Hey Louis." Harry greeted with a smile. 

"Hey." I said flatly taking my shirt off and slying down underneath the weights. I picked them up and started lifting them up and down. 

"Geeze Lou calm down don't hurt yourself." Harry chuckled in a half serious tone. Harry started running on the treadmill next to me. 

"Sorry I just had a bad day." I told him as I kept going. 

"It's only 11 in the morning and you've had a bad day?" He questions. 

"Exactly." I mumbled. 

"Wanna talk about it?" Harry asked. '

"No." I stated quickly. He just stopped the treadmill and got off. I was going up and down faster with the weights. 

"Alright stop." Harry instructed. 

"Why?" I asked as I kept going. He just reached out and grabbed the weights. Hesitantly I let go and he placed it back. I sat up and just sighed running my hands over my face. 

"What is going on with you? You have been really distant the past week." Harry stated. 

"I already told you I can't say." I told him again. 

"Louis I am one of your best friends. You are practically my brother you can tell me I won't judge." Harry promised. 

"Trust me on this everyone would hate me."I told him. "Including you." Harry just sighed. 

"I swear I won't hate you no matter what you did." Harry said seriously looking at me. Should I tell him? I mean I would trust him with my life so could I trust him with this? He won't judge me, will he? 

" and........." I stopped contemplating wether or not I should go on. "I cheated on Eleanor with Darcy." I breathed out. Harry's face turned hard. He tensed up and you could see the muscles in his arms. Shit. He was angry. He stood up and ran a hand through his curls. I could tell he wanted to beat the shit out of me. "Harry I--" He immediately cut me off. 

"No." He stated as he turned to face me. "You need to tell Eleanor. Your fucking girlfriend who loves you and would never cheat on you." Harry's voice grew louder by the second. 

"Harry it's not that easy." I tried explaining but obviously he wouldn't have it. 

"But kissing another girl behind her back is!" He yelled. 

"Harry you aren't listening to what I have to say about this!" I yelled back. 

"Well what do you have to say?" He asked frustrated but he calmed down a little bit. "Tell me. Everything." He demanded.

"Well it started when she invited all of us to her place to watch a movie." I started. "After everyone left we ended up nearly kissing but we didn't. Then El told her that I could help with her baby sitting problem. I went to her apartment and put the kid to sleep, we were on the couch watching Jersey Shore next I knew we were kissing. It was different from kissing Eleanor. I ended up wanting more so we started making out but we were interupted by the woman who wanted to pick up the kid. After she left I spent the night at her place." Harry looked like he was about to explode. "The next time was when she vomitted after watching the movie. We kissed in the bathroom. Then after the concert she was drunk and I had to take her home. She ended up wanting to have sex with me and I nearly let her but I didn't. I stayed the night then as well. She ended up kicking me out in the morning and I was a little pissed off but I got over it. That was until she started going out with Niall. This morning we met and she said no one was allowed to know about what happened between us. That's when I told her that...........that I-I was break up wi---"

"Don't say it! Don't you dare say it!" Harry growled. 

"I was going to break up with Eleanor for her." I said quietly. 

"I told you not to fucking say it!" Harry snarled throwing his water bottle. I just threw my head in my hands. I felt terrible. Eleanor was the perfect girlfriend and she would never do anything like this to me. 

"You haven't heard the best part." I laughed bitterly as I looked up and tears were streaming down my face. "She said we couldn't be together." Harry's face softened. "Ever."

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