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Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson are the cutest couple out. Everyone believes that they will get married one day and nothing will get between their love. That belief is put to the test when Louis finally meets El's best friend. Darcy Mathews. An absolutely gorgeous girl who loves to have a bit of fun and be mischievous much like a certain blue eyed boy in the band. Will Darcy fall for Louis or another boy in the band? Hearts get broken, trust gets lost, friendships get ruined, feelings gets tested all because of one simple word. Love. ********. NEEDS EDITING SORRY FOR THE MISTAKES


6. Movie Night

Tonight is movie night and I'm standing in front of Niall's apartment. I didn't want to go in I was scared. What if he saw right through me? What if he knew what me and Louis had done last night? I know we didn't have sex or anything but he stayed the night and we slept in the same bed. When I woke up this morning I was facing away from him my back pressing up against his bare chest since he took his shirt off.I knocked on the door and foot steps approached it. The door swung open to reveal Niall. 
"Hey you came." He said pulling me in for a hug which I gladly returned. 
"Yeah I did." I smiled and walked in. To my surprise everyone was already there. There was a chorus of hi's and hey's when I walked in. 
"Hi." I said to everyone just giving them a little wave. I sat on the couch next to Harry. 
"How are you?" Harry asked. 
"I'm good a little tired though I had to babysit last night." I answered. 
"Oh yeah." El butted in." Did Louis help you with the crying baby?" El asked. 
"Yeah he did." I smiled lightly. 
"Well what movie shall we watch first?" Niall asked which resulted in a full blown argument about what to watch. 
"How bout girls pick a movie and guys pick a movie and we watch them both?" Dani suggests. 
"Okay but only if girls pick first so I will probably be asleep for the guys movie." I argued. 
"Fair enough." Zayn said. The girls ended up choosing Fright Night. The movie was hilarious at times and I loved it. 

We were watching it with popcorn and all sorts of other movie foods. It was close to the end of the movie when my favorite part came up. It was where the guys curses because he bought the gun off eBay. Everyone laughed at his little remark. Soon the movie ended and it was the boys turn to choose. Niall was asleep along with Eleanor they were the worst at staying up through movies. They ended up choosing The Human Centipede. I had never watched it and I had no idea what it was about. 

So far the movie has been really weird gross but I contained my vomit. Louis got up and announced he was going to the toilet. I nodded and he left. Everyone else was focused on the movie. Then we got to the part where they were going to eat each other's shit. I got up and ran to the toilet I heard a few of them laugh but it was not funny. Louis looked at me then he noticed I had to vomit. He moved over so I could let it out. He held my hair out of the way and patted me on the back. I'm not watching the rest of that movie. I sat up. 
"I think I'm done." I said. He wiped my face with a wet cloth and he gave me some water to gargle. I tied my hair in a messy ponytail and he handed my a small cup with a light blue liquid. 
"Mouth wash." He explained. I gargled the mouth wash and my mouth tasted minty. 
"Minty." I said giggling. 
"Good." He said closing the door. I gave him a weird look but he just lightly pressed his lips onto mine. My eyes fluttered closed from the ecstatic feeling I was feeling. He slipped his tongue into my mouth as he pressed my back against the wall. I knew everyone was just down the hall but my body was taking over and doing what it wanted. I tangled my fingers with his hair whilst we kissed. He bent down and placed his hands on my thighs I got the picture and I jumped wrapping my legs around his waist. Placed one hand underneath my but and the other next to my head on the wall. I pulled his body closer to me by gripping his shirt with one hand. Our mouths moved together as if we were two pieces of a puzzle that fitted together perfectly. I liked that about him. After a few minutes we both pull away breathless. This was so wrong but it felt so right. 
"Let's go back to watch the movie." I instructed. He kissed my lips once more then set me down. I walked out as if nothing had happened in the bathroom. I sat back down next to Niall which woke him up. 
"Sorry to wake you." I a apologized smiling. 
"It's alright dear." He smiled and wrapped an arm around me. I smiled Niall was so nice and sweet. I couldn't kiss Louis behind his back. I could actually have a chance with him have a relationship with him. That's exactly what I want a relationship. I don't just wanna be some fling. With that thought in my head I fell into a deep sleep. 

Niall's POV 
I woke up with my arms wrapped around someone. I look down and see Darcy peacefully sleeping. We were on the floor covered in blankets. I had moved here here last night so she would be more comfy. I pushed a few strands of white blonde hair out of her face. I lightly kissed her forehead. Her fluttered open. 
"Morning gorgeous." I said when she looked up at me. 
"Morning Irish." She smiled back. I pulled her up so her head was in line with mine. I leaned my forehead against hers and looked into her ocean blue eyes. She was so beautiful. I leaned in a bit to kiss her but I stopped half way looking her eyes asking if could kiss her. He lips curled a smile and so did mine I leaned in fully placing my lips on hers. The kiss was long but it was sweet. 
"That's cute." I heard a low British voice. I looked and saw Harry on the couch resting his head in his hand with his curls flying everywhere. I could see Darcy blushing. I felt my cheeks get a bit hot too. Harry just smiled and laid down again. 
"Wanna go make breakfast?" I asked her. She nodded vigorously. Obviously she was hungry. I just laugh and get up. I look down at her and she is sitting up holding her arms out to me smiling like a five year old. I shake my head and take her hands. I pull her but but she is really light so she jumped into me. I laughed along with her and we walked into the kitchen.
"Pancakes with ice cream or bacon and eggs?" I questioned her. 
"How bout both?" She said with a cheeky smile. "And that way there will be enough for everyone." 
"Good point." I got out various things like pans,eggs,flour ect. She started to make pancake batter and I started cooking bacon. We also put four pieces of toast in the toaster. 
"Do you have any choc chips?" She suddenly asked. 
"Yeah the cupboard right next to me above my head." I instructed. She opened it and try to get the choc chips but she was too short. I laughed and stretched my arm up. I grabbed the packet and gave it to her.
"Thanks." She mumbled and kept making the batter. 

Darcy's POV 

After about an hour of cooking and burning things we managed to make a big breakfast for all of us. We made lots of toast, choc chip pancakes, bacon, eggs and we got some juice. I cut up some berries and put them on the table as well. Niall called everyone and they came rushing into the dining room like a stampede. Well obviously they were hungry. 
"Dig in." I announced once everyone was in the dining room. I was sat next to Harry and Niall while we ate. Everyone was engaged in conversation with the people next to them. 
"So you and Niall hug?" Harry wiggled his eyebrows as he nudged me. 
"It was nothing." I said looking down blushing. 
"Oh no it was definitely something!"he winked at me. I blushed more. 
"You should go out with him he's a real catch." Harry tried convincing me. 
"I like him but we will just wait and see what happens." I explained glancing over at Niall. 
"Oh I don't need to wait I already know what's going to happen." Harry smiled. 
"What are you a fortune teller now?" I laughed. He just shook his curls and chuckled. 

It was 11:47 and everyone was getting ready to go to the shops. We all agreed on having a little bit of a shopping spree. "Your gonna need these." Liam recommends handing me a black hoodie, black beanie and black RayBans. I put it over my Rolling Stones t-shirt and I was just wearing black ripped skinny jeans with black vans. I let my wavy hair out and put the beanie on. I put on the RayBans and pulled my sleeves up halfway. 
"You look like Zayn." Harry laughs. 
"How so?" El asked. 
"She has tattoos and the mysterious look going on." He explained. 
"That's so true!" Dani squeals. 
"Ok enough about how Darcy looks like me let's get going." Zayn instructed. I followed the rest of the group out to the two cars. I went with Harry, Niall, Zayn and Perrie. Whilst the other four went in a different car. We soon arrived at the massive mall in the centre of London. We all hopped out of the car and made our way through the parking lot. We all had our heads down not to be noticed but obviously that plan failed horribly. Fans started swarming us and we started to walk faster. People were asking me who I was and how I knew them but I just kept walking. As we got to the door all the security made a pathway for us to enter the mall. When the doors closed everything went quiet. There was no one in the mall besides us and the shop keepers. This was weird. 
"We got the mall closed for the couple of hours so we could go shopping. " Niall explained. 
"We have to do it every time." Harry groaned. 
"Well that sucks." I said shoving my hands in my pockets. The boys went and checked out some guy shops while me and the girls went to Hollister. 
"Ohhh I love this top." Perrie chirped holding up a black crop top that was crossed over at the back making a small hole on each side. 
"That's pretty." I said smiling. "Try it on." She made her way to the change rooms and put it on keeping her white jeans on. It fitted perfectly and it looked awesome. 
"That looks so good." Dani complimented. Perrie was satisfied with the top and decided to but it. I bought leather black jeans. Dani and El bought a few things then we exited the shops and found the boys. Their latest single 'Midnight Memories' started playing throughout the mall and we all started singing. 
"Don't know where I'm going but I'm finding my way!" I sung with Niall. Everyone laughed at my air guitar that I attempted. 
"Tell me that I'm wrong but I do what I please!" Louis and El sung. It was so much fun dancing and singing along with that song. We all laughed at the end at our immaturity. We decided to go to 'Make-a-Bear'. It was a little kids shop but we decided it would be funny to make a bear. 
I turned to El and whispered in her ear. She smiled mischievously. We told the other girls our plan while the boys were making teddy bears. We grabbed five light brown teddy bears and started dressing them up just like the five boys in front us. All the boys were eyeing us trying to see what we were doing but we didn't show them. We each held a teddy bear behind our backs but I held to. Niall and Harry. We waited for the boys to finish their teddy bears. Soon they turned around not showing us either. 
"On three we show the teddy bears ok?" Zayn instructed. We all nodded. 
"One." Louis said. 
"Two." Liam said. 
"Three." I yelled and we all pulled out the teddy bears. Turns out they had the same idea. They made four teddy bears that looked like us. We all had a teddy bear that look like us and we got the old lady who worked in the shop to take a picture of us. She was very kind to do so. We paid for our teddy bears and we were off to next shop. We chose to go to the music shop to check out what they have. When we walked in I instantly went to check out the records. I loved records they were very old fashion and that was one thing I loved. I saw one that was by the Beatles. I ran my fingers over the cover and admired it. 
"Your into records too?" I heard someone behind me. 
"Yeah." I simply smiled scanning all of the records. After looking at all the records for a while we got called by Niall. 
"Louis! Darce! C'mon we are going to get ice cream." Niall chirped. I ran over to him and linked my arm with his. 
"I heard the word ice cream." I smiled. I could hear Harry and Zayn laughing at me as we exited the shop. 
"Ben & Jerry's?" He asked and I nodded. We skipped over to the little ice cream shop with the others. 
We all gave the lady our orders. Once all of us had ice cream we started towards a gigantic clothes shop. We all wandered through picking bits and pieces and modeling clothes. I ended up buying a pair of light wash shorts, flowery leggings, a cream jumpsuit, black sweater and a mint scuba skater skirt. 
"Well I think we should go home now." Liam suggested seeing as everyone had shopping. Everyone agreed on his statement. There was a giant amount of fans waiting outside the doors. I slipped my RayBans over my eyes and clung to my shopping for dear life. Security managed to get barriers up so we had a path to walk through it. I heard people calling me and the girls sluts and other calling us beautiful. It was so strange. None of them even knew me. Well I guess that's what it is like being famous. I would never get used to that. 

Hope you liked it ;) xx

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